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  1. I have the AP1s (3I & 4I) and AP2s (5I-8I). I was told by a Titleist club pro that I trust that improvements are very small and are feel related, not playability related. Also told that unless you are 2 handicapper or less it would be hard to tell the difference between originals and 2009 improvements.
  2. Would think Ali closely followed by Pele. People just don't remember how big Ali was/is and how he appealled to so many populations.
  3. New rankings - No surprise: 1. Florida, 2. Alabama, 3. Texas, ... 17. Houston Cougars Would much prefer an 8 team play-off system. Games could start 1st half of December with a national championship right after the new year. Would give Boise State, Houston, TCU, etc a real shot at championship.
  4. The inability of MLB players (especially those earning huge salaries!!) to get a bunt down to move a runner into scoring position. Don't know why but this drives me CRAZY!!!
  5. Congrats - I love my Scotty Cameron Newport 2. The only problem is with such a fine tuned machine in your hands, you know its the Indian and not the arrow!!
  6. D2 & D3 were both 10.5 VooDoo shafts. Stock shafts are like that - luck of the draw. Launch monitor results were a tad better with the D3.
  7. I have been playing Titleist drivers since the 975D, currently playing the 909D3 10.5 with VooDoo Stiff shaft. Love it. Tried the 909D2 and took it back after 4 rounds - it balloon too much on me. Quite happy with the D3. Happy Hunting.
  8. Just ordered the AP1 Irons 3-4, AP2 Irons 5-8, ZB Irons 9 and PW with Dynamic Gold SL and SensiCore from Edwin Watts. Switching from Mizuno M30s. Looking forward to receipt.