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  1. I just played in an event and was put off by one guy in our group before we even teed off. Players were put in Flighted Groups and due to COVID were would be paired the next day as well. We were all in carts to begin with. I find my assigned cart and the other guy had already put his bag in the back, the basket had his lunch/beverage bag and he had his coffee cup, water bottle and cigars in three of the four cup holders! Let’s talk about his golf bag for a moment...it was so loaded with whatever, rain gear, towels etc I could barely get my bag wedge in. But the cigars is what set me off.
  2. And that’s very possible. I’m past caring about who posts what scores anymore. Other than the occasional rules infractions we see with Professionals, there’s not a round that goes by where rule infractions take place every hole with friends or strangers every day. The USGA Rules of golf allow us to call penalties on ourselves but don’t allow posting solo rounds. So how do legitimate scores get posted when breaking simple rules such as the gimme 2 inch to 2 foot pickup on the green, not playing the ball down, improving ones lie and on and on. The scores posted by most everyone may be a bit
  3. Played Pinehurst #4 today. Wet fairways, but playable. 39/38, 77. Struck the ball really well, 12 fairways, 11 GIR’s. 16 putts a side. No birdies! Had many chances, several inside 8 feet! I had fun! My 34th round of the year. I’m taking tomorrow off!
  4. Put your Mother on the bag!
  5. My game does leave me scratching my head most times. Today’s round on #2 took 5 hours 20 minutes! We had a shotgun start, started on hole #7. We flew around the 1st twelve holes in 2 hours, 25 mins. Then ran into Resort tee times. Had to wait 15min on hole 1 at the turn. From that point on every tee box had two groups on the tee. On the 5th hole we had 3 groups waiting.
  6. Played my 30th round of the year today. It’s been cold and rainy here. Frost delays, etc. I guess that averages to just over 4 a week so far this year.
  7. Couldn’t agree more. Posture promotes a consistent swing. I can instantly tell it’s off when I hit a bad shot. I do that when I get lazy and don’t stick with my pre-shot routine. I can’t tell you how many times I back off a shot when I don’t feel comfortable when I set up.
  8. Played Pinehurst #2 today. 4 over 76. Played really well! As we say after the round it could have been this.... Missed very make able putts on 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 15! Three were lip outs! Birdied 5 after I missed the eagle putt, birdied 18 after I hit my nine iron to 3 feet!
  9. First off I’m a Seahawks fan. Two great QB’s played last night. We all watched the game, I thought the Buc’s Defense was ready for Mahomes. Two deep safeties took away the long ball. Plus the pass rush really looked good. Chiefs had a few offensive lineman out but it happens. Bad form by Mahomes mom on Twitter. 2nd time I read that she blames someone or something when her son loses. Everyone will always say this or that happened as to why their team lost on any given week. The Buc’s were ready, their Defensive Coordinator had a plan, the players executed it. Tom
  10. Another 75 today! Played #8, nice day here. Course was fairly dry. Two birdies today. 1st one was on the 565 yard par 5. Almost an Eagle. 3rd shot was a SW from 85 yards, 5 inch putt for birdie. 2nd birdie was on the 10th hole. 387 par 4. Missed the green left, ball spun off leaving about 45 feet from just off the green. Decided to putt and it dropped. Stats: 11 fairways, 12 GIR’s. 31 putts. 37/38.
  11. Watch this...ouch! Watch: Dustin Johnson’s drive in Saudi Arabia drills a volunteer (who drops like a rock) Dustin Johnson, who shot a 67 in Thursday's opening round, scorched a drive long and left on the 10th hole. The result is painful to watch.
  12. I’ll set up my round today by saying I played #2 yesterday and the day before shooting 83 and 84 respectively. Yesterday’s wind here was 16-20mph and it was freaking cold. The wind was actually moving the ball on the greens! Statistically not good rounds. Flash forward to today. Played #4, White tees. Frost delay, but it warmed up nicely to upper forty’s and no wind! Greens played firm as they initially were frozen in a few spots. But that quickly went away. To use the word statistically again, what a great day! Hit 72% of the greens, 79% of my fairways. Only missed 5 greens and go
  13. I watched real-time and it definitely bounced. I think he cheated. But let’s talk Rory here. When the announcers were talking procedures and penalties. I believed they said that a plugged ball cannot be cleaned. With that said, in Rory’s replay it is very clear that his caddy cleaned the ball and tossed it back to him. In essence rule 16.4 was broken. Did anyone else see that? 16.4 Lifting Ball to See If It Lies in Condition Where Relief Allowed. ... The player may lift the ball to see if relief is allowed, but: The spot of the ball must first be marked. Continued), and the li
  14. Here’s a good example. He re-teed.
  15. So far. Y plan of cutting back is failing miserably! Played 19 rounds in January.
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