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  1. Yeah, that was my conclusion as well. He referred to himself as "a celebrity" which kind of made me laugh. But whatever, no skin off my back. That's right. He also described himself as a "scratch golfer" but later said that he usually considers a put hit within one flagstick length of the hole was considered "in." That struck me as unusually creative scoring!
  2. Sorry for the confusion - his shafts were all 1-2" longer than standard length. My 6-iron was the same length as his PW. His 6-iron was probably the length of my 3-iron. He looked really weird at address with his irons sticking way out.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking to talk some golf, up my game, and have some fun. I see that almost everybody here is really helpful and nice - I look forward to keeping that tone.
  4. Once I got paired-up with an interesting gentleman. He was a professional drag-racer (not the library kind, the normal kind). Based on our conversation (we shared a cart) I tend to believe this. Very nice guy, enjoyable round. He was powerfully-built and I believed him that he worked out every day. Kind of a prima Donna type, but I enjoy being around different people for limited periods of time. Anyway, he was given some fancy Titleist clubheads by some fancy person and had them put on very long shafts. He asserted that the pros don't actually hit longer than us because they use longer shafts. He said "compare my PW to your 6-iron." I did and they were exactly the same. His story always struck me as baloney on the surface, and every person I've told it to has agreed. I'm 6'1" and play standard lengths, he was maybe 5'10". I've always wondered if there is some secret long-shafts club out there or of he just had a fun time pulling my leg somehow. Thoughts?
  5. You'll figure it out. I wonder if you're experiencing a visual issue with seeing all that loft and thinking there's a tiny margin of error. I remember having moments of doubt like that early on (and to be honest I still do occassionally) and subsequently hit a chunky-monkey or an ankle-rocket.
  6. From my own experience I agree completely. I play my best when I'm good doing deadlifts and presses. For me having a strong posterior chain makes a huge difference. I also like kettlebell exercises, but working with heavier weights has always helped me more. Now I need to work on my flexibility.
  7. If your method works for you, great. I like the wider tines because each twist stretches the green better. 3 or 4 twists max and I'm done - nice clean fix.
  8. Those bent tools like you have in your picture are IMO terrible for fixing ball marks correctly and encourage the "pop-up" thing that most people do. The tines are way too close together for me. The Pitch-Fix tool is very nice for a good fast repair. I also repair a lot of improperly "repaired" marks. Thanks for mentioning this issue.
  9. Yikes, that's tough. Time to focus on your golf-related fitness goals I suppose. Shoveling snow must be good exercise. Winter is my favorite season for golf because a tiny bit of cold (into the 50's) and a little precipitation scare-away the crowds. Short days are the worst part - no after-work play.
  10. For a while my new years day tradition was to play a round of 1-club golf. 6 or 7 iron. I'm not a very good golfer, but I was always surprised that it only seemed to add 8-10 strokes to my round, and my putting was only a little worse. The other thing I do a lot is play only irons 3-SW and putter...no drivers. That's fun.
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