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  1. Yes, my swing probably is a mess. That's why I'm taking lessons. Have my first one next Monday. It is just strange, that I hit the longer irons with good direction control. Not far, but I read that distance comes over time. I was at the Driving Range yesterday and tried the short irons and wedges again. I have even trouble making contact with them. 😳 I joined this site, because I think that I can learn something fro m the more experienced guys here. Different than other sites, it is not just bragging over here. Let's see where the journey will take me. Thanks for your advice!
  2. I hate it if random strangers ask me if they can join. I always lose my composure. I said "no" a few times and explained why, but they always give me glimpse like I murdered their first born. I played a 109 today. For some of you outrageously high, for me a very good round. 😎 Played better than my provisional handicap.
  3. So I went to the Driving Range today and tried your suggestions regarding posture and ball position. With no success, still the old problem. I think there is something wrong with my posture though. Since my left hip was permanently stiffened by surgery (old accident I had way back) it is hard for me to get in the right position at address. Booked 2 sessions with a pro to find a way to make it work. Excactly the way I feel over here 😁 Nice to know that even experienced golfers feel this way
  4. Oh wow, that was well before my time. But she obviously is from a hanse town. People of these cities are said to be very good merchants resp. own the traits which make a good merchant. Tell her I said Hi!
  5. Thanks, that's funny. My aunt lives in Dallas as well. Wie komme es, dass Du Deutsch sprichst? German is a difficult language to learn!
  6. Thanks guys. I will check my posture with a mirror today at the range. I'll have a look at the ball position as well. If it won't fix it, I probably get a lesson or two. It's strange, that the regular golfer find hitting shorter irons easier. I hit my i7 roughly about 130 yards with good direction control. I think that's ok for a beginner.
  7. I'm new to golf, so I basicly have troubles with all clubs / irons 😂 But I noticed, that the i9 + PW and SW are making me the most problems. I shank them, hit them fat or, most of the time, hit them thin. I don't have the problem with the larger irons. Is this a common problem? Is there a quick fix from the distance? Probably my swing sucks, but then again as said, I hit the larger irons and clubs pretty good, Thanks
  8. Yes, flying really is an expensive hobby. But then again, I'm allowing me this kind of luxuary. I work long hours for descent dollars, have no kids nor wife nor house. Golf isn't a cheap hobby either. And with flying it is like golf for me: I know no other things (flying and golf) where I can relax and calm down that good.
  9. What sould all the chess players do, if even golf is not a sport? They are argueing over the point, if chess is a sport
  10. Where is a point to disagree resp. a form of snobby in his statement? Are you taking up the nuances of a course driving a cart? I doubt so. Are you getting zero and even less exercise from your golfing activities? I think so.
  11. Wow, you lived my dream! In Germany it is a modular system. You have to be a privat pilot < IFR rated < commercial pilot < airline transport. I'm a little disabled in my left hip, so I never got the medical. Even though flight school already accepted me. I shed some tears I think corporate flying would suit me the best as well. But now, i only fly my little 100 $ Burger trips to nearby airports. Made a career in finance though, so I'm not complaining. Eventhough I wouldn't go without my privat flying.
  12. We learn almost nothing about foreign history, and I went to a grammar school! Even there, it's almost exclusivly about WW 1+2, the German Democratic Republic and some European stuff like Franco in Spain. It's a shame! You should give flying a try! It is easy and you go to a flight school. It's almost like learning to drive. To learn a proper golf swing is harder
  13. Ah I see. Didn't know that. Thanks for clearing things up for the unknowing! Something learned.
  14. Yes, I got my private pilot licence in Germany, Motor and gliding licence. Only rated VFR though. What it about the Commanche? Why are there so many arrows in the undercariage?! Or is it art?`
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