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  1. I have to say, these have made a legitimate difference in my wedge game. For whatever reason, it’s much easier for me to really open the face on tight lies, which is something I struggled with. Definitely one of the better purchases I’ve made in a while.
  2. It’s probably one of my most consistent clubs, but to be fair, I haven’t tried a 3 wood in a couple years. Your setup is similar to what I’m considering, it’s just a matter of whether the 14th club will fill the 3 wood role, or fill the gap between 4 iron and my current hybrid setup. I realize that may just come down to personal preference, but I was curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.
  3. That makes sense. I’ve only really played this hybrid in this loft, I don’t really know how far I would hit a higher or lower lofted wood/hybrid, that’s why I was trying to rely on degrees of loft. A long par 3 is generally the most common time. I don’t necessarily “need” the extra club but it’s just something I’ve been thinking about.
  4. My hybrid is 230-240 give or take. 4 iron I would say is 200-205.
  5. Currently I only have 13 clubs in the bag and I have been considering getting another long club to fill in at the top. My bag goes from 4 iron (21*) to a hybrid that plays at 16.25*. I am thinking about getting a 3 wood and raising the loft of my hybrid to 18.5*. Would the 3* yardage gap between the two make sense, or would I be better off just adding a 3 iron? I’m also very interested to hear how everyone has their longer clubs set up.
  6. Thank you for the feedback. I definitely get that “flippy” feel at times, especially with my irons. Definitely something I will have to work at.
  7. I would say I am missing more thin right now, I do hit some fat shots though. Slo-mo:
  8. Ahh that makes a lot of sense. Is it worth doing that then re-uploading?
  9. Decided to pull the trigger and grabbed a set of glide 2.0’s in the 54 and 58, both Eye2 versions.
  10. I know nobody really interacted with the original post, but I have been working on a couple things and figured it couldn’t hurt to add some updated videos. My left miss has gone away but my ballstriking has really suffered. I think my lower body is the cause of a lot of my problems. My “miss” as of now is just thin and on the heel (borderline shank at times). Open to any comments or feedback.
  11. Has anyone hit (or currently play) the ping glide 3.0 Eye2 in the 54 or 56 degree version? I definitely see the use for it in a lob wedge around the greens and in bunkers, but I am curious If the headshape is also useful for longer shots and full swings. I know it is based off an older ping iron set so I assume it works perfectly fine for those purposes, but I thought I’d see if anyone has any input or comments.
  12. Slight plot twist I thought might be worth sharing. I ended up going somewhere different to get another opinion fitting-wise. I was fit for the same head (G410) and the HZRDUS Yellow 65 in 6.5 flex. I ended up pulling the trigger on that, especially because I was able to get it at no upcharge.
  13. I was able to do a face on 7 iron this morning at the range. I apologize in advance if the angle isn’t perfect.
  14. That’s very helpful to know. Mine is around 108-110 so I guess it’s fair to assume that wasn’t necessarily the problem.
  15. And to address this, my current driver is the 913 D3 9.5* with the Aldila RIP Phenom 70 S flex. The fitter said I needed a more “stable” shaft to help with my left miss, I personally don’t think my original shaft is too stiff, but I don’t know much, which is why I asked in the first place.
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