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  1. I hear ya OP!!!!!! I started playing last year, averaging 2 rounds per week. However, for the last 3 months, work has squeezed out all my playing time. So this weekend, in serious need to swing a club, I played a round expecting my swing to a sloppy mess. Yeah, at times, it felt loose. But I actually shot my handicap. LOVED IT!
  2. I'm not sure I have advice as I just took my wife out for the first time last week. Similarly, she had been swinging her clubs on the range, but this was her first time playing a round (9 holes). It was mid-week, mid-day, and the course was nearly empty. We started at the range where I only let her hit 5 "good" shots, really just making good contact. Then we went straight to the 1st tee. Yes, she was stressed, even though she was hiding it well. However it was very obvious when she first dealt with a ball above her feet. It was so tempting to dive right in with ALL the ways to change her sw
  3. OH-IO! Go Bucks!!! If you go to a M vs OSU football game, you will know it's the best rivalry in sports. It's awesome. And you can't dismiss the best marching band doing their famous Script Ohio. I loved my 4 years in Columbus. Go Buckeyes!!!
  4. It felt that way for me, too, until I actually started to win $. I play in a weekly $15 skins game that can get up to 30 players. So a single skin usually doubles your money. Good fun!
  5. I pulled the trigger on a Bushnell 2 months ago. It is awesome. Love being able to shoot a distance to a certain part of the green.
  6. You will love the Split Cavities. I love mine (5-P).
  7. Just started playing with the Z-star and I'm loving them. They are tough and fly very far. I may just be hooked on this new ball.
  8. Just flew AA last week with clubs and bag checked. Going out to FL from CA, they charged me $60. Coming home, I had an option at the check-in kiosk to upgrade to 1st class for $90. Here's the kicker, the bags were free and got priority status. And of course, the meal and drinks made the upgrade very worthy, in my mind.
  9. +1 for the Nike Split Cavity irons. Been playing them since Jan and I'm loving them. What ever you get, get them fit to you. It will make a big difference in your confidence with the clubs.
  10. Thanks to this thread!!!! Played OCN and Grand Cypress last week and both were great fun! The abundance of golf at Grand Cypress wins the horse race for Best Course. But, so far, it's a two horse race.
  11. Finally home after a long work/wedding/golf trip in the Orlando area. And the golf was great! Seriously, I started at Orange County National. Unfortunately, their Crooked Cat course was closed for modifications. But the Panther course was a fun course. The bunkers were magnetic for my ball, so I had lots of sand "practice". At OCN's Panther, I shot a 94. After the round, I had a look at the map and saw a course right next to Disney, Grand Cypress. So I drove there to check it out. A handful of people had recommended this course as their favorite in the area. And it was abundantly clear t
  12. I've quit rounds at my own club, but never anywhere else. As a matter of fact, last week I quit my round after 11 holes. I missed every chance to get up and down so badly that several holes were on in 4 with 3 putts. So after holing another 7 on the 11th, I shook all my playing partners hands, paid off the bets, and scurried to the practice area for 1+ hours of short game shots. This was much better time spent in my mind than trying to work it out on the course.
  13. (Robot voice) Does Not Compute, Does Not Compute...
  14. Just like the above posts, for a practice round, I have no problem with people playing a second ball to re-hit a duffed shot. We are all trying to improve our game. Just be prompt to pick up your second ball. The interesting part of playing that other ball is that usually you get two results, either the same duff, or a pretty ball that lands right in your target zone. They both suck to watch after a bad hit. The repeat shot tells your how bad your setup really was. And the pretty shot tells you how you suck under pressure. Of course, by you, I mean me.
  15. +1 for Nike Splits. I had mine custom setup and love them. They have quickly become my most confident clubs, all of them (4-PW).
  16. Sounds like fun. I will definitely play there. Google maps shows a lot of construction going on around the course. Wonder if that is still happening? Thanks again for the advice.
  17. I haven't laughed that hard in quite a while. Thanks. And this visual made it even funnier.
  18. We are in the same boat, Thwak. My scores range from 88 -103. However, in the last two weeks, my game has been more consistantly around 90. A month ago, I started tracking my scores with the Scorecard software. It didn't take very long to see that I was blowing a bunch of chances to get "up and down". So, I'm really focused on my short game now. Before using the score tracking, I would have continued my range sessions with "balanced" time of full swing vs. short game. Now, I have doubled the short game time by really adding chipping practice every time. Glad to know there are more peopl
  19. Thanks Stix. Both of those courses look fun. What's the story with Duran? Is it links type(as an old cattle ranch)? I'll have to see if Port St. Lucia will "work in the schedule. Thanks for the ideas.
  20. Today I played with the Men's group, which means I bring the age norm down, hardy, har, har. Anyways, before the round, I swung by the local Big Box sporting goods for some balls and tees. A surprisingly savvy salesman saw me eyeballing hybrids. Here's my situation. My new Nike irons are doing great, up to 165 yards for me. And my 3W is working great from 205-220yds. So today, this salesman had me compare a Nike 3H 21* and a 4H 24*. And boy, did the 4H feel right. It only took 3 swings to feel a square, solid hit from the mat. So I pulled the trigger and took it to the course right a
  21. More Nike Tour balls and tees. This swing change is costing me a lot of lost balls. But when it goes right, it goes really right. :)
  22. My Bushnell Tour V2 came in the mail this week. And after playing 2 complete rounds with it, I'm really enjoying it. In my weekly game, there are 2 GPS in our foursome. But the laser showed it's accuracy on the par 3s and 5s when it showed the actual distance to the pin or long range targets ("that tree is 250yds away"). Yeah, the Tour V2 had trouble picking up 1 flag stick out of 36. I'll take that margin for error compared to standing over a ball and watching the GPS change numbers.
  23. "Don't ... ." It's a magnet for me. I'll tell myself, don't let it leak, set up for a slight draw. And pow, there it goes right. But the opposite seems true, too. Water on the left, so I tell myself, don't let it draw. And pow, my ball is looking like a dead duck.
  24. Here's a post for all the folks that think that high hncp are sand-baggers. Today, in our weekly skins game, I started the round with several 6s or 7s. But then as we played the 7th, I felt like everything was lining up. I finished it with a par from the results of a good, 165yd 3rd shot on this par 5, that left it 15 feet from the hole. I finished the front with a 50, even though it felt like a 45. So, at the turn, I didn't even calculate my score. I walked up to the 10th tee and smacked a "safe" 250yd drive. Turned out that in the head wind, my drive won the bingo. But as we all faced
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