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  1. I know this is Shotly prizes, but I coulnd't' find their grab bag thread. I've been quiet this whole time, but I bought one of the grab bags and never received anything in the mail. I would have been content with getting some tees, ball catcher, polo shirt, etc and not said anything. However this his how it went down: Sept 9: ordered Sept 26: Email saying its on the way Oct 4: Emailed matt he said its shipped and I should receive it no later than Thursday (Oct 6) Oct 11: Haven't gotten it. Emailed matt and got a response saying 10 people are in the same boat, haven't
  2. Nope, thats not how it works. If you did that, you would only be trying to hit the upper half of the face of the club (which isn't ideal in any case). However, if you purchased a club with negative offset (is that technically correct??) then yes, you can shave off the front. A club such as this: http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/f2-golf-face-forward-plus-wedge.html#
  3. I'm 25 and use a cart! I have had a history of back problems so using a cart definitely helps. I have the one-click tour trek from Golfsmith. I bought it for 150, but its been lowered to 120. Its a great cart and very comparable to the clicgear 3.0. I highly recommend it: http://www.golfsmith.com/products/306575/Tour_Trek/One-Click_Collapsible_Push_Cart
  4. Looks good to me. I have the x-forged wedges and I love them. also, good luck on the GMAT. I just got done taking them a few months ago
  5. to be honest, i'm not good enough to get mad at myself/the club/course when I don't perform well. If I hit a bad shot/miss a putt, I just think to myself "...meh, thats about right"
  6. Thanks everyone for all the information. I'm gonna try and get ahold of a better camera and will post an update when I get a chance!
  7. Hey jshots, Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to understand your post a little better - so draws have an "inside" plane and fades have an "outside" plane? What you suggest is to keep my clubhead pointed at the plane as long as I can...but that helps on the backswing. Is there a tip I could use on the downswing? It FEELS like i'm keeping the backswing and downswing on the same plane, but obviously im' not haha. Thanks!
  8. Ha sorry. I updated it - you should be able to view them now. Thanks!
  9. Hey Guys, Sorry about the crappy videos, but its the best I got for now. I'm looking for general advice on my swing. My misses are usually right (slice) and fat. I've been self teaching over the past year or so and am currently working on keeping centered over the ball and my head still. Thanks a lot!
  10. Hello Guys, I have a brand new still shrinkwrapped Tour Striker Pro 7iron in stiff flex, rh. Let me know if you have any questions. No trades please! Buyer pays actual shipping.
  11. No thanks. Not looking for any trades, really.
  12. Hey All, I have a Diamana Blueboard I-mix shaft for sale. New never installed with original box. Its 73g in stiff flex - $120 or best offer. Let me know if you have any questions! 63g sold!
  13. newbgolfer

    Cog Hill

    Ooh good question. A bit off topic, but I'm playing there in 2 weeks. What did you think - was it your first time?
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