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  1. Also , my arms feel like they are too straight at setup and takeaway.
  2. Thanks. heres another one from tonight . Not the camera angle you wanted sorry but will get one with that soon. i feel like I can get a full swing on a practice swing , but when there’s a ball there I just can’t get it full...any suggestions?
  3. Progress update for everyone. Its been 10 months since I’ve started playing golf and this is my current swing . Tonight was the first time I’ve managed to get a fuller back swing . I hit this 6 iron 165m, which for me is huge . would love any and all feedback on my swing , previous feedback really helped me 🙂
  4. Hi mate, just an update . Played 9 holes at my club tonight. Hit a 48 and 21 sford points (got 27 for all 18 on weekend). Squared the feet with the trail slightly back , and used the toe up to toe up drill as practice swings before each hit - they went super straight !!!! Driver will need a lot more work but even managed one or two straight drives too. thanks so much , I really appreciate it! Has given me something to keep working on.
  5. Thanks a lot for all your help so far 🙂 I will let you know how I go tonight and will get some videos possibly. Really appreciate it!
  6. Great thanks will do. Just another question, sorry, Will having a more square stance possibly with the trail foot foot slightly back help promote a better swing plane for my swing?
  7. Thanks so much, will try this drill tonight and let you know how I go - this drill applies to irons too?
  8. Thanks for that! Yes I've noticed my slicing with the irons has occured since opening up my stance a bit, and it makes sense that I would now be slicing it as that's where the club is heading. Going to work on squaring up my stance, shoulders etc tonight at the range and see if that fixes it. Any thoughts on the driver? No matter what I do, i cannot cure the slice. Feel like I have tried everything - videos, articles etc It's killing my brain lol.
  9. Hey mate, Appreciate the response. he said I had to roll my wrists through impact , so that the club face is square . as I take way the club I should open it up to allow the wrist roll to happen on the downswing. doesnt feel like it’s working. have tried that and it hasn’t worked just got back from range - was slicing both my irons and my driver. Completely rattled and lost confidence immediately. Both clubs Im striking the ball cleanly but they all slice - irons less obvious but the driver is dramatic , ball was actually bouncing sideways at the end of it .... Any advice is appreciated , the slicing is really crushing my soul. Trying absolutely everything I’m reading online to try and cure it.
  10. Hi All, My name is Sam and I am new to golf! I am 27, Australian and about 7/8 months into the game. Currently at a 27 handicap and best stroke score is 102 (so close to breaking 100) Absolutely loving it eventhough it can be very frustrating! Recently became a member at a club near me which is Gardiners Run, and I am playing in my first comp there tomorrow. Very nervous, especially playing with people I don't know. I don't know anyone at the club so hoping to meet some golf buddies along the way. I cannot drive the ball to save my life, but my irons are steadily improving - my putting is pretty good for early on in my career too. Have had some lessons initially when I started playing but haven't had any for a while. Probably time to get some more. Really looking forward to learning more from all the good golfers on here and reading all the tips and tricks that are being provided. I just posted some videos of my swing on the Members Swing section for anyone that is interested. Have a great day all, and thanks for allowing me to join 🙂 Sam
  11. slp1225


  12. First post had my iron swing, here is my driver swing. Thanks
  13. I've been Playing Golf for: 8 months My current handicap index or average score is: 27 handicap My typical ball flight is: Irons: High and long, seem to go right slowly (slice?, Driver: Extremely low, slices dramatically. Can never hit the ball high with a driver and always slices The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slice on all clubs Hi All, My name is Sam. Been playing golf for about 8 months, current handicap is 27, best stroke score is 102. No matter what I do, I badly slice every shot with my driver to the point where I have no confidence with this club. I have always been a pretty good ball striker with the irons, but recently have noticed they seem to be drifting right too (slice?) I have tried everything online, and feel overwhlemed with all the articles and videos - I feel like everything about my swing keeps chopping and changing based on what I read. What I am working on at the moment is to have an open stance, take all tension out of arms, swing slowly and let the club do the work, only really turn the upper body. I have had some lessons in the past and my coach just says it's my club face being open, but what's causing it? Keen for everyone's thoughts, completely open to any/all feedback/thoughts/criticism. I am completely new to this game and am in love with it! Videos:
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