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  1. OK. June 6th Boston school is CONFIRMED. The location is Ponkapoag Golf Club...the Donald Ross muni in Canton, MA. My contact there in Boston tells me the range is nice on the back end and will give us plenty of space. I will be there to teach/run the school of course as well as my staff. Jimmy Burke (Harvard Golf Coach), a SnT guy himself will be there to help as well. $585 is the cost and that includes theory and detailed explanation in the am along with A LOT of one on one instruction all day. We will include lunch for everyone as well and we will also have computers and printers on hand
  2. Still waiting on 100% confirmation but Sunday, June 6th from 9 AM - 5 PM looks VERY solid right now. I would say 80% or more likely. The cost for the full day school will be $585 and that will include lunch. Spaces may be limited based on the location so we need to have confirmation from anyone that wants to attend as soon as possible. Please email me at dave at thegolfevolution dot com or private message myself or Erik through The Sand Trap. You can also call me at 850-774-2314 (cell). Please leave a message if there is no answer. The quicker we finalize a number of students the easier
  3. Ivan...THANK YOU for trusting in us and for the very kind words. You are doing the work we are simply providing direction...just keep it up and it only gets better from here! Dave
  4. Dave, Hardy guys get the shoulder turn for the most part. Early on they described it as simply turning the shoulders steeper. Over the last year or two they started adding in some "SnT" and talking more (correctly) about the spine changing flex. Glad to see it honestly and that is a good post and the person who wrote it did a good job explaining the facts. Dave
  5. OK - shameless plug time to some extent - here is a footwork video we did recently. Dave
  6. Good golf and good instruction stems, many times, from really good sensations and feelings...the right forearm feeling and the description of the blackjack dealer provides one of those very good feelings - nice job!. It is important that feelings such as these are used only by players who need them (point is no feeling is for everyone as they are generally used to create opposites during practice) so anyone reading should be aware of that. Anyway...thanks for providing a certain description and a way to "feel" it. Dave
  7. Just a nice range or pretty much any golf course with a range that would allow us to hold a clinic there and have a place we can set up a couple laptop computers and a printer. That is about it really. We can pay a fee to the course if needed but that would have to be worked into the costs for the school. Best scenario is usually a place where the pros or powers that be at the club/range are interested in learning more about SnT themselves. Many times this type of place will let us hold a school there at no charge. I am working on getting to Boston though for sure...look for more updates v
  8. I have never had the chance to use one but I love the concept - looking forward to see if anyone else has insight here. Dave
  9. Hi Abe - do you know of a place we could do a one or two day school at? I love Boston and would come with staff in a heartbeat. You just name the place and we will set it up. Hope to hear from you. Dave Hi Kevin, We could do one with as few as 4 but 6-8 works most cost effectively for the students. With only 4 the per student cost would obviously be higher. To give you an idea...if a school we travel to has 6 students it would be approx. $560 per student. From there that number can go up or down depending on where the final number of students ranges b/w 4-8. Dave
  10. I did "semi-shank" one in trying to get this right btw! Very odd trying to hit a ball with face and path that much at odds. Dave
  11. ...and you can see the positive results in your motion...nice job Zeph! Dave
  12. Starting from the right...the first photo is from the time of Golf, The Winning Formula (1989)...second is from A Swing For Life (1995)...and far left is recent. As to the timeline...5 majors b/w 1987-1992...one in 1996 thanks to Greg Norman and that was the end (coincidence?) of the line. In fact, last European Tour victory was 1994. Again, I was a long time Faldo fan and admired his game. The photos are just VERY TELLING as they relate to the downward slide of his own game. Dave
  13. Yes...you are supposed to recognize that Faldo has gotten worse and his career came to an end (ridiculously short hitter at the end) as the photos worked from right to left. The image on the right is fantastic while the one on the left looks like Grandma. Agreed on the six majors and those were one with swings that were like the one on the far right (for the record I was a huge Faldo fan at that time) and some of the time (though they were less frequent) swinging like the photo in the middle. And what does the Faldo Golf Institute have to do with anything. He was a great player at
  14. We have a Stack and Tilt school coming up at our Erie, PA location on May 22nd. The school is limited to 8 students and the cost is $390 for the entire day (from 9-5 including lunch). There are still four spots available. If anyone is interested please visit our Golf Evolution site at www.golfevolution.com , call me directly at 814-464-3446 or PM me through this site. Dave
  15. This is one of the reasons why "clear your hips" in itself is not good advice. It sounds as if you end up with both your hips AND SHOULDERS open at impact (the shoulders open part is the biggest issue here as the hips should be open at impact) and that will cause you to hit across the ball and slice. The hips must move forward (linear) from the top for many reasons but it suffices to say that the hips moving forward slows the rate of rotation of the shoulders and allows them to return to impact closer to square. In the very best players there is a chain of events that takes place in the dow
  16. First...I agree with DFBike that your posture would be better standing just a little taller. Some "slouch" in the upper body/shoulders/neck is fine but you are bent over a fair amount too much. I also agree that...the club HEAD is in too far when the club first gets parallel to the ground....that said...neither of those things is why the hip is pulling off the line. The culprit is the lead knee flexing too much and also flexing too far outwards towards the ball. That knee SHOULD flex and will move just outside the foot line but not near as far as yours does. Just lessen the flex and be su
  17. In a word...NO...I honestly have no idea where this stuff comes from...what magazine btw? Dave
  18. The weight forward really has nothing to do with this - and the best way to fix a problem like is usually to do the opposite (as it takes the extreme feeling the other way to get the "middle). Make some swings where you simply turn your shoulders and STAND UP...yes...stand up...to complete the backswing. If you really are tilting too much sideways in the second half of the backswing this will take care of the problem. The end result should be a good combination of turning, tilting and extending to reach the top. Hope this makes sense! Dave
  19. I will be in Panama City, FL March 27 - Apr. 3 visiting family and if anyone is interested I would like to practice/teach for a couple days while there. I could do a small school or work individually with anyone interested. If you are near the area and want to get together we'll schedule a day/time. Post on this thread, message me, email me or call at 814-464-3446. BTW...the course we can practice at is called Bay Dunes and it is on the outskirts of Panama City. Dave
  20. I don't remember the original quote by you on this point but your (and most) tops are caused when the club head is already moving UP when it contacts the ball. The original comments I made were to stop this and move the low point more forward. Mark a line on the ground with paint or put two sticks/clubs on the ground to create a line (with a gap in b/w the two sticks/clubs for a spot to swing your club through)...then make practice swings (no ball) hitting the ground in FRONT of the line. NOT on the line...in front of the line. When you can do this A LOT of times in a row put a ball there
  21. Without video...push is an open face at impact (this can be a good thing by the way as long as it isn't TOO open)...push with fade/slice spin is an open face with a path "out to in" relative to that face (moving left of the face angle for a right hander). You need the face to be "less" open (ball will start only slightly to the right) and the path to be more "out" to the right of that face angle (so the ball will draw back). Strengthening the grip alone could take care of the face btw - but don't overdo it. I hope this makes sense.
  22. Yes...that's true...that's exactly what I was pointing out. Hinge at a faster rate the way I explained (may very well feel like a counter rotation to you for a while). Again...I don't think you are really all that flat it just looks that way because of the slow hinging action. Other fixes? I don't like to have someone thinking of too much at once if possible - but this goes along with the piece I discussed with you...be sure the handle of the club works much more inward in conjunction with the hinging/zero rotation). This will put your left arm on a better plane and more across your chest
  23. Honestly - that part is a pretty simple fix - you need to hinge/cock your left wrist at a faster rate (if you hands are out in front of you in "grip" position this is the feeling of hinging your wrist up and down so the left thumbnail moves at your nose) and feel like you have NO rotation in your wrist joints and forearms during the entire first half of the backswing. Now...for you this will feel like MUCH MORE hinge as I am describing and ZERO rotation (Rickie Fowler early in the takeway) in those joints. This will definitely get the club steeper and in the position you are looking for. Ho
  24. So glad to hear it - you are the one implementing the changes - nice job to this point! FYI - breaking 80 counts whether it was a par 68, 70 or 72...we weren't talking about an executive course (looks like slope was around 120) so give yourself (more) credit where credit is due! Dave
  25. NO - you definitely DO NOT lift your back foot heel of the ground to start. You slide the hips straight forward (if you have never done this correctly you many need them to "feel" closed) and the right foot "banks" inward (see this youtube video for the proper foot action: From there you are correct - when you slide your hips (lower Center of Gravity) forward your head and upper center (call it the sternum) stays fixed so your upper axis can stay stable putting in the tilt away from the target that you are talking about (through impact). Dave
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