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  1. Who has done this and how did it go? Did you stay at the resort or book your own accommodations at a hotel of your choosing? From what I am seeing, the resort is meant for more of a group thing, so it might not benefit me in particular. How are round times there during peak season on weekends? I am planning a fast weekend trip down there and I only have 1 day to play. Was hoping to do 36 but with a little less day light in January/Feb, I wager I'd need to get on the first tee pretty early.
  2. Figured maybe the intro post thing is a requirement, wasn't too sure. Anyway, I'm a member over at WRX but I'm always looking to expand my knowledge on the game and get involved in even more great discussions. I honestly would love a career in golf like working in fitting or golf media but that ship has sailed. For now, and probably forever, I'm jut a lover and student of the game on my own time. Cheers.
  3. Not sure if I need to make a "introduction" post and I'm extremely sorry for necro'ing but I found this thread while doing a forum search for the stability shaft. I've read the whole thread. I recall seeing a few people ask for what is essentially scientific testing from unbiased 3rd party sources. I believe this has been done by MyG0lfSpy (not sure if I'll get banned for using their name... I know on other golf forums you can't even have the letters M-G and S in a row) somewhat recently. IIRC, their data showed this shaft seemed to neither help nor hinder golfers, with maaaaybe a long term improvement on sg18 putting. Essentially, I read their test to say "if you're already a good putter, this will probably not help. If you're not a good putter AND you have $200 to burn, this *might* help you, over the course of many many rounds." Again, apologies for the necro of this thread. Have any other users gotten their own data since the last post in 2018?
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