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  1. Thank you for your service It was such a magical time and place wasn’t it who would of known 19 majors
  2. Oh my dear friend how can you play this incredible game and not know or heard of one of those names. These are legends that will live on in the winds of golf. I’m truly sorry or the biggest sucker ever Who the groups again
  3. Three years in starting golf. Daughter a year old. Coming off the 18th hole at my local coarse lotta racket from the club house. Nicklaus was rounding Amen Corner I believe 3 shots back. I had been sitting there since I heard the ruckus the rest is history and again the greatest golfer thrilled me to my bones.
  4. This topic will go on for many many years to come lol!!!!!
  5. I would play with Jack and Tiger two best of the game. It would be 18 holes of the best golf knowledge available
  6. Nice choice I will carve the rock especially Nicklaus lol!!,
  7. It’s funny before the 40 footer, my son-in law was commenting how he has never seen me hit the ball like I was that day. Also I have always admired Jack Nicklaus from the beginning read his books and tips and over that putt that day like Jacks mind set I send to myself Jay you can make this, In one of his books he said “if you think your going to drop it you proudly will.” I have always said nobody has picked up a golf club better then Jack Nicklaus.
  8. I here you on the creative part. I faced a two tier 40 ft. Putt I new it was going to take some juice to make the ridge and then a left lip breaker I read right it dropped. I believe creativity can be a great aid in golf.
  9. I would take the putt. Last tourney of the summer I faced a 2 tier 40 footer small right lip break at the end of the putt, didn’t know that till after the tier. It was my hole in one if I never make one the foursome was in screams lol.
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