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  1. Spot on! One should know or be told about proper attire no matter where they go. It is a sign of respect. I interviewed at Microsoft in Bellevue Washington in 1989. I showed up for my interview wearing a suit. At that time Microsoft was super casual. My interviewer was in jeans, a casual shirt and loafers. I clearly missed the mark. After the interview I noticed no one was wearing shirts and ties and that the women were wearing casual clothes as well. The shift at Boeing where I worked for 25+ years really changed over time. When I started it was slacks, shirts and ties and jackets. Several years in Casual Friday started, Hawaiian shirts became the thing to wear. Now if our Airline customers came to our facility it was a big deal on what you wore in their presence especially if you were providing status on their airplane orders and deliveries. Engineers and Tech Designers dressed very well when I first started. Then over the last few years before I retired it really changed. Our “Office Sitters” wore clothing that boggled the mind. The younger generation was wearing baggy pants that sagged so low on your backside you thought they would fall off, oversized shirts and hats cocked sideways! On several occasions I had a Customer with me when one of these folks walked by as I just described. The look on their face was of shock. I’d often be asked what that person did here and would reply he’s an Engineer. Yes it’s different in the workplace today, but not all companies share the same dress code philosophy. Some Customers complained that they didn’t feel comfortable knowing that the people who were designing their planes did not exhibit a more professional appearance. Management soon had to address this with employees. It was a fun time to say the least. It really drove some changes whereas Customer Engineering Groups were born and they became the face of our Company when dealing with Customers. I guess the barista with tattoos and rings in their noses that brings you your coffee is acceptable to some but let’s think bigger picture for knowing who your dealing with and where. Pinehurst Resort has a dress code. We’re having several outside Tournaments at all age levels right now. Most everyone had proper golf attire, but a few did not. I saw a couple of guys with cargo shorts and tee shirts. Not sure if they got out and played, but they may not know about Dress Codes but they should have noticed they looked out of place, At least I hope so.
  2. Well....coincidentally today was my 127th round! And Im playing a match tomorrow for #128 so I expect you to keep pace! 🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️😜🍺🍺👍
  3. A lot of the Members do. I recently played with an older member who said he like the original design. Didn’t know it’s been made over three times. I also met another Member that has a buddy down in Florida that belongs to Streamsong where Hanse did Streamsong Black. Said it’s a joke, specifically the greens. I haven’t played there. cut and paste from Golf Digest; This course has everything: blind shots, uphill shots, downhill shots, easy greens to hit, impossible greens to hold, giant fairways that you can't miss, and shots you look forward to trying to execute but can't. And I had a blast on every hole. Fun is the word here, because you will hit more fairways than usual, and still have a tough time on these massive, undulating greens. Deceptive, because what looks easy (a giant green) is hard to navigate because the greens incorporate the typical chipping areas, and therefore have more undulating edges than most. Samething here on #4. Easy fairways to hit but the greens are a joke.
  4. Maybe this should be in the What did you shoot today folder? But here goes. Our group hand the 1st tee time today in our Men’s Golf Association event. The event was 2 Man Best Ball Net. I’m sure we lost! We played Pinehurst #4. It’s in great shape! But today they decided to sand the greens. The 1st and 2nd hole were not sanded yet. But every hole after that we’re being sanded. We never waited on the maintenance guys as we were just far enough back to play freshly sanded greens. To make matters worse the pins were in very precarious positions. Downhill, side hill etc. Other than keeping our scores we began to track how many tomes we three putted! I won that honor by 3 jacking 6 times! Between us all we 3 putted 19 times! We couldn’t read a billboard on those greens and we should have been given speeding tickets for how many we ran past the cup. If you’ve had the pleasure of playing the new #4 you’ll know what we mean. Nothing is flat! None of us broke 80. All of us are single digits ranging from 5.6 to 9.1 Low score was 80, highest 90. But the good new is we beat the thunderstorms!
  5. Having suffered heat stroke last year I won’t play if the humidity gets over 100*. I walked Pinehurst #2 this morning. Had the 1st tee time at 7:00. It was 76 with a feels like of 80. The front 9 went quickly but by the time we got to the 12th hole the temp started to rise. There was an off and on breeze (mostly off). We finished 16 and it was 83 with a feels like of 88. Walking off 18 it was 88 with a feels like of 88. It wasn’t bad overall, but I was soaked. We walked fairly fast, played in 3 hours 17 minutes. Guy I played with played #4 os Saturday, it took just over 5 hours! He walked it too and it was exhausting! Just know your limits, drink your fluids!
  6. For a while now I’ve noticed that many low and plus handicappers falsify their handicaps just to get in tournaments. I’m sure many people on this forum have read about this or even know people who do this. On occasion I see several players that shoot anywhere from 85 and upwards. How is this possible? I look up their handicaps (if I can find them) and am surprised the +2, +3 and plus 4’s are shooting these type of scores. Maybe it was bad weather, maybe the course didn’t fit their game? But what really catches my eye is that many of these players don’t post scores. I’ve seen a few that haven’t posted a score in over a year. It just doesn’t seem right that these players are allowed entry into these tournaments. It also seem wrong that those who run these tournaments even allow them entry? I’m sure there’s some reason. I was once told that many ranked amateurs don’t post a score due to their amateur ranking. Some don’t post as they are playing for a scholarship and need the ranking. True or false I don’t know. ....what are your thoughts on this? Who cares? It doesn’t matter?
  7. I remember using video to see what I could not feel what my hands were doing at the start of my downswing. That really connected the dots with me. Also, one of the best videos I’ve seen is from Me and My Golf. They have a series of videos available on YouTube. They explain the swing very clearly (at least for me). But having a PGA instructor video tape your swing then sitting down and reviewing each aspect of your swing from start to finish is also very beneficial.
  8. Shot 77 today on Pinehurst #5. My 120th round of the year!
  9. I’ll add one more...Cigars! Hey if you enjoy a good cigar that’s fine. But I’m pretty sure most others on the putting green may not. And those ashes! Haha! I was playing with this old guy, yes older than me a few months ago. He was close to 80. A third player showed up cigar in hand to join us. Which was ok until the old guy says he can’t play with folks who smoke. Why? He has only one lung and it can cause him problems. I spoke to the starter and he let the guy go out in front of us.
  10. That’s good, some guys sometimes don’t see or are not aware that you are playing perhaps the round of your life. About 5 years ago I shot my best round ever! A 4 under 68. My friends didn’t say a peep until the last hole was played. My golf buddy back then said the group knew I was playing under par so they kept their thoughts to themselves. Today I had that type of round going on #2 today, started out with 9 straight pars, was putting for Eagle on the Par 5 10th. Know I’m -1 through 10. Then an errant shot crept in and I’m back to even. Streak started again but a missed fairway on 18 resulted in a bogey. Quietest round I’ve played in a while. Or I just was so focused I couldn’t hear a thing.
  11. Spot on! Closing can be difficult for me. I’ve often left several shots out there that preVented a subpar round. p.s. I used to live up in Mukilteo for 21 years. Stationed at Ft Lewis twice back in the 70’s
  12. ..so I hope I explain or say this correctly. Here goes. In baseball if you’ve ever played the game or even watched a no-hitter in progress you will notice that as the game gets to the 6th inning the pitcher has a no hitter. Players start to distance themselves from him. Then the 7th inning. He’s sitting alone on the bench, no one is talking to him except maybe the catcher. The game goes on and for arguments sake he pitches the no hitter. So now we get to your round. You are making pars one after another. Maybe it’s just your day. Your golf buddies are saying great par, good save, things like that. You make the turn your even par! You start the back with a birdie, the next 3 holes you make some pars and a bogey your back to even. Your friends start to notice your playing well, best in a long time. The chatter begins to subside. The next 4 holes you par each one. Last hole.....your hitting last. One of your buddies decides to say “one hole left, hit it straight” right as your standing over the ball. You back off and reset, you pull it right into the junk. You scramble to make a bogey! What do you say on the 18th hole when it’s over when everyone is saying good round?
  13. LOL! How true! when I putt before a round I use just one ball. Why? I only get one chance when I play. I see guys putting 3 or more over and over. But to each there ownI guess.
  14. This is an interesting topic. At Pinehurst #2 they have in the past had Members and Guest alike starting on the 1st and 10th tees. Now this isn’t year round it’s only during the Summer and Spring months when the Resort gets very busy. (Revenue!) The 10th tee start time was 1 hour 20 minutes after the earliest tee time on the first hole which in the summer at 7:30. For the most part it worked but more than often the only complainers were the Members. I’ve always felt that pace or rhythm in a round produced or kept a good round going. Telling the guy who just birdied the 13th he has to wait 15-20 minutes isn’t pretty. Starters on the 10th had their hand full! But now the split tee times has a new format. The 1st hole and the 14th hole. The first 4 or 5 groups starting on the front early can actually get through the 14th hole with ease. They don’t start the 14th hole times until 10:00. But after that it gets interesting. And then what invariably happens is the groups that start on 14 run into groups going off the First tee! No one plays through the first tee if there are still groups going off. And of course the problem is the Clubs own doing if they decide to add or squeeze in a couple of tee times that were not on the tee sheet (again, Revenue). From the 14th tee box you can see the First Tee. If it’s crowded many Members just go home. In some cases it just seems like they moved the problem to another hole. From a Guest perspective you don’t want to start on the 14th tee. And from my perspective they shouldn’t, it would ruin the experience. Especially after paying the Green Fees.
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