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  1. Thanks, I'll give it try. I have the Mickleson DVD, but we moved in January and I haven't been able to locate which box it's in.
  2. Short chips and pitches only. I've tried standing closer, ball back in stance and a few other tricks, but this flaw always seems to creep back into my short game. Anyone have a cure?
  3. Morgan Pressell, Sara Brown or Ai Miyazato. Any of them would be a blast to play with. Ai has to wear the knee highs though.
  4. Great set of Irons, as good as anything out now. I have a set of Apex edge pros, Which I thing are identical to the longer irons in the FTX set, or real close. If you like the look, check ebay or sometimes Callaway pre owned has them.
  5. Shot 79 today at Legion Memorial in Everett, Wa, a course I'd never even seen before. I hadn't played since early December due to weather, moving and starting a new job. 40* and 10-15 mph wind. I scored well, but only hit a few good shots, didn't spray the driver, and had 12 putts on the front, with only 2 GIR. Iron game was way off.
  6. I've been practicing here, but the greens are frozen, so playing is a crap shoot. That, and it's been 34* for highs the last week or so. At least it hasn't snowed in a while. Looks like rain and some warmer weather this week, so maybe a thaw is in the offing.
  7. I have some Apex Edge Pros w/ apex 4 shafts that get some play a few times a year. Great irons, penetrating flight and a bit of forgiveness.
  8. I played Sunday here and it was 38-40* with about a 10 mph breeze. I was 2 over for 7 holes and then proceeded to blow up. I had four 3 putts for the round and an OB, jacked an 8 over the green on easy hole. I've never been over that green!! By about the 12th, I couldn't get a good rotation and my rt hamstring was so tight, I was useless. Under 40 is too cold for me now. I can say I've played in just about every cold playable condition possible, from frozen fairways to 40* and pouring with 15 + mph winds. It's just not fun in those conditions.
  9. "getting older is not fun" I hear this everyday from my patients. They sit on my CT table and then, as I help them lay down, and I'm fairly close to them, they say " getting old ain't for sissys" or "getting old is starting to suck". LOL
  10. Not only does the temp affect distance, barometric pressure will as well. Where I live fronts move through fairly rapidly and if there is low pressure, regardless of temp, the ball just doesn't go. I had notice the discrepency in distances before, but is wasn't until and older guy who'd been living here along time told me he checks the barometer, saying there can be as mush as 2 clubs diff.
  11. at least 8 rounds per month and 1-2 range sessions per week weather permitting. I work full time swing (3-1:30 pm) so if I get the chores done and the dogs tired, I'm free. If it's not raining.
  12. I started when I was about 7 or 8. Played off and on through my teens and shot mid 80's to mid 90's, but really spent my time surfing and skateboarding. I thought golf was for old guys. My first lessons as a kid were from John Anselmo (tiger's first teacher) in Bakersfield, Ca in about '68. He was married to a friend of my mom's. I guess he said I was a natural, according to my folks. My thoughts on the sport? It's a game, not a sport. I love the competition, but more the mental aspect and the fact you are really playing against the course more than another person. I wish that I had been a little more interested in it when I was younger, since I've noticed a pattern in my life of enjoying individual athletic activities more than team sports. Surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and hiking have always been at the top of the list of things I most enjoy. I started getting serious about the game in my early 30s as the surf was getting too crowded, and I finally had good income. I also found the game allowed me to become closer to my Dad and spend some quality time with him after all our contentious years due to my wild and misspent youth. BTW my current index is 7.8 and I usually shoot between 77-82 pretty consistently. I'm a certified addict now.
  13. Weakness - 5-7 iron accuracy. Miss too many greens from 150-180 yrds. Greenside Bunker play. Mental focus. Let small thinks distract me or let tension creep into my grip. Strengths - chipping and putting. Average 29 putts per round. Also find a lot of fairways when my swing is in tempo. Average driver carry about 230-235yrds. 3wd around 210-215 carry.
  14. 77 with a triple on #11 no birdies and 2 other bogeys. Played with my wife, who is just learning, so pace of play was odd, to say the least. Weird round, good company.