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  1. Practice with a purpose! I drive the ball well enough to not have to hit a mid iron on every hole but spend most of my range time hitting 150+ yard shots. I play from about 6200-6500 yards and drive the ball about 265. That usually puts me within a wedge on most par 4s and usually every par 5. Why I have spent all these years using my range time smashing 6,7,8 irons all day is beyond me. This year i need to dial in the approach shots with my PW, 50, 54, 58 wedges and start hitting shots to put me in a scoring position from within 40-125 yards! I have to accept that when I am pulling a mid iron on a hole that I will likely be shooting par and that I have a better shot at lower scores if I can master the scoring clubs (wedges).
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