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  1. Definitely 3 Iron. I resolve to someday have confidence in hitting this club.
  2. I'm sure others have also had to go through something similar to this, but I can say it feels great to be able to swing a club again after an injury. Today was the first time I tried swinging a club since Feb. of 2012 and I can't express in words how good it felt to be able to do so again. I somehow pinched a nerve in my upper back, not really sure how, and then aggravated it playing 18 holes about four days later in Feb. of 2012 during an unusually warm weekend in PA. By aggravating I mean I noticed a slight pain in my shoulder while swinging but nothing that I couldn't deal with at the
  3. Agreed, it is all perception but people want to feel like they are saving money, not being charged more for something especially when that something could be spun as a positve as in this case. Its just human nature. The initial price increase may cause some negative complaints, however that will subside pretty quickly as most folks have really short memories these days
  4. I like the idea of #1 although the description makes it seem like a penalty to play from the tips given the provided normal round price. Instread of making the tips a penalty, it may be more easily adopted by people if the shorter tees were an incentive. Therefore #5 would be 50, #1 could be 40, with the others gradually getting closer to the 50 mark. #2 is a bit more difficult because there are many factors that could change the pace of play. The group size, a slow group ahead of you, etc. The time would have to be somewhat liberal in order to compensate for the various scenarios that ca
  5. I think you'll love the Mizuno's, I got a set of MP-58's this year and they are really sweet. I didn't get a chance to hit the 63's but I did try out the 68's and they were very cool also. All of the Mizuno's that I tried have great feel.
  6. The 712 CB & MB both look pretty sweet, but the AP1 & AP2, not so much. The 710s are are nicer looking in the AP1 and AP2.
  7. I'm not brand dependent, but I do have a favorite. I really like the shirts and pants/shorts that Dunning makes. They are really comfortable and also great at wicking away moisture.
  8. I quit cold turkey during Desert Storm and haven't looked back. When you are ready to quit, you will quit, that is how I have always seen it. Those that failed aren't really ready. You have to tell yourself that no one is forcing you to light up and can you let that stupid cigarette win. That is what I used and it worked really well. It's just a case of will and when you look at it from that point, you can beat it. We all play arguably one of the most difficult games in the world. The fortitude required to do well in this sport is the same fortitude it takes to quit smoking. You can do
  9. Agreed, congrats on getting to show #3 Russell! I would be willing to bet that almost everyone in this forum has had a meltdown like Floyd did at some point but we didn't do it on tv. I can't imagine how that must have felt for him.
  10. rogerw


    Anyone using macports out there? If not I definitely recommend them for folks wanting to dig into the unix side of macs. Many apps are in the ports that wouldn't normally be available to you.
  11. This is raw squid with frozen squid stomach in the middle of it. The middle had the consistency of a snow cone.
  12. Good decision, it probably fell out of someones bag/cart without their knowing and they are trying to figure out where they lost it. What comes around goes around, hopefully someone will be as considerate as you were if you leave a club somewhere on the course.
  13. Congratulations!! It will be easy to know who to cheer for this year.
  14. That's just depressing to me. It reminds me of the 50" of snow that we got last year from two storms all in one week. The drifting lowed the depth in our yard to about 36".
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