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  1. Well today was round 1 of our Men’s Club Championship. It’s Flighted and we have 85 players with 8 Flights. I’m in the 1st Flight and what a day. Front 9 was a disaster! A 44! Double on the 1st hole. Struggled out of the Green side bunker on the 1st hole. Wet sand, but can’t blame that, just poor swings. Immediately in the hole! 3rd hole par 3. Drew it too much, plugged in the wall of the bunker! Another double. 4th hole a bogey! What a display I thought, shooting myself in the foot and out of contention. Par on the next hole. 6th hole is a par 5, caught the left fairway bunker, so a layup. 3rd shot on the green but long. 20+ footer downhill to a front red flag. Drained it for the birdie. Par on the next hole. On 8 I’m 120 out, a little breeze from behind. Ever hit a shot and as your watching it you immediately know you should have hit one club less. Over the green into heavy rough. Will spare the details of my triple. 9th hole, another double from the middle of the fairway! Don’t ask! Making the turn. Par 5, on in two! Lipped out the Eagle, but got one back. 11th hole just missed the birdie from 8ft. Yeah a par! Two more pars followed. On 14, a 365 par four I teed off with my 4 wood. You can run out of fairway on this hole and I almost did. 120 left, hit the PW to 6 ft. Got one more back. 15 a par 5, went for it with 2nd shot from the fairway. Pin High! Unfortunately I’m left side of the green with a downhill shot. A bogey! Par 3 16 is next. 140 down hill, wind was picking up. 9 iron to about 10 feet. Drained it for a two. 17 is an elevated tee, playing 380. 4 wood again, big draw missing the bunkers on the right. Pin is back right playing just over 150ish. Hit the 7, going right at it. Remember I said it was windy? Was expecting it to be within 10 feet but when I arrived I was lucky it stayed on the back shelf. 20+ feet left. Putter stayed hot! Birdie! I’m feeling pretty good now, I’m eating away at that front nine 44. 18 is deceiving par 4. I managed to give back 2 strokes with a double. But a 35 back took a little sting away, but tomorrow is another day. Golf is a funny game! One of my playing partners shot 34 on the front. He’s a 2 HDCP, good ball striker. Never expected him to play the back nine so poorly! He took a 10 on 18. 2 out of bounds, 5 from the fairway, over the green, uphill shot left short, rolled back down. A few putts later It’s a 10! He and I are tied for 8th place! Round 2 tomorrow!
  2. A couple of stories about “The Wall” at the ANA; 1. ANA Inspiration: Great Wall of Dinah overshadows dramatic finish It seemed almost destined to happen. Build an eyesore of a wall on an island green and balls will bounce. Bogeys will turn into birdies. Even an eagle! It’s the same for everyone, of course. But th… ...and 2 Justin Thomas leads backlash against decision to place advertising hoarding at back of 18th green at the Ana Inspiration Justin Thomas has led the backlash against the LPGA, accusing the organisation of “costing” fellow American Nelly Korda victory in the season’s second major by trying to please a sponsor. Korean Mirim Lee beat Korda... Lee admits she took advantage of the wall. Tournament “Black Eye” in my opinion.
  3. For those interested in where they plan to construct the buildings it’s on the right side as you turn off the little turn circle and drive into the clubhouse area. The tennis courts on the right will go away. Here’s a picture of the proposed location:
  4. Haven’t played in 5 days. But I did hit some balls yesterday. Got up and played with no expectations. So I shot even par 72. Hit 8 fairways but then I also hit 13 Greens. 30 putts. Birdied the last hole. Sank a 10 footer, right to left that snapped at the end. Of course my friends gave me grief! Said I should take more time off! 3 bogeys, 3 birdies. Come to think of it, my last 7 rounds have all been in the 70’s (75,77,77,76,75,75 and 72). During that time I’ve had 23 birdies. Well that helps! Tooting my own horn!
  5. ...so he’s in the rough hitting his 2nd shot. He’s not in a penalty area. He tops it into the water. It seems that he went back on a line, but how far back can he go. It looked like it was more than 2 club lengths, or does that not apply?
  6. Looked like he dropped back in the fairway. Didn’t see a relief area. Take a look at the replay and chime back.
  7. Did Rory improve his lie on 18 when he duffed it in the water? Moving back out of the rough to the fairway. Didn’t Tiger get called out for doing the same at the Masters a few years ago? Looked strange to me.
  8. When he came back he told us every detail. He was a bit overwhelmed but he had a blast. Cars, trinkets etc. Biggest thing was his practice rounds. Played 9 holes with Tom Watson. He talked about the course setup and how incredible it was. Being announced on the 1st tee,he said his hands never shook so much!
  9. But sometimes dreams come true! Fate leaves local golfer smiling | HeraldNet.com EVERETT - Truth be told, Duane Diede is not the best golfer in Snohomish County. Neither is he the best in Everett. He is not even the best at Everett Golf and Country Club, where he has been a member for more than two... ....so this a while ago and it wasn’t the PGA Tour, but a SR U.S. Open would be just fine! I was a Member there when I lived in Washington. Great guy, Club Champion a few times. Steady golfer.
  10. The course from the tips had 6 holes with water carry, the longest just under 250. Only a handful at the time could carry it. 11 of the 18 holes have water running adjacent to the fairways and water carry to the greens. Ok, lots of courses have the same. Two of the par 3’s are all water carry. A few of the dogleg holes are long from the tips and many would struggle to get to the corners. It’s a fun course though, you get to meet lots of alligators while you play!
  11. Agree with you Dave. I guess I’ve come around from my post on our Club Championship a few weeks ago. At my previous Club turnouts for the Club Championship were pathetic. The women had 6 players and a 16 year old high school player won. The Men’s CC had 15 players. In this case the tips at just over 7,000 yards were played. A lot of players complained at the distance but the Head Pro wouldn’t yield. After he left the next HP did a blended tee and it dropped the yardage to around 6700. Participation went up into the 40-50 range.
  12. Same here, but baseball for me. Many years ago, let’s just say 1973 I had 3 tryouts, the Royals, the Dodgers and the Angels. I’m 6’5 and back then I was 220. Best tryout was with the Angels. I actually played in a game in Anaheim Stadium with the other guys that made it that far. Two teams, about 24 pitchers. I had back then a fastball that topped out at 88. A change up today! But my other pitch was a “knuckle ball”, they got excited about that. Pitched two innings and gave up no hits. Game ended and everyone was told to be patient as the evaluations would take a few weeks. Long story short, I never got a call. A guy I knew that was also a pitcher got signed to Minor League deal. He was what I called back then a stud athlete, was the QB, the starting guard (USC gave him a Basketball Scholarship). He lasted 3 years in baseball, arm injury and he was done. He was the 12th man on the basketball team and hardly played. Everybody on the team was good! Amazing since he was the All-Time leading scorer for the 4A level high schools back then. I did play a year of Semi-Pro in the Bay Area. I still thought I could make it. Until one day when a new guy joined the team. He was a single A pitcher from the Oakland A’s. By the way I was a catcher before. So I warmed him up his first day. Holy shit he could throw hard. Right then I realized this was as far as I was going! Players in all sports at the top of the Pyramid play at a level we can’t really comprehend. Good times though!
  13. Anyone read this before? Fan who signed with Oakland A's strikes out side in debut - SFGate Baseball fan Nathan Patterson didn't disappoint in his minor league pitching debut. He struck out all three batters he faced in his first Arizona rookie league game.
  14. Will have to disagree once more. We were not playing a local Rule. We agreed to play to Rule 14-1. And yes they appear to be similar, but marking before lifting was required. It’s what took place. Appendix I to the Rules of Golf, Section 3-b. Adverse conditions, including the poor condition of the course or the existence of mud, are sometimes so general, particularly during winter months, that the Committee may decide to grant relief by temporary Local Rule either to protect the course or to promote fair and pleasant play. The Local Rule should be withdrawn as soon as the conditions warrant."-- Rules of Golf, Appendix I; Part B; Section 3b. 14.1 Marking, Lifting and Cleaning Ball This Rule applies to the deliberate “lifting” of a player’s ball at rest, which includes picking up the ball by hand, rotating it or otherwise deliberately causing it to movefrom its spot. a. Spot of Ball to Be Lifted and Replaced Must Be Marked Before lifting a ball under a Rule requiring the ball to be replaced on its original spot, the player must mark the spot which means to: Place a ball-marker right behind or right next to the ball, or Hold a club on the ground right behind or right next to the ball. If the spot is marked with a ball-marker, after replacing the ball the player must remove the ball-marker before making a stroke.
  15. Agree with you 100%. However we were not playing a local rule.
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