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  1. I voted yes, but it's all relative to the situation. There was one time, two of my friends and I were paired with a single. He would say "nice putt" after literally every single putt. It didn't matter if someone sunk a 15 footer or if one of us blew a 3 footer 5 feet past the hole. The first couple holes, we all figured he was just being friendly and thought nothing of it, but by the back 9 we were all pretty mad.
  2. I usually opt to hit a long iron, but when I do hit driver, it'll go roughly 260. That's based off a yardage app that I use, so it's not dead on, but I would guess that it's within 10 yards. I think that I would benefit the most from better accuracy that new drivers claim to have
  3. I agree, $500+ is a bit too much to afford. If you don't mind me asking, where do you get used clubs online? I've heard stories about counterfeit clubs and stuff like that, so if I do buy online I'd like to avoid that.
  4. For starters, I want to say that I consider myself to be an average weekend golfer. My handicap is +13, so I'm by no means a great golfer. I think that part of my problem lies in the driver that I use. My current driver is the TaylorMade 320 Ti, which released in 2000. I have read some other forums about people that are looking to replace their driver after 6 years, and others had said that it may not be worth it. So my question is, do you guys think that it would be worth it for me to upgrade? I was thinking about seeing if the price for the TaylorMade M5 drops when they release their new 202
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