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  1. First off, is this the oldest topic in the forum? 15 Years, wow. This discussion about the greatest of all time is mute. All sports have the same point and counterpoints. Most Home-runs, best hitter in baseball, most Super Bowl Rings, on and on. Comparing athletes from different eras are practically impossible. From changes ranging from physicality to equipment, travel, nutrition, playing conditions, shorter courses vs longer courses, stadiums indoor vs outdoor, astroturf, lowering the mounds, 3 point lines, instant replay and more. Best of an “ERA” I could believe in that. Sus
  2. Played #8 today in 2:40. Just a twosome in carts. Played through a Resort Foursome. Could have played a bit faster but my friend who is 70 can’t seem to find his ball much anymore. I’ve become his fore caddie! LOL! Age has its own handicap on the course.
  3. Caddies make more money carrying two bags. It’s just the way it is. Some don’t, but most do.
  4. Haven’t read 100% of the posts but I find that early morning golfers play faster. Reason being that mid morning golfers may on average be older and tend to start later. My typical tee time is no later than 8:00am, and now with summer it’s around 7:15. If I’m playing courses 2, 4 or 8 here at Pinehurst resort tee times have priority most of the time. They start at 6:50 when Spring arrives and if your lucky to get an early Member time on those courses under those circumstances it’s guaranteed a 4+ hour round will occur. I used to think that caddies speed up play but find more often than not i
  5. Maybe it’s my age catching up to me as I begin to transition to hybrids. I have a 25 degree and a 23 coming in a few days. I play Titleist T200s and the 4 Iron is 21* and the 5 iron is 24*. My club inventory (all Titleist) is driver, 3WD, 5WD, 7WD, Hybrid 25*, 4-GW, and a Titleist SM8 52* and 56* SW and putter. What I tend to do is set my bag up for play depending on what course I play. The Hybrids will replace the 4 and 5 irons most of the times going forward. Today I was playing #8 and on 17 a par 5 playing at 474 I hit driver and the 25* hybrid from 177. On in two and disappointingl
  6. I believe there’s another thread that touches on this. It asked what do you want from the game of golf. With that said, there are people who play a few times a month and maybe play 30 times a year. Maybe part of that is based on where people live. There are probably many things that prevent someone from developing into a good golfer such as kids, work requirements, money, school and other things. Golf is time consuming as we all know. When I was working I still managed close to or just above 100 rounds a year. Since retiring I’ve been over 240 a year. As of today I hit 70 rounds. My HD
  7. Well I would say another missed cut is just that. Jose Maria Olazabal is the oldest that made the cut at 55 this week. Many former (and younger) Champions missed the cut as well. Larry Mize finished last at age 62. Again I have no problem with Past Champions playing.
  8. Today I was playing with 3 guys from New Jersey. Git outa here! Anyway the 16th hole on #8 plays about 340, wetlands carry, bunkers left and right side of the fairway. Hit the 3 wood and found the right bunker. Shot the pin at 138. The green slopes from the high right side and everything runs downhill left. Pin was back. Had to clear the lip of the bunker, decided to hit the 9 iron. Take my swing and it hits the bunker edge and the ball is coming right back at me. Now this will sound strange but as it happened it felt like everything was in slow motion. I side stepped the ball and watched it
  9. I think your onto something there. Perhaps you take the older players who don’t have much of a chance and group them together. But then again the younger players wouldn’t have the experience of playing with these legends of golf.
  10. Past Masters Champions are eligible to continue playing event up until they themselves decide its time to give it up due to various reasons (age, illness, being competitive and other reasons). As most know Jack Nicklaus is the oldest to win the Masters at age 46 in 1986. I just read this article about Ian Woosnam. He’s 63, he’s had some health issues but he feels good enough to play. https://www.golfchannel.com/news/not-done-yet-ian-woosnam-soaking-yet-another-masters-start Is there a point when you should not play in this event in which you can’t compete anymore. Now Sam Snea
  11. 74 this Easter morning. 14/15 fairways, 10 GIR’s, 28 putts (11 on the front). 2 birdies, 2 bogeys and one OB double bogey.
  12. So true. I played with a new Member the other day who made a comment that he is “ a social golfer”. He mentioned that on the 3rd hole. The next 15 holes ere filled with blah,blah,blah. Did it slow us down? Oh yeah, stories upon stories. Easily added 30minutes to the round! He never took the hint to shut up and keep up. He’s on my No Golf with List!
  13. Well enough about you let’s talk about me! Good for you Icas but it’s different for everyone. 😀
  14. So ncates00 I agree we are talking about on course time, but if people are concerned that they want/need to play 3hrs 45minutes in order to get home for errands and family time you really can’t ignore the pre and post time associated with playing. It’s still time away.
  15. So if you think about it, playing golf isn’t about the time on the course. Previous post made me think about total time involved. Pre-Golf preparation, starting with getting to the golf course, let’s say 20-30 minutes, checking in, pay the fee get some range balls. Another 10 minutes. Time at the range and putting, let’s say 20-25 minutes. You haven’t even tee’d off and you already have an hour invested. So let’s just say your round is 3hrs, 45min. How many people have a beer with their friends? That’s probably 45min. How many hit the range post round to work on something? Maybe 30mins there
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