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  1. Have you picked up your new set yet? How you getting on?
  2. I enjoy the format. Our club has a couple of big foursomes comps each year, I have a match in the winter comp this weekend
  3. I prefer walking, in winter I prefer to carry clubs too, usually use a few less clubs
  4. I had a few years away from the game and despite me putting in three cards the club chose to give me my handicap from 4 or 5 years previous. It’s taken a while to get anywhere near it, mine wasn’t accurate but probably is now, but hopefully will soon be lower
  5. It certainly feels that way at the moment, weather has been awful recently!!! I’m going to have to sneak a few days in Spain or Portugal to remind myself what a sunny course looks like!!
  6. Might be too late to ask Santa for a copy but I’ll look to get one. I’d never heard of it until I saw this thread!!
  7. I was wondering what it might have got in the actual guide (Or even whether it has been reviewed), I might have to get the guide to help me plan some other courses to visit
  8. It’s tricky to say, my most difficult round was at a club called Cleeve Hill Near Cheltenham England, which I don’t think is that difficult, but it was windy, rainy, cloudy. There was blind shots because it’s hilly and I was going around in my own (and playing awful). In nice conditions, I’m sure it would be fine
  9. Hi, it’s the Hotchkin at Woodhall spa, world golf have recently ranked it at 54 in the world. I love it, so am a bit biased, but given I’ve joined as a member and it’s +100miles from where I live, it’s defo worth an 8 (in my ratings anyway) it’s v subjective though. Doak has been making changes to the course over the last few years
  10. Just read the scale and think one of the clubs i’m a new member of would be 8 - maybe 9. The other my home course a 6. The higher one has recently been restored somewhat by Tom Doak so I assume he’d like it.
  11. 1. Break 90 (used to do this regularly) 2. Break 80 3. Improve H’cap to below 15 4. Play 5 courses off my ‘must play’ list 5. Take a golf trip to Spain / Portugal 6. Get more involved at the club - possibly get on the committee in 2020 7. Win something - anything, doesn’t matter what. But I’ll enter all the various comps at my club 8. Get a country membership at a second club to play somewhere different once a month.
  12. Hi All, new site member, just started back playing golf regularly after some busy years with Kids, house moves and work. Playing off 19 after a few months. Hoping to drop this quite a bit in 2020. I’ve been playing once or twice a week with a couple of practice sessions, so have been picking up my clubs pretty frequently. I’m a member of Pannal golf club in Harrogate but am also in the process of applying for membership of a second club so I can keep it a bit more varied. looking forward to chatting golf
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