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  1. Good post and good questions/points. Before any comments I have a question back actually - where in TGM do you find it states that the PA's are independent variables that act separately during motion...I "know" the book but am certainly not the #1 expert...just don't remember that stated in that manner. I would actually say that they are all linked (to at least one other) to some extent. I agree that you "can", for example, cock and uncock the left wrist (#2) without doing anything else but #2 needs #3 to work in a golf sense. Also you can't REALLY load 4 properly without affecting 1
  2. The Norman device was originally called The Secret (not sure if Norman called it that but same device) and it was put out first by John Schlee I believe (Schlee had spent time with Hogan and this was built as a sort of "supination" training device). You are right though the Secret was attempting to fix the right wrist bend. Quick point...though Hogan certainly had the angle in the right wrist at impact (quality video tough to come by) I am certain it went from maximum bend to "less" than maximum in his swing.
  3. Erik pretty much answered this already...but I will re-emphasize...I believe that BY ITSELF with no help 5 is more "powerful", in the golf motion, than 2 or 3. Erik covered these questions as well and was right on I must say. The question re: losing the wedge into P8 deserves another sentence at least though...the research shows that there is a clear MAXIMIZING of the bend (loading) and then a delivery/release. What is important is to know that for the great majority of people the sensation will be to maximize and hold. But whatever the sensation and feel may be to create the
  4. Background The Golfing Machine defines four power accumulators and their corresponding pressure points. These "Power Accumulators" are part of something called the "Power Package" and are numbered from 1 to 4. In order, they are the bent right arm (right arm folding and straightening), the cocked left wrist (cocking and uncocking), the angle between the clubshaft and left forearm (turning and rolling of the left wrist/forearm), and the angle formed by the left arm and the left shoulder (angle changing from acute to "less acute"). These Power Accumulators are out-of-line conditions of
  5. @2bGood Glad to see we're all having fun now...that's the important thing...and I like the well thought out responses btw...see you weren't a 'stupid' after all Dave
  6. Know what? I can't totally disagree with you on some of this. I was speaking to someone recently about it and mentioned snowboarding. I really love to snowboard and I have (my son as well) been "taught" by a few different people. They had different ways to express things but overall the message was the same. It is very different with golf instruction. Why? That is a great question (one answer would be that snowboarding is overall "simpler" than the complex motion of golf). I would say it has to do with a few things first and foremost: 1. Golf instructors have so many different thin
  7. OK in two parts (strong and flexible): 1. You definitely don't have to be "strong"...enough said there. Not sure why anyone would question that. 2. You don't have to be "flexible" either but, in fairness, I will say that we have had a few students who, based on body type/flexibility, struggle getting their hands "in" enough while loading 4 enough (I will also say that one small variation does not mean you "can't" swing this way if not flexible...it may just be a very small variation within it). This is very uncommon though and I can make a strong argument that you will need less
  8. Bored...yes...as there is still 6 inches of snow on the ground. Joke...no....if you can't see how much better the after is I won't spend any more time trying to convince you (oh and the video is from like 10 months ago). REALLY don't want to sound full of myself here but 95% of teachers wouldn't have gotten this change in 15 minutes. Those are just the facts. And, yes, he slid his hips BACK and then "tried" to "turn" them through. The instruction was to tilt more (left shoulder down) and straighten the right leg...this increased the hip turn and as he pushed his hips forward
  9. Can't pass up the opportunity...sorry...have you considered evolvr? (Our, Golf Evolution that is, online instruction...plenty of referrals...great results...very affordable). http://www.evolvr.com Dave
  10. Here's the great part though Stretch...all else the same if you move the ball just slightly forward you will, theoretically, be more like +1.0 and BINGO you'll likely launch it at the better height as well. Dave
  11. Good question for sure and we're definitely not saying to throw out the wedge and flip it to do this (and I know that's not what you meant...just clarifying for everyone). Basically we will be hitting the ball at low point or just after...and as long as PP3 and the flying wedge are "maintained" the left arm and shaft will be inline (at worst) at impact. This will not have any accuracy implications. Dave
  12. ...though I would go with the smaller modification above (and of course so would Erik and he wouldn't have written the post). Also I'm not crazy about anything that "artificially" adds axis tilt in this manner. Hi Stretch! This has only been shared with a couple people and either full agreement or makes sense type conversations. Will be with Mike and Andy in the near future and get their thoughts...honestly the point isn't really to "be right" in the end (though I think we are here)...it's to get everyone thinking that there are ways to continue doing things better. *** MO
  13. First...this is something we have discussed at length this week and I commend Erik on this post. Well thought out and well stated and since I have spent time considering it and helping work it out, I agree...with an optional modification included here. It would be: A second option to hit the ball on the upstroke with the altered ball position would be to simply aim slightly right and hit a pull-draw. This shot may go a bit lower than the straight-fade but if you want to play a draw (or if the hole calls for it) instead of a fade this is a good option (change of attachment/grip may be nec
  14. Hi All - wanted to post this fresh as we have three spots still available in the San Antonio school which is three weeks away. School is at a great spot and we'll be eating dinner as a group after the first day...lots of chances to ask questions and go over everything that happens on Day 1! Details: The Quarry Golf Club on March 19th and 20th. School will be a "two day" school but you can do one or both days without any problems. Both days will run from 8:45 AM - 5 PM. Cost for your choice of either day (1 day) is $575 and both days is $975. Sign up via PM, this thread or by phone at 8
  15. Three quick points: 1. Hogan ABSOLUTELY swung his hands and arms on the correct inward circle. Don't take my word for it - look at DTL photos. 2. Badds playing poorly since he left SnT doesn't say anything GOOD to the pattern and him winning today doesn't say anything BAD about the pattern. Also his career was in ABSOLUTE free fall mode and he proceeded to win again TWICE with Mike and Andy. He is a great talent and was sure to win again no matter who teaches him. IMO his overall mechanics are not as good since leaving M and A but they are good ENOUGH. 3. SnT is not even close to a
  16. @BrushCaddy Before I give you any thoughts I have one question for you...what is your bad miss and what is the shot YOU hate the most. These could be the same or two different answers. I have suspicions but that information is always important to get from you directly. Dave
  17. GOLF EVOLUTION - Stacking in Texas March 19th and 20th We will be in San Antonio at The Quarry Golf Club on March 19th and 20th. School will be a "two day" school but you can do one or both days without any problems. Both days will run from 8:45 AM - 5 PM. Cost for your choice of either day (1 day) is $575 and both days is $975. Sign up via PM through forums or by phone at 814-464-3446. (FYI - we have 4 spots left as of 2/8) The location is The Quarry Golf Club: http://www.quarrygolf.com/ Plenty of references around the forums btw but if you are in need of any more ple
  18. It they were follow up lessons and the instructor was very good (not for a first lesson...baseline video is very important and as I have asked many times...why not?) and KNEW your motion it could be OK to work with someone without video. That said, outside of rare circumstances (never say never) I would not recommend taking lessons from someone not using video. Just my .02. Dave
  19. Well, not really. The SnT finish is meant to look that way or "planned". As an example, Hunter Mahan doesn't keep pushing his hips forward (along the circle) long enough and isn't extending as well as he could be (better extension would keep his head more stable viewed FO). Because of this the inclination is somewhat "faked" in the early part of the follow through (he adds side tilt manually more than it being "put in" by the forward). I would say it is proven by the fact that he can't stick the finish in his inclination and ends more vertical, ala Foley. And btw I'm not at all saying Mah
  20. Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett Stack and Tilt School in San Diego Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett will be conducting a Stack and Tilt Golf School at The Grand Del Mar. This will be a 2 Day school but you can sign up for one or both days. Price is $1000 per day (9am-5pm). For details, questions or to sign up contact David Wedzik at: dave@thegolfevolution.com - by phone 814-464-3446 or private message here. The dates are Friday, January 28 and Saturday, January 29.
  21. Golf Evolution will be in Phoenix again for a Stack and Tilt School in January for those interested. School will be a "two day" school but you can do one or both days without any problems. Both days will run from 8:45 AM - 5 PM. Cost for your choice of either day (1 day) is $575 and both days is $975. Sign up via PM through forums or you can call me (Dave) at 814-464-3446. The location is at Tuscany Falls GC in a suburb of Phoenix called Goodyear. Here is the link for more detailed info on the spot: http://www.robson.com/page.cfm?name=PebbleCrk_Golf Plenty of references around
  22. Thanks so much for the extremely kind words...glad the videos are helping! Thought I'd take the chance to post the link to our youtube page in case anyone else is interested: http://www.youtube.com/thegolfevolution Thanks again, Dave
  23. Spine tilts left...bah! Can't be...he's just "maintaining" his spine angle :>) Dave
  24. Nice video - love it - not sure what Wayne is talking about for most of it but like I said nice video. Couple things that stand out...1) Erik...we have a new guy to use for the opposite of Adam Scott (question I have is why the comment about "any instructor worth anything would change the setup right away"...was it causing a problem?) and 2) did anyone notice the little Rory "stall" with the hips from 7 to 8...note his right leg keeps flexing and extension stops and restricts the rotation for a split second. Good stuff! Dave
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