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  1. Hello, I saw a serious test with old golf balls (1970 to 2000) and old drivers vs new one (2019). The conclusion is that new balls take less sidespin and are longer. Regarding the drivers, the distance is the same (+/- 5yards) but the new drivers gives less effect on the balls. So, if your driver is more than 10 years, a change won't give you a lot more distance, but tons of forgiveness and/or feeling. Some clubs are better than others of course. For example, if you like working the ball, take a Mizuno ST120, if you want to smash it like never and give you a chance to stay on the fairway, the Ping G400Max is your best choice. If you want a good balance, the Epic Flash is worth a try. And if you are athletic, and like maximum feeling, give a try to the Cobra F9 Regarding only distance, all those drivers are playing in the same garden. Anyway to get the best of a club, the shaft must be considered seriously.
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