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  1. I'm 44 years old and brand new to golf. I will be getting a few lessons soon but until then I have a question? I have limited rotation in my back swing to the point that my club head speed is barely 50-70 mph. My total distance with my 7 iron averages 140ish when I have a solid strike (with a launch monitor). My question is this. Are there any drills that you all have used yourselves that will increase mobility and actually give me a better rotation? At the moment when I get to the top of my back swing my left arm bends to compensate for the limited flexibility and this is affecting my b
  2. I would love to have consistent ball striking. I am new to playing golf but have followed the game all my life. At this stage of my game I can't always hit the ball. Lessons and lots of practice are what I need. At 44 my swing speed barely averages 70-80. I'll get there though eventually just got to keep going.
  3. I am an Assistant Financial Center Manager at a large bank. Can't visit much while at work other than from my phone! Too busy making my client's financial lives better. 🙂
  4. I picked up a Strata Ultimate set and have managed to dent the heel of my driver already so I have completely put that away for the foreseeable future! lol. I am having a blast so far! My local driving range is owned by Jay Haas so I signed up for a membership so that I can get some lessons by one of his professional teachers soon. My ball striking is getting somewhat better but my swing mechanics are terrible I am sure. Everything feels tight and awkward on my back and downswings. It'll be a long time before I am ready to get on an actual course.
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  6. I enjoyed this President's Cup very much! I liked the challenge of the International team plus I have always Liked Els as a player! Golf is just exponentially better when Tiger Woods is playing well.
  7. I live in Simmpsonville! I am an extreme noob though and can barely hit the ball! lol I will get better though!
  8. Hey y'all! I'm Chris from South Carolina here! Finally bought my first beginner set after years of flirting with game! Can't wait to pick them up this week! I am totally excited to learn from you fine men and women about this great game!
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