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  1. First of all, thank you for your service. 2nd, I appreciate the help from everyone, I've just been told so many things that its hard to know which way to turn. Some have told me don't waste time w lessons, everyone in here seems to say that lessons are the way to go, I'm now leaning more in that direction especially because i find it increasingly difficult to figure out this goddamn driver swing lol. The irons im getting better with, just need to learn how to hit them off a tee properly and how to get my max distance from them. Btw, idk if this helps, but i currently am using top flite men's clubs. Im switching between a 10.5° driver with a flex shaft and a 11° driver with a 65g stiff flex shaft.
  2. Lets put it this way, on a par 31 im shooting around a 70. Where would i post a pic of my swing? I did take a lesson from golf galaxy but it did absolutely nothing for me. I just have the video from it
  3. I played football for a little while and i wrestled, wasnt really a sports person, i enjoy watching over playing. Golf just seems like my kinda game, its maddening but something about it makes it all the more worth it. I'm 29, so i guess still in my youth.
  4. So, im new to the game, maybe about 7 mos. Of experience. I've bought swing trainers, grip trainers, flatballs, plastic balls, been to the range 100+ times and the course near me over 100+ times, watched more videos then i can count, took a lesson, got tips from ppl at the rabge and have tried everything but for some reason I CANNOT figure out how to swing the driver [or any club for that matter] straight and how to get it over 50 yds. It seems like if i get it over 50 yds its only 150 and its always all over the green, never just a smooth straight shot. How do i fix this? I want to be good at this game so bad but just cant get the hang of it. Thanks in advance!
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