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  1. Then they should have the decency to ask! It’s BS!
  2. Well offense is taken. Total BS for you or whomever thinks they can revise a post. This isn’t the GEA Forum or maybe it is.
  3. I guess what’s more interesting is that someone changed the topic of my post! Apparently their is no integrity there as well. The title was “The Great Debate today...” Who does this?
  4. Everything you said is true. I get that. If your playing it down (as I do) or playing by local or tournament conditions that’s how you play the ball. There are no alternative sets of rules. You may have missed my point (maybe not?). How many times have you played with friends or strangers who post scores that during the round take the liberties I’ve mentioned? I’ve played with friends and others that boast about their score and my inner voice is saying “ NO WAY!” It’s the typical casual way people play. They knowingly break a rule essentially.
  5. ...so as we played today we somehow started talking about posting valid scores. In a perfect world everyone plays by the rules and records every shot, penalties included. The USGA stipulates what constitutes a valid round. Playing alone has for a few years now per the USGA prevents you from posting the score, “peer review” they say. So now the debate. One guy in the group said he played a great round playing by himself the other day. Statistically his best in a while, sprinkled with a few birdies. He also posted the score. Player two said that’s not allowed. Well, if that’s case the only rounds anyone should post are tournament rounds. Player 1 says casual rounds are full of penalties that are not recorded. People rolling the ball in the fairway, taking gimme putts, mulligans off the first tee, etc. But people post those scores was his argument. I chimed in saying that’s true, no casual round played with those circumstances should count. Solo rounds also should not count. With that being said we wouldn’t post over 90% of our scores. It’s all about integrity says the USGA. Your integrity not theirs. Do you post solo rounds, rounds with mulligans or gimmes? No ones perfect!
  6. So now I have two events under my belt. In short, in the 2nd event I had 5 birdies, (2 of them were lip out eagle attempts). Had a double due to playing the wrong ball. Co-player hit my ball, and I just assumed the ball I played was mine. We both played balls that were marked in red sharpie. Anyway, that cost me a bit. Again, only goy one stroke. On average, having tallied the strokes given to the top finishers I find that I start giving 13.5 strokes to the field based on final scores of the event. That’s tough to overcome. The guy who hit my ball got a point on the hole due to getting a stroke. Anyway, one more Stableford event left, then it’s a mix of 4 Ball and individual play. Overall, it’s a fun group, I’m enjoying the play.
  7. This has happened twice recently on the same course. The course is crowded, guest and Members. Guests typically get the first 1-2 hours of tee times. Our group had the first Member time. We are following 4 guys and having watched them tee off on the 1st hole you would expect an average pace of play. Well, that lasted about two holes. Now they were walking and our group was 2 walking and 2 riding. So we soon began to see the group in front slow as some of their shots were going wide and hunting for the ball took some time. By the 6th hole they fell behind a full hole. Groups behind us were stacking up. So here’s the question, at the 9th hole is a halfway house. We finished 8 and the 9th tee box was empty, just the bags were there as the players were getting food and drink. Would you jump in front? I asked the guys to go let’s not wait. The other walker in the group said sure. The riders were slow to respond..so our window of playing thru closed quickly as the other group began to emerge from the halfway house. The window was about 8 minutes, we could have been halfway down the fairway. So there were stood waiting, long enough for the group behind us to show up just as the group was teeing off. The whole back nine was super slow. We were on their tails the whole way. They eventually fell two whole behind the group in front of them. And of course the 2 other guys in our group complained the rest of the round about waiting every hole. You had your chance guys I said. A week ago we did jump the tee and everything thing was fine. The group we jumped in front of never knew.
  8. Your welcome. Like all other sports and to those that watch them we all watch for various reasons. Favorite sport growing up, cheering for your local or favorite team. College, professional it doesn’t matter. Golf to me is different. It’s a sport that “we play” and can play for a long time unlike other sports. Some people say they don’t watch golf, they would rather play! I actually watch to learn. Doesn’t matter whose playing, men or women. And besides I’ve read more times than I can count how the Ladies game is closer to weekend golfers than the Men’s game. Well, I’m rambling. If one doesn’t like the leaderboard that week on the LPGA turn it off, it’s your choice. Inbee Park is an awesome golfer as are other Korean golfers. I think I remember Kristi Kerr in an interview talking about the Korean presence and dominance on the tour and she admits the American girls need to step it up.
  9. My view...if the American girls would work harder they might be in contention. The only way to save the tour is being more International. The Ladies European tour is almost broke! Kerr is fading away, Lexi is a head case who can’t find any consistency, Stacey is also fading away, Natalie is retired, Wie is broken and a has been. The Korda sisters are the top Americans along with Kang. Newcomers Kupcho, Stephenson, Olson and a few others are gaining and should be better this year. I’m sure I’ve missed a few. As to sponsors I only count 5 or 6 American sponsors the rest are in Asia or Australia. And I’m sure Korean TV doesn’t want to watch Lexi. Bottom line is the American ladies are going to have to play better.
  10. As an older sports fan I’ve watched as have others the physical changes of athletes from the late 50’s through today. In all major sports and let’s include the Olympics, the athletes through all those periods are bigger, faster than ever. Every decade has seen incremental changes in playing condition and equipment in every sport. Travel obviously changed along with nutrition and conditioning. So yes golf has changed too. My feeling on golf is this. I miss creativity from the players. The ability to create shots and work the ball. I’ve grown tired of most courses being reduced to driver off the tee then a wedge to a green. I have often said to my golf buddies that they should leave the equipment alone but let’s do this one thing. Let’s take clubs out of the bag! Let’s limit the number they can carry down to 7 clubs. It would certainly make them have to think about club selection for the round. Yes, they could still do the driver and wedge, but let’s see what they do when an errant shot occurs and they have to use a club they would not normally use to get out of trouble. .....just a thought.
  11. I’m solely looking at playing the Green tees as a strategy of playing a shorter course feeling that I could score better. Playing the White tees would give me 3 strokes but I feel giving those up would be no big deal. It was Course 5 to answer your question. Next week we play the same course and format so I will play the Greens once more to test my strategy once more.
  12. In this case the Green tees are 5685 yards and the White 6174 yards.
  13. So at most of the courses I play I tee it up at the White Tees and on some courses the Blues. I recently joined our Men’s Club and they play the Green Tees. It’s my choice if I want to play the Green or White tees. No one plays the Blue tees so let’s throw that one out. Played my first event and I chose the Green tees. All scoring was Net The play was Stableford format. So for the Green tees I got 1 stroke on the #1 rated hole. If I played the White Tees I would have gotten 3 strokes. I decided this as 80% or more of the players are high handicap and my strategy based on my strokes was to play the shorter yardage and have a good chance to score. So to make the long story short, I played the Par 5’s 3 under (Birdie, Par, Eagle), Par 3’s +1 (Par, Bogey, Par) and the Par 4’s +6 (1 hole was a triple due to an unplayable). Shot 76. Highest Stableford points was 40, I had 32. I think my strategy is sound. What do you think? Or what would you do.
  14. I also find it interesting the difference in a casual round versus a Tournament. Tournament rounds tend to have very few or no issues on noise within the group. That is unless you have a person that doesn’t play in many tournaments and doesn’t get it. I experienced a guy on the very first tee that kept talking. So I backed off the ball and stared at him. Then I went and took my stance and he did it again. So I stopped once more, stared and took two steps towards him. Finally the starter wised up and intervened and said “Quiet on the tee box”. That’s all it took, he was fine the rest of the day. He also learned that no one was very chatty on the tee boxes and the green. Walking and talking was fine.
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