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  1. ;>) ....nice...you can be in the side tilt before and after section for sure! Dave
  2. Nice find here - again...even in slo-mo you can sense the speed being built up as he uses the ground to explode both up and "horizontally". Left foot is very telling. Dave
  3. Forgetting about golf for a second the ground is used for power in so many other sports. Off the top of my head the baskeball player who lowers himself to explode or the football players at the combines each year doing the standing vertical leap...watch them go down a ton before exploding up...same power principles. Imagine if you made them jump off of a waterbed that never provided any resistance?? They could never even leave the ground. This is where the ground is used not only to push down into but to "grip" and create the horizontal forces discussed in the video as well. Yo
  4. I know Eddie - good guy and knows his stuff - go see him if you can and do tell him I said Hi and mention that I referred you his way! (sorry for thread jack Erik ;>)) Dave Not a merging of different styles at all. TGM catalogs virtually every way there is to "swing" a golf club and all of us that teach SnT (or similar patterns) are influenced greatly by TGM. Btw I'm not saying that Eddie is completely versed in SnT - just that he has much familiarity with the pattern and he is a very solid instructor. Dave
  5. Hi Robato - Stack and Tilt is not a swing for only one type of shot - and not a swing you just "switch" to. Whether its a 9 iron or a Driver you simply implement the most important piece for you at that time...nothing more really. From there you just keep ordering things properly and working on the next piece in line (for example if my goal were to hit my long irons higher I might work on pushing off the ground, straightening my legs and expanding the chest/tucking the butt). In the end this is much simpler than a short club swing and a long club swing! Hope it helps. Dave
  6. Great topic and I think your thoughts and feels sound right on - we did a youtube video on the driver recently and here is the link: Hope it helps! Dave
  7. Just kidding Aaron - Alivan's is a company I own though don't really "participate" in day to day operations - it's fun stuff and I must say the Quidditch World Cup was a pretty amazing event. Dave P.S. Nice little escape from golf much of the time!
  8. I saw that clip - couldn't have possibly been the same David Wedzik - at least I don't think so?
  9. This school is definitely all set for November 13th. PM me through the forum or email to dave at golfevolution.com - or of course call for more details at 814-464-3446. Very affordable school at $595 for a full day in Phoenix including lots of one on one instruction and lunch, etc. School will run from around 8:45 - 4:30. Dave
  10. A few important things here but most important is to 1) get the handle more forward and start compressing the ball and 2) straighten the start line and limit the curve. First steps would be: 1) Left knee feels like it never moves (only flexes) and the left shoulder goes down a whole lot more to steepen the shoulder pitch and keep the weight more forward. 2) Weight moving forward onto left leg on downswing as hips go forward and OPEN UP a lot faster. He should feel both. The sense should be that he is sliding and opening his hips much faster. If you stop the video from both DTL and face on
  11. BINGO...AND BINGO! Love it Zeph! Looking forward to your next videos btw... Dave
  12. This is not meant to be a "smart" answer when I say "your clubface is closed at impact". If it is not your alignment and you are truly hitting a straight pull then you have a closed clubface matching with an out to in path. First I would work on setting the face a bit more open at address and hitting the balls with a square or open face. The ball will definitely start straighter for you but may cut. From there you will need to clean up the path. Look closely at things like being sure your hands are deep enough (inward enough) on the backswing and that your hips are sliding enough forward
  13. From what I know of Andrew he has distanced himself from much of the Leadbetter "tenets" but he did work for him for quite a while. Dave
  14. Just emphasizing here in follow up to Erik's post on this subject - we use a couple different ones at the academy but the Casio EX-FH25 is the best value around. Dave
  15. Orlando Stack and Tilt School Golf Evolution will be conducting a one-day Stack and Tilt School at Reunion Resort in Orlando, FL on Sunday, October 10th. School will run from 9 AM – 4:30 PM and is limited to only six students (cost of school is $550). We will have a minimum of two instructors so the student teacher ratio will be fantastic. We do have special room and/or golf rates for Reunion as well if you are interested in staying there or playing golf while you are there. Questions or to sign up call us at 814-464-3446 or email to dave@thegolfevolution.com (or PM through forums)
  16. This is REALLY good right now btw...nice work! Dave
  17. Hey Roger - thanks for taking the time to comment about your experience - glad you're doing so well - KEEP IT UP! Dave
  18. REALLY...REALLY well said! Two points that can't be stressed enough or explained enough. Actually, I GUARANTEE you do to some large extent. If you didn't your head would be moving about 18 inches towards the rear foot in your backswing and your handicap would likely be 35 and not 10. Seriously not meaning to be rude or confrontational. I know that you don't feel like you do this or know you do it but you do to a large extent, I am sure of that. Nobody is trying to be pretentious or off putting I can assure you of that. Our ONLY real goal is to change some of the "myths"
  19. Please...no...please don't play the "gym" card. As Erik said they gym would certainly be great for overall fitness and will help with many things in the end but it will NOT be important to a golfer who wants to maintain their inclination to the ground. In no way do I mean to be rude but this is simply about educating people to understand that the spine does change flex and how it does so. In tilting left, turning, and extending at the same time it is not a problem to maintain the same inclination to the ground as at address. Dave
  20. Thanks Nick - and it goes with out saying that if you are in the Chicago area looking for help on your game DO contact Nick Clearwater - NOT just if you are looking for Stack and Tilt help either - if you want to become a better golfer get in touch for sure!
  21. OK - we officially have 5 as of right now and we will NEED 7 to make the trip and do the school (I had originally said 8 so as of now we only need 2 more). If you know of anyone else that may be interested in attending please let them know and put them in touch with me through this thread. Dave
  22. We are actually at 6 (5 100% confirmed and one tentative in) for the school right now and we need to get to 8 to put it on. We are definitely excited about coming there and there was lots of interest in this thread. If you want to attend please let me know asap. The sooner we get to 8 the better for planning purposes. Dave
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