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  1. Hey everyone Just wanted to update the thread and thank everyone for their advice. I went to see a couch and he's kinda showed me what to do and I've started doing some of the drills recommended by you guys. Noticeable improvement already but still a long way to go. For those that might be interested, I wasn't shifting my weight forward, more pivoting on the spot but not actually taking the weight off my back foot. Been drilling the happy Gilmore swing (without actually hitting the ball) to get a feel for shifting my weight and bought some masking tape and put a strip on the mat behind the ball before I hit the ball, so I can tell for sure when I'm hitting it right. Not really sure about what distance I should have it away from the ball though. Next is fixing the push/pull hook found out I have! Cheers again guys
  2. Fair enough, I take it back then. I'm really not, I'm just looking to get started down the right path because at the moment I'm a bit lost. Mats don't break your swing I agree, but I feel like hitting off mats has ingrained a couple bad habits already. That was the point of the thread, to see if anyone else can offer insights and advice about how to break it. Genuine question: do you think that two months in, my ball striking would still be virtually none existent? which it really is at the moment. I played 9 holes yesterday and connected well with the ball once with a full iron shot, off a tee. The rest were either tops or fat shots/complete duffs. Maybe my expectations are too high. Cheers
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies. I appreciate it. Some good little tips I'm going to try next time I'm at the range. @ncates00 for someone trying not to be snarky I think you failed a bit there, mate. I don't expect anyone to say, 'do this and it'll fix everything' I was just hoping someone might have had a similar experience and could offer some advice. Don't really appreciate being called immature. 'If you can distinguish between a well-struck shot and when you have hit it fat, it shouldn't matter that you have to hit off mats.' - yeah, this is what I'm struggling with but you're right, I haven't broken my swing, I've never had a swing that works. I'll buy a cheap tripod or something and get some swing videos uploaded soon. Thanks When I saw someone before he said I struggled with this so I'll focus on that. I'll do that today, cheers Thanks again everyone
  4. Thanks for your input. I've tried hitting it with tape behind the ball but then someone said that it can still scrape it and not be a fat shot so i gave up. The problem is I haven't really developed a 'feel' for hitting down on it. I've kinda trained myself to hit everything fat so when I do move it back in my stance, my brain still wants to connect with it in the exact way I'm trying to correct for and I get the same results. As silly as it might sound I don't really think its a swing issue (although my swing isn't great but I'm improving it everyday) it's that I feel like now I need to undo it this habit and I don't know the best way to go about it.
  5. Hi all I'm pretty new to the forum so forgive me for being niave. Just started playing golf 2 months ago, mainly hitting off matts at the driving range and a few round round the course. N Now although I've started seeing a pro, and he's helped me out with my swing loads I just can't hit the ball when I'm hitting off the grass. I've basically trained myself to hit it fat all the time as that'll still produce a perfectly reasonable strike off matts but on the course it's a different story. Hitting fat all the time and if I try and correct it I'll hit it thin. The guy that I saw said ball striking is the biggest thing and showed me, but he showed me on matts and I feel like either he didn't realise how bad the issue was or he can't tell. I'm not going to see him anymore because I can't afford lessons right now. I live in the UK and there are no grass ranges around me to drill this out of me. So anyone got any drills or ideas about what I can do to get rid of this bad habit. It's the no 1 thing holding me back at the minute and it's frustrating the hell out of me. Any tips much appreciated.
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