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  1. DD97


    So if it is yellow then that’s what they finished the round on? Fowler is then on hole 11, walker on 15 etc?
  2. DD97


    Newbie here trying to work out how scoring works on tv take Lorenzo-Vera and Ancer as an example, thanks!
  3. DD97


    i did hit an absolute straight bullet with one of my drives.. felt pretty amazing 😂
  4. DD97


    thanks, my irons tend to be straight but the driver is a completely different beast!
  5. DD97


    apologies, left to right!
  6. DD97


    hi double, really? 90% of my drives cut to the right
  7. DD97


    ive absolutely fallen in love with the game! i had lessons at the start and my grandfather has helped who was a very good golfer. Struggle to find time for lessons at the moment as im working 9-5. Will definitely be booking some when the nights get lighter. there is undoubtedly improvement in my game, up until a few weeks ago i couldn't hit a driver off the floor. Now im hitting it consistently getting good contact (all it took was dropping my right shoulder a bit lower than my left). now the issue is it cuts from right to left 90% of the time! i would love to implement a good training routine at the range but i just want to get a good fundamental swing with each club first so i know im practising good habits
  8. DD97


    hi all, relatively new golfer here (started around september last year) - played around 8 rounds but mostly on the range.. i tend to hit the range once a week and have seen really good progress. However I've started to notice now that some weeks im absolutely awful. if i take a week off i hit the ball great the next time i go to the range - is there any explanation for this?! Can you practice too much?
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