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  1. To keep the back leg action correct it is best to try and feel the back foot bank inward with roll as the hips move forward. The key is to have the sensation that the entire right edge of the right foot is coming off the ground as a whole. This keeps the hips moving in a straight line longer. Bottom line is that it is OK for the right (back) heel to come off the ground but it should happen during the "banking" of the foot...not in a way that has the heel lifting directly straight off the ground in a parallel line to the toes. Dave
  2. Erik - I think it would be fun to do it this way and I would love the opportunity to answer any questions as well. Looking forward to it. Dave
  3. Well said by Erik and a few others here - "secrets" are few and far between in golf but this is certainly something that is not emphasized enough by golf instructors to their players. Let these photos speak for themselves please. Then, if you are still unsure of whether the hips/belt/tailbone/lead knee, etc. are moving forward continuously in great players just keep looking at video anywhere you can. Forget what the players are saying and look at what they are doing. Couple things to note from my quick look at this thread: 1. Erik mentions Kenny Perry and his footwork - it is well done
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