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  1. This all day... Make the players choose to keep the driver in the bag because 330 yards out there is a bunker. Grow the rough. Stop cutting down trees; make angles important. Penalize inaccuracy physics will stop distance gains; there is a limit to what is possible; so let’s stop with the sky is falling. Just change the decision making process
  2. Bio-Mech irons were designed by Ralph Maltby/Golfworks. This club line was available into late 1990's. Bio mech has a weight port that the club builder would utilized to custom swing weight the set. You can find examples on eBay
  3. Ha! Welcome back! Not gaming it but I have a Sonartec NP-99 16.5 four wood that I will not sell. Straight... long... consistent... not sure why I am not playing it :)
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