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  1. srixon soft feels, really nice ball. very soft feel off all clubs, and i feel like i can attack any pin and control the ball exactly how i want. plus they're only $20.00
  2. I started playing golf in the spring with a couple of my friends. I have been playing nonstop since and have become pretty good. I have been playnig with my dads old X-14's and i get to pick a new set of irons for my birthday in november. I think I'm ready for some better clubs since iron play is my best attribute. I like the Ping i15 alot but was wondering if anyone had other suggestions for me. I'd like to try alot of clubs before I make my choice, but I'm not quite sure what to try.
  3. i have been on the hunt for a new set of irons as well. i tried the mp-57's and know exactly what you mean. if you get a good strike, its a great feeling iron. i would say go with whatever feels best because thats all that really matters.
  4. my course offers the golf gps that you see on commercials on golf channel. my dad has an iphone and i was using the gps the other day. it's much easier to use than i thought it would be and helps alot.
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