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  1. 4 hours ago, phillyk said:

    One interesting way to think about how much "on" we are when playing, is to think of it like an RPM meter on a vehicle.  You want to start the round and retain a "idle." Then think of Tiger's 10 steps thing.  10 steps away from the ball, rev up the RPM. After you hit and walk 10 steps, turn down the RPM. 

    I would define idle as you are warmed up and ready to golf. Reving up would be something like finding the distance of your shot, seeing how much wind, what are you thoughts or feels for this next shot, etc. Reving down is period of examination of last shot, good, bad, and why? After the rev down, you have to fully go back to idle.

    For those who watched the Tiger V Phil match, both of them performed this.  You can hear that they are BS-ing and have simple chit chat as they walk down the fairway together. As they get towards their balls, they break apart and you can see it in their faces, the focus and attention turned on and randomness off. Chatter is now intentional on the shot, not random stories and BS.  They hit their shots, and go right back to BSing to the next shot.

    No one can be fully "on" for a whole round, that would be exhausting.  You need to find ways, or cues, to rev up and down. Could be breathing exercises or just recognizing certain landmarks in your own game.

     I have been reading Breathe Golf by Jayne Storey because I like to meditate. I haven’t gotten to the part of implementing the breath into my golf game but I think this will help. Thank you for your reply it was interesting to read!

  2. Thank you all very much. I am very grateful for your words. I just spoke to my parents about this and they have given me advice on how to handle to the situation. To be honest I asked them how good they thought I was and they told me not very much.

    Maybe it’s weird to say but that’s the best thing I’ve heard in a while. Where I used to think I should be able to play better and feel demoralised because of it, I know feel free since there are no expectations placed upon me since I’ve heard I am not a good player right now and I can now practise so that I will get better!

     I feel I have put my foot back on the pathway which I will now take one step at a time and try to enjoy every shot be it good or bad. 

  3. I am suffering under the weight of the immense pressure I put on myself to do well. I have a huge ego that believes I should be able to do things greater than what’s probably reasonable or possible. 

    This means whenever I make progress, which is hard to see when my expectations are so high, it feels minute even when others may deem it a great success of improvement.

    I believe this attitude comes from fear partially because I want to make golf a career in the future and I get so focused on that I forget how I actually am right now in reality, which makes me delusional to be honest. 
    Like I think/believe I can be a great golfer, I start thinking of myself playing great golf hitting my shots perfectly and that makes me think I should be or even am better than my current skill level. Then I start to get incredibly frustrated and start to berate myself when I make a mistake. Sometimes it becomes so much that I just have to laugh it off and just kinda say “It’s too stressful to even bother with”, and I stop caring.

    I have thoughts like; “I’m not good enough”, “I need to be better”, When I tell people I want to be a golfer I think “they probably think I’m better than I actually am so I need to live up to that”. That last one is so annoying because I start doing things that make me LOOK better but not actually BE better.

    I’ve only been playing for 5 months but this belief system has been carried over from other areas of my life which I have had the same problem.

    It’s incredibly frustrating because I can recognise this pattern and want to change it but I think I’ve been doing it for so long that it’s become a habit. I’m not sure what I can do to change it but I wanted to write this to see if by sharing this and getting it out of my head I can ground myself in reality instead of getting lost in fantasy land.

    I get headaches sometimes just trying to figure this out.

    I think I need to admit to myself that I’m just not that good right now, but have the ability to improve and practise and with time I will get better.

    Now that I think about it this is actually very, very hard to admit, like it just won’t get through to my brain.

    I haven’t got my handicap yet which doesn’t help me with judging how good I actually am either. 

    Right now I just want to enjoy golf one shot at a time because I really love to play, and get rid of this ego which stops me from doing so.

    I am willing to let go of this belief within me.

    I wrote this for myself but if you have anything to say that may help me I would be very grateful.



  4. Just now, billchao said:

    Your confidence will improve as your skill does, but if you're standing over the ball and feeling lackadaisical, there's definitely a focus element you're lacking.

    Ye I was just thinking this myself. I think I need to concentrate more and pick my target rather than just going up and hitting it and hoping for the best like I do now. 
    Thanks for your advice

    16 minutes ago, Vinsk said:

    You would really benefit from lessons. I’d suggest that first. If you’re not going to do that, screw any thoughts of ‘graceful, smooth swinging.’ Find your balance and swing as fast as you can. Your goal should be to achieve these five keys:


    I’ll definitely check that out and perhaps ditch the graceful swing for now. I have got some lessons and am planning on getting more in the future.

    Thanks for your help

    1 hour ago, Casualgolfer said:

    I know what you mean. Golf isn't like most sports where it requires great physical effort. If you can sort out a good routine and keep to it, that will help you stay in it better.

    Thank you for the tip

  5. I’m a novice to the game (I’ve been playing for about 5 months) and I don’t really understand what type of game golf is.

    I played a lot of football before and it was easy to get into the right frame of mind. I just needed to walk on to the pitch and I was ready to go. But with golf I find it difficult to know when to switch on. When I step up to hit I don’t really feel ready and the shot is over so quickly that it feels like I’m just going through the motions.


    I don’t have a lot of trust in my shot and am very inconsistent. I also struggle to understand how much effort I should be putting in. I like to swing smooth and rhythmically, but there really doesn’t feel like any shift in mindset from when I’m walking up to my ball and talking with my friends to when I’m standing over the ball and doing my routine. I feel very lackadaisical. Whereas when I play football I’m competitive and energised.


    I really want to get better at golf as I find it very interesting and I feel like I potential to be good at it. I’d appreciate anyone who could offer me some help. (If anyone even understands what I’m saying, I’m not sure I’m making sense)



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