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  1. Thanks everybody. Basically I am just trying to get some more diversification in my bag and have the right kind of club for all shots. Right now I have a really old (and beat up) 56 degree sand wedge that I pretty much use for everything around the green...thus why I would be looking at other intermediate clubs. I currently have Taylormade M4 irons that go 4-iron - AW. The AW is 49 degrees loft. So would that suggest I should have a 54 and 58?
  2. Hi everybody...New to the golf forums so looking forward to it. Looking for some advice when buying new wedges. Since there are so many kinds out there, hard to know what is best for my game. Currently have a 56 degree sand wedge that is really worn down and I am looking to split up into two new clubs. Thinking of going with a 60 lob wedge and another 56-58 degree gap wedge. Currently about a 20-handicap and don't spin the ball a bunch. Any brand/grind types you would recommend?
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