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  1. Georgeshot -- Thanks a bunch,,, this is helpful !!
  2. I've owned TM Burner Plus, Wilson Di11's, Mizuno JPX800HD's all pure distance clubs and now own G25's and they are every bit as long as those other 3 sets I mentioned. Matter of fact even a bit longer as I've taken some reason lessons that helped with swing speed. I used to have an over the top swing, and now moving to a more inside/out (draw biased) swing.
  3. Do you find that either of them (Tour Silk II or the Hybrid) plays a bit smaller? i.e. standard is more like an undersized. I did some research last night after seeing some Black Widow grips at Dicks yesterday and much of what I read said they do run smaller than the stated site. this is actually good for me being I play undersized grips which are hard to come by for different options. But wanted to get your take on these specific ones you tried. I have yet to find a multicompound in an undersized.
  4. let us know how you like it. If you are topping the ball you are likley swaying in your swing or lifting up and not staying down on the ball. I had this same problem last year and during a lesson we fixed my swaying and coming up out of my posture which led to better fairway wood shots. Right now I have 2 sets of FW. Ping k15 3 and 5 woods. And the Tour Edge Trilogy 4w and 7w. The Pings are the easist to hit that I have owned or demo'd. They are a bit on the large size head wise so from the rough they are not that versatile. But off the tee and fairway you can't go wrong. The Tri
  5. Whats in my bag: Driver 12*- R11s (normally set to 13.5*) - 215-245 depending on couse conditions and weather. 3w 16* - Ping K15 - 195 off deck and 200-215 off the tee 5w 19* - Ping K15 - 185 4h 23* - Tour Edge Trilogy - 175 5h 26* - Tour Edge Trilogy - 165 Irons - Ping G25 6i -150-155 7i - 140-145 8i- 130-135 9i- 120-125 PW - 110-115 UW (50*)- 100-105 SW (54*) - 85 LW (58*) - 70 Putter - Odyssey Dart All my clubs are Reg flex I also have a Tour Edge Trilogy 4w and 7w that I mix in every now and then. Espec
  6. Couple of thoughts. The G15/G20 series hybrids are often referred to as the "big toe" looking hybrids...Repeatly have read and experienced that they love to be hit like an iron (meaning, lots of shaft lean and striking down on them) vs some hybrids that are meant to be more swept like a FW. Last year I gave up on trying to play a G15 2h (17*). I spoke to Ping and they suggested somebody with my swing speed (88 mph or so with driver) that my lowest lofted hybrid should be something in the 20-22* range. I agree with them now. Also I prefer to sweep my hybrids and not hit down on them so t
  7. I might be able to be of some assistance. Back in Jan I bought a Razr Fit driver, 11.5* A flex. I'm only 5' 4" and always struggle with driver length. So I had the Fit shortened to 44.5". Swingweight was still around a D4. So I had it shortened again to 44" and with an undersized Winn grip was still at a D0/D1. Driver felt great but my swing speed improved and the wet noodle stock shaft had to go. So back in May I took my driver to a Callaway fitter for a shaft fitting. He pulls out all the standard upgrade offerings and I told him, don't you have anything shorter and he sa
  8. Money talks !!! Put millions in my bank account I'll game a Warrior Driver on Tour (oh wait, that is John Daly)
  9. The new 2013 Classic driver pics have already been relased. I think the face is still gold (could be mistaken though)..
  10. If I begin to start coming over the top and outside in I will often take a few practice swings with my right leg pulled bag. Seems to cure it and I begin to swing inside out. I never heard of Hogan's advice until reading this thread but earlier in the season I was doing what the pic showed. long clubs had my right foot back a bit. With my mid and short irons I was neutral. Seemed to work but I never trusted it as I thought you're not supposed to do this, lol
  11. Last year's avg per round was a 91.5 (while gaming the BP's). This year's avg per round so far with the HD's is probably more like a 92/93 range. But my game is completely different since last year. Last season I couldn't hit a driver to save my life but my short game and putter was working well. Very little 3 putting. This year, once I got my driver woes figured out and swing changed I am hitting probably 65% of the fw and my misses are like 2nd cut. I might have one bad one per rd. Downside is my short game has gone to crap and putting is awful. In both years I am n
  12. www.golfdealsandsteals.com has the preowned RBZ's for $129.99, everyday price. I think their daily deal a week or so ago listed them for $119.
  13. If you like the e6, I found the Wilson Duo played similarly off the tee distance and straiht wise but has more check up on approaches. Its also $7 cheaper per box.
  14. Haven't tried the 6dx but I did game the 7DX 4 and 5 hybrids this year for a few rounds. Actually some nice sticks, a made for Aldila RIP shaft and Golf Pride White out Grip. The only knock was that they only came in Reg and Stiff shaft flexes. I am right on the cusp of the Senior flex / Regular flex fence and normally play Sr flex in my FW's and Hybrids. I went with the R flex and after cutting them both down an inch they played too stiff for my swing speed. Hence I was losing too many balls right. They were pretty forgiving though.
  15. Did you consider the JPX800HD's? Reason I ask is I have averaged 91 per round over the past 2 years. 82 being my best score, a few 80's mixed in and 2 rounds in the 100's. So low 90's is pretty much my score depending on how I putt. Anyway, I began playing the JPX800 HD's last month. Very nice looking club, and not as chunky as most SGI clubs. Also the Fli-Hi 4 and 5 direct iron replacement is a pretty cool idea. Basically a smaller-ish hybrid head similar in shape to the Ping G15 hybrid, and the length is the same as a normal 4 and 5i and not overly long like most hybrids.
  16. With the lowest compression in Srixon's line, should the Soft Feel be the longest ball in their lineup?
  17. Are you guys finding that the stock made for Fubuki shaft plays a little weak? In my driver, fairway woods and hybrids I always play Senior flex as my swing speed with driver is about 84mph. I hit all the 2012 hybrids and the VR_S 4 hybrid won out on the monitor. However when I got to the course I do nothing but spray this thing all over the place. I make solid contact but one hit will be a major push, next ball a major hook, next a major slice. I'm not the best ball striker in the world but my other 2 longer clubs in the bag (Giga Golf Reva 21* hybrid and TM 2.0 7w) I do not ha
  18. Take it from me, it's very, I mean very difficult to get a driver at 43.5 or even 44" to play at a decent swingweight if you buy something off the shelf. Case in point. Last year alone I went from: an R9 cut down to 44.75 to a Nickent 4dx Evolver cut down to 45.25" to a Callaway FTIQ cut down to 44" to a Adams 4g Ultralitght cut down to 43.25" to a Burner Superfast 2.0 cut down to 45.5" I never added lead to the head on any of them and they all felt very light as they ended up in the low C's for swingweight. At std length I was actually hitting them somew
  19. I've been experimenting my last few rounds without one. My hand is small (6.5" from wrist to tip of my middle finger) and I use an interlocking grip. My lock feels tighter without a glove as the material on the glove seems to hinder the lock a bit. My one hybrid doesn't have my grip of choice on it and for some reason is real slippery without a glove so I normally put it on for that shot then forget I am wearing it and it tends to stay on the remainder of the round even for putting as I always wore my glove for everything. I have a nasty callus on my palm right below my ring fi
  20. What length shaft is on that 4w? I am only 5' 4" and always looking for "shorter" clubs. Especially since I have to shorten them anyway. So far the shortest 4w in stock length I have found is the TM r11 4w which is 42.5".
  21. When I was fitted for my irons, I also tested some Ping irons and they recommended 1/2" shorter. I opted for TM irons which are 1/4" longer than Pings and therefore had them shortened 3/4". I play a Razr Fit driver at 44" Burner 2.0 7w at 42.75" but thinking of getting it shortened an inch to 41.75" which is more in line with normal 7w length. Looking hard at the Hireko Power Play Caiman Raw Power 3w which is built specifically to play at a 5w length of 42". I am currently gaming a Giga Golf 3hybrid (21*) which is 38.5" (this is normally about 2" shorter than most
  22. I just asked this same question to Callaway earlier in the week. Their general guidelines are: (but to keep in mind that each brand rates their's different) L < 75 A 75-84 R 85-94 Stiff 95-104 X Stiff 105+
  23. I currently game a Superfast 2.0 7w. I have a slower swing (fw in the 70's) so it feels much better than trying to use a 3 hybrid which I have always struggled with. Granted only one round with it, hit it twice off the tee on doglegs and once from the fw. Off the tee it was money.. From the fw had a slight push. It's a bit long for me at 42.75" but I grip down and it works. Right now though I have a pretty large gap between the 7w (195) and my 4i (165) and thinking of adding an RBZ 5 hybrid which on the monitor went on average 180-185 for me. Let us know how the Nic
  24. Interesting, based on his pics of the black shoes above it looks like TRUE changed their spike pattern compared to the 2010/11 version. Wonder which ones grip better?
  25. Got it....i didn't know Rifle even made driver shafts. Good luck and let me know how it works out. No problem on the help. I am kind of a nut when it comes to trying things so I was just happy to provide you some feedback on what I found out.
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