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  1. Thank you for your input. I am in Philly so yeah we love to bust on each other. Definitely not place to make friends if you are easily triggered. Nothing is sacred when we get to busting each other lol Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me if I am that far off or maybe I am hopeless lol Perhaps my ex would agree with you that I am not open minded. Thanks Brother and thanks for the honesty
  2. Thank you for your input and questions brother. I am almost 50 and hit my peak in golf many years ago. I have played scratch golf since I was in my early 20's. I do have my own particular swing which has evolved over the years and hooks/blocks do tend to plague must low handicappers. I have been blessed to study with many great instructors in my time. I am not really looking to improve my ball striking per se at this point, but to explore the golf swing. It is my absolute passion to understand what our great masters did in their particular swings. I exchange my ideas and get ideas from people around the world about their observations of what these great masters did. This is something I have been doing for about 15 years. I love forums like these that link me up with like minded people both pros and amateurs. I am open to any and all ideas and will try them. It is just my hobby to mimic the great players of the past. I do actually learn a lot playing around with their swings. I love playing rounds of golf with my different swings of the past masters. My friends always ask "who are we playing with today? Hogan? Tiger? Bobby Jones? Byron Nelson?...." So it is really just research and a hobby. It keeps the game of golf fresh for me and I always believe we never stop learning. With Hogans swing what I find interesting is that the right elbow move eliminates the hook/block, but with Tiger's blocks can be an occasional problem. Hogan is a bit more difficult for me to play with because the mechanism is different than how the typically golf swing is done. I guess you can say he has a different sequence of actions. I can play pretty close to my normal round of golf with Tiger's swing as it is similar to mine. With Hogan's I have to think a lot more about changing my sequencing so I will hit some amazing shots but occasionally some bad ones. If I were to start all over I would now move towards a Hogan style swing. I also have a Bryon Nelson swing which I play extremely well with because I use to have a lot of slack in my knees like him when I was younger. So it is a more natural swing for me. I will post that swing soon. Lastly I am always evolving these swings so input is encouraged. I really never stop learning and Hogan is amazing swing to study as the depth of what he was doing is mind blowing!
  3. You are spot on! I added a float load due to me thinking that must have been part of Hogan's original training as a youth. There is also a caddie drag, again I am assuming that was also part of Hogan's original training. I couldn't get that quick drop or signature move at the transition in his swing until I started playing with a caddie drag and float load. I think Hogan retained those two aspects but in a very micro way, so it was not perceptible. Again it is just something I have been playing with. You have a great set of eyes to have picked up that float load. Literally 95% of golfers wouldn't have seen it or even known what it is. Any other insights?
  4. But that is what I am working on. If you have insight into either Hogan, Tiger and soon Bobby Jones feel free to comment. I was just talking with someone in "Members Swings" about his Moe Norman swing, which I may also post myself doing. If you would like to give me your perspective I would love to hear it and I may incorporate your advice. I am really open to trying different ideas, especially on Mr Hogan. Thank you for the input
  5. Wow loved that one swing where your left leg was bend like Moe's at impact. Looks like you are getting closer that magically swing of Moe's! Love the course too! I am in Philadelphia in the USA so I am jealous of you. Everything is dead here because of winter😕 Not much golfing here right now, wish I was there golfing with you brother lol.
  6. Here watch these down the line views of tour players on this wonderful thread. Pay close attention to their right knees. You do a great job maintaining the flex as they do.
  7. You are doing great! I love Moe's quote "I hit into my knees never on top of them." Try putting your toes up with your right foot at address and keep them up through out the swing. This will prevent the weight moving out onto your right foot's toes and hence will force the foot to roll and not lift. Hope that helps my friend. Where are you located? Looks beautiful there.
  8. You are doing a nice job here of holding the tush line. When you are playing your worst I would bet you are losing the tush line very early in the back swing. Nice flex in your knees during the swing that shows you are an athlete, because you have a natural sense to use ground forces. You also employ a wonderful sit down position. You are really not far from an excellent swing. I would love to see a video with something behind you. I can show you what I use if you like. Have you ever watched Wayne Defrancesco on youtube? He has a great video talking about Hogan vs Tiger and how they maintained the tush line. Here it is
  9. Wow great job my friend! Love how you are hitting into that left knee like Moe!
  10. You have to be very careful when using words like "straightening". The loss of a very small amount of flex is simply an athletic action as opposed to an intentionally action and it is very brief in Hogan's swing. It is a result of the lateral action Hogan employed and was not intentional or created during the back swing. Another factor is simply the clothes Hogan is wearing gives the illusion of more "straightening" than is actually occurring. Here is an excellent photo of Hogan when he said he was hitting the ball the best in his career and pre accident and it shows the true amount of leg bend. The true action is a pressing back of the right hip and not an intentionally straightening of the right leg.
  11. I am very much against straightening the right leg in the backswing for a number of reasons. Hogan always maintained a flex. I attached a pic. Pushing the club away from you the way that you do is disrupting the proper flow of weight. I would recommend changing that by getting more on plane. I can help you with that if you want. I also want you to roll your toes up in your right foot when you hit balls. This will prevent the weight migrating out on the toes and will encourage the club to not get to far pushed away from you on the take away. Do not roll them up in your left foot, that will cause the weight to flow to quickly to the heel and if you see great players that left the left foot in the backswing they will be up on the big toe of the left foot. You really have a fantastic swing and these fixes will dramatically improve your ball striking
  12. Very nice swing! I work a lot on keeping the hips back. Part of the cause starts right on your take away, you are pushing the club away from you and at the same time it is causing the weight to fall into your toes. Notice how you lose the tush line on the take away? First put something behind you whenever you practice. Never hit balls without something like a folding camping chair behind you. Second set up with more weight towards your heel. Third stand with your backside to a wall or chair. Have your backside about a 1/2 inch from the chair. Now practice the take away and focus on pushing the hip back. This will cure losing the tush line on the take away. Let me know if you want to help you more. I work a lot on the tush line and plenty of insight to share 🙂
  13. MY HOGAN SWING I've been Playing Golf for: 40 years My current handicap index or average score is: scratch My typical ball flight is: draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hook Videos: [Delete this, Embed Videos Here - https://thesandtrap.com/how-to/embed-videos/] Here is a down the line view of my Hogan Swing My Tiger Swing Here is another front view of my Hogan swing. Got to hit outside but sorry about the fence lol Really working on the Hogan transition move.
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