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  1. Hi Al - love the avatar! If you are looking to move into the 80's consistently check out our 5 Simple Keys (named 5 Simple Keys as the instruction is based on only the 5 things all great golfers have in common) thread: http://thesandtrap.com/t/61376/5sk-video-thread -- if you have any questions at all let us know. Glad you found the site!
  2. It seems that way Stretch but it's still quite dynamic in relation to a posed static position. Quite a difference between these numbers when posed vs. mid swing. And, yes, at a glance it would still be very difficult to call that 65 pressure right :-)....in fact we discussed the posterior pic with Grant for a bit and we were all saying something very similar!
  3. Not totally discounting the weight of the arms but in looking at photos like this I have to consider it's, far more so, something else. The arms are still "about" much to the right as they would be during the backswing yet are nowhere near enough to offset the dynamic pressure shift at this point in the swing. We will do a lot more along these lines in the very near future on our SwingCatalyst.
  4. Because of the work we have done in putting together the PureStrike 5 Simple Keys® system we have been investigating the concept of "weight" and "pressure" - where it is, where it's going, how quickly any shifts occur, and more - for several years now. We began with simple bathroom scales to measure weight in "static" positions and by observing the motion of the needles (which is delayed) with high speed video, and moved on to spend time testing on the AboutGolf Force Plate System, SAM Balance Lab and also, starting in January 2012 when it was revealed to the public, more in-depth studies with
  5. Everyone here knows what I think of the pattern itself and, to allay any fears that some may have, it should be mentioned that the new DVD is, just that, a new DVD...with the addition of data to support findings, positions, etc. The swing itself is the same and being taught the same. Not saying that's bad, and some would call it good, but a change in philosophy or the method of instruction is not what the "2.0" represents.
  6. Thanks Brian...and I will STAND and cheer when you get the opportunities that are sure to come your way.
  7. The question has been raised in a few places, some as a curiosity and some not as nicely, about whether 5 Simple Keys® is a "copy" or progression from Stack and Tilt. Parallel to that is the question of what or who influenced the 5SK project. As many know, 5SK is a joint effort between myself and Chuck Evans as part of the Medicus team, and as such, our list of influences is quite long. I would start with the following: Homer Kelley, Mac O'Grady, Mike Bender, Randy Smith, Seymour Dunn, Percy Boomer, Jim Hardy, Davis Love Jr., Trackman, Flightscope, Swing Catalyst (none of the other pr
  8. Very telling, yes...not to mention many of them can actually SEE the ball for the first time :-)
  9. For sure Zeph...cannot overestimate how important is to feel pressure forward and get the weight forward properly from delivery into the follow through. Dave
  10. Agreed completely! This will be happening soon...at this point just letting everyone know a few of the details and what's coming. There is PLENTY of detail to come. Dave
  11. Hey MJ - I would actually say both what and how (still big focus on how and the prioritization) and this 5 Keys project doesn't mean we have changed the way we "teach" it overnight. In fact just the opposite. It means that we can teach it the way we believe to be best and a different instructor can teach it the way they see fit. Any training (of instructors or golfers) will focus on things we know to be correct and on efficiency. Thus making the (very difficult) process of striking a golf ball much easier. Dave
  12. Hi Scott - we would be more concerned with the side to side head movement as an "issue" because it creates an efficiency problem. This does not mean the head can't move at all which is why we chose the term "steady". The downward motion you talk about (seen in many great players) is a bit of a "compress down to explode up" kind of thing. I wouldn't necessarily teach it as a need but would likely not worry about it either. Of course every case is unique but this would be the overall view.
  13. FYI - a 5 Keys thread started over at golfwrx and a few of the comments were, at best, irresponsible. I put together a quick synopsis of what the system was and how it came to be and posted it. Below is the post that was "moderated" OUT (I did take out the part that spoke directly to the bashing in that thread as it is not pertinent here). Since my reply wasn't "allowed" there I figured I'd post it here. That way if anyone really wants to know what 5 Simple Keys® is about they can read it here. Anyway...here it is...The Post That Never Was (still can't figure out why it wasn't all
  14. Hi Dan, You are definitely on the right track...bottom line is that the system is based upon just the things that matter. If someone can execute each of the keys proficiently they WILL be a great ball striker. No matter if they do it like Ray Floyd, Jim Furyk, Josh Broadaway, Charlie Wi, or Robert Rock. An instructors job will be to help them become as efficient as possible to make executing the keys as easy as possible. Dave P.S. I did try and post in the 5 Keys thread over on golfwrx and a moderator said the post was not allowed even though it was a reply to thread s
  15. Likely won't really matter as 5 Simple Keys® should be 100% rolled out by then...but just sign up for evolvr as soon as you are ready. Instruction will be the same either way and if the "look and feel" change we will just migrate the existing students. Looking forward to working with you! Dave
  16. Thanks Erik for taking the time to write up a great description of what the 5 Simple Keys® are (and for the very kind words from Mike and everyone else who has posted in this thread). The keys ARE 100% about making it simpler for golfers to get better at this VERY difficult game. As you learn more detail about them please remember they ARE a learning system for golf. Knowing where to focus (and where not to) makes things easier on students and instructors. That pretty much says it all. So...how did this all come to be? Honestly, when I was asked to put together content for a DVD it
  17. It is more research based than anything, no question. I felt it was very important that golfers understand this is happening, in this manner, in the best motions. I can say, however, that I have taught this to accomplished players when it was the right component to work on. Dave
  18. The hard part here is that in putting this information out there we will be asked how and why we would teach this. That is not really the point...since most golfers bring the "5th PA" into play too much/soon so we would NEVER teach this with soooo many of them. The point is that a golfer can create the most speed by using all potential accumulators and that the right wrist bend and throw IS one. Having the primary lever system (left arm and clubshaft) line up properly at impact is simply most efficient. Dave
  19. Just ran across this thread...nice work with Tyler here. Glad to see before and afters where people are working on the right things. Seriously, very nice, couldn't possibly tell what you worked on though :>) Dave
  20. Haven't been posting much...been a bit busy (will be adding my .02 in some of the instruction areas soon)...but the "fat leprechaun" comment just made me laugh so hard I had to thank colin007!!! Dave
  21. Stink/suck may be a "bit" strong as, of course, V1 has many happy "Windows" customers...but really V1 is sub-par at best. I see you are a Mac user and I can honestly say the only reason anyone should ever use V1 would be if they are "afraid" of the move to Mac. Anyway...you asked for reasons. Besides the fact (which may or may not be the most important point) that V1 is more than TWICE the cost, Analyzr is just so much simpler to use in almost every "real instructor/student" way. The way it imports (with scrubbing being HUGE) saves tons of time...the filter for searching rather than t
  22. As Erik said...liquor, yes...now you have nothing to hold you back! Seriously make the drive down some Winter weekend...play Pebble, maybe St. Andrews, SAM, Trackman and some USA football...love to meet you in person! Dave
  23. August 27th and 28th...2 Day Golf Evolution School: *** Only a couple spots remain *** – Day one is from 9 AM – 4:30 PM and will be focused on full swing mechanics and prioritizing to fit YOUR needs. Day 2 will be a review of Day 1, Aimpoint Green Reading Clinic and one-on-one putting analysis with the SAM Puttlab…Golf in afternoon is optional. School is limited to 6 students and the cost for two days including lunch and refreshments (both days) is $850. Email dave at thegolfevolution dot com -- or call us at 814-464-3446 to reserve a spot!
  24. I kind of hate using "release" as well but it is the best fit I have so far (going from max bend to less than max bend just takes too long to type). You are correct that, so far, in our findings PA5 is "releasing" more as the right arm to rib cage pressure point is lost and the swing is more "CF". That said, it is really happening more as the swing progresses from impact (P7) to follow through (P8). There is very little difference that I have seen at impact itself. Dave
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