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  1. Thanks for your response, I did a bit of research as was curious what the difference was. In regards to the 652 - These are the British Ben Hogan Power Thrust, licensed to Slazenger. The Equalizer being the name conned to the Pitching wedge and the Exploder the name of the Sand wedge. I'm hoping to find them a new home on ebay, nice clubs but wasted on me.
  2. Hey! Thanks for your response, got them for £8 so not complaining. The set online seems to be a 2-9 with Equaliser. Mine is 3-9 but includes the Equaliser and Exploder. Appreciate neither is the full set - some sites have a full set 1-9 and four wedges all polished up with original grips for $$$. Does the 652 mean anything?
  3. Hi all, Hope you can help. I've purchased a set of Ben Hogan Power Thrust Irons (3-9, Equalizer & Exploder). They have the numbers 652 on the ferule. Grips look to be aftermarket, unsure if the shafts. They've got Slazenger Ben Hogan on them. Anyone any idea of age / worth? What do the Equalizer / Exploder names mean? I have a number of woods with the Slazenger Power Thrust wording, but not in great shape. Irons could use a clean but otherwise good condition. Thanks in advance! Chazz
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