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  1. Callaway has produced 9 woods over the years, check the older Steelhead line on their pre-owned website. Callaway always has hot lofts, so their 9 woods tend to be in the 23° range.
  2. Wie's secret weapons? 9-wood and 11-wood Michelle Wie always seems to bring some surprise to any run into contention. After her Thursday 64, it was her choice of clubs.
  3. Any idea where you read that? I'd love to get a copy of his book but, they are not cheap.
  4. Honestly, this is about the only way I can hit the ball without coming over the top. Take the club away along the toe line, let the arms DISCONNECT like Lee, then drop them in, reconnect and turn. I think I'm going to stop using this only as a drill and start using it on the golf course. If I set up square, I just whip it inside and go over the top.
  5. Funny, I was at the PGA Superstore in Hilton Head, and the used clubs looked brand new. The guy there said he's amazed at how people will come in, drop huge $$ on new irons, play them a few times and then trade them in. Rich people have way more money to play with!
  6. I meant to add that the "technology" really hasn't changed much in the last 20 years. Perimeter weighting and low COG has been around for a long time. A good swing is far more important than $1000 clubs, or, as they say, it's the Indian and not the arrow. I had a lesson with Ted Fort a few months ago and, after doing my usual garbage, I handed him my Ping 8 iron, which he smashed 160 yards on a rope. So I know if I hit a crap shot with my Pings, it ain't the clubs!
  7. Ebay or Craigslist. I have a set of Ping i5 irons I got on CL in VG condition for around $120. Same thing with my Callaway X18 Pros from Ebay for around the same price. I am a 100% average male (5'11", 180lbs) so I just went with standard length and lie. These sets are both 15 years old but, with my game, I can't justify big $$ clubs or expensive greens fees. Maybe one day... CallawayGolfPreowned.com has some great deals, too.
  8. Playing behind two clowns who insist on playing from the Championship tees and slice every drive 100 yards into the woods. They drop in the fairway, pull out their 3 woods, wait for the green to clear so they can hit a hero shot, then top the ball 30 yards, then repeat. Every Par 4 and Par 5, same thing. What's the definition of insanity?
  9. I watch quite a lot of films and 1917 was one of the truly great cinema experiences of my 51 years on Planet Erf. Just an absolute knockout on every level. You will definitely want to see this one in the theater.
  10. Just for clarity: he was NOT fitted at CC but at a private club.
  11. Yes, I think he just happened to "fit" an unsold set of last year's irons!
  12. I was reminded that, after 20+ years without golfing, my father-in-law recently started playing again. He's 73, has no cartilage in his knees, and has a swing that would make Charles Barkley chuckle. He went to get "fitted" and ended up with a set of standard issue Taylor Mades with a stiff shaft. I don't doubt that there are good club fitters around. Truly, someone honest would say, "hey, I'd love to sell you a set of clubs but it would be wrong at this stage, because you really need some lessons!"
  13. Hackasaurus Rex

    Hackasaurus Rex

  14. OK, first time posting here. I am a high handicapper (25) who is really working hard to get better. Always struggle with being over the top. I fell into thinking that I should go get fit and this would, of course, improve my game, so I booked an iron fitting at CC a few days ago. The experience at CC felt very rushed to me, hit five balls each with a six iron, pop in a few different shafts, all of the sudden it's "I'm going to build you the set with the Mizuno heads and the blah blah shafts...." This was after I had hit nothing but weak ass push fades that would have embarrassed a 100lb woman. I was still trying to warm up and find my swing and we were already talking about a major purchase. I know enough about TrackMan numbers to see that I was swinging out to in with a slightly open face, hence the push fades. I suddenly realized how ridiculous it was to even be considering new clubs. He kept talking about the "new technology" but really, what has changed in perimeter weighted clubs over the last ten years? Nothing that my not very old Callaways with regular shafts couldn't match. When I said that I wasn't going to be buying a new set of irons, I could tell that the fitter was done with me and just wanted me out the door. This was 35 minutes into my 90 minute "fitting." To be fair, I did see slight increase in the distance of my push fade, and he did tell me to get 2° upright lie angles, which I suppose would put a band-aid on my high-handle OTT crap swing. But I'm not dropping $1800 on that. When I got the print out of my specs, of course the shaft was not available as an OEM standard option, so they were almost $90 each, and of course they had to be PUREd at an extra cost of $30 per. Grips were $10 each for standard tour wraps. I left quite a bit disappointed in the process and CC. Would not recommend to anyone.
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