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  1. New R9 Irons vs. New Cobra S2 Irons

    [/QUOTE]technology is too good nowadays. Your professional nike tour coach should teach you how to hit a draw, fade, or dead straight on command with any iron you use. Any honest professional would tell you that it is some kind of operator error. Not the club. Don't reject good advice.[/QUOTE] Lean Mean says "Technology is too good" If you're such a purist why do you use the latest technology ADJUSTABLE driver? Is that because you can't hit a Draw on command with your driver? What makes you so sure my pro isn't teaching me how to hit those shots? Who says I'm not trying to get better and eventually play blades? I annoy you because I like to try out different sets of clubs.
  2. New R9 Irons vs. New Cobra S2 Irons

    You right, I'd rather hit it straight then have a draw or a fade on command...
  3. New R9 Irons vs. New Cobra S2 Irons

    You're assuming I don't take lessons. I've taken lessons from a professional who played on the (then ) Nike tour for over 5 years. Yes, I want technology to help me as much as possible, but I realize the club isn't going to hit itself. The type of irons make a huge difference.
  4. I cleaned out a bunch of clubs and old sets and traded them in to get a set of Cobra S2's and the New Taylor Made R9 irons (because I couldn't decide). The Cobras came about 5/8" too long for me so I had them trimmed. The R9's were stock length like my old Cobra S9II's. Here's my thoughts : The Cobra's : 1. They are made stronger by 1/2 club than my previous Cobra clubs. 2. They are easily 10 - 15 yards longer than my previous Cobras 3. They seem to have a fade on everything and are not as accurate. 4. Impact feels great. 5. Very forgiving off of lousy lies. The Taylor Mades: 1. Made stringer too but... easily 10 yards shorter than my old Cobras. 2. They fly dead straight. Very accurate. 3. They are only made of Stainless Steel, no maranging or special stainless and... 4. They feel not so great, in fact a bit stinging. 5. Not quite as forgiving...
  5. What's In Your Bag?

    For me, the 3 Wood and 5 Wood have always been very difficult to hit (especially of the deck) so I pulled them. I have chosen to go 2 - 5 Hybrid and am extremely happy with them. I can hit a 3 Hybrid from 190 - 200 yards pretty much on target. The 2 Hybrid goes about 210 but has a fade on it...
  6. Xmas Golf List

    I have two weeks off at Christmas and all I want is my wife to leave me alone and let me play golf 4 times total!
  7. Hogan vs. Stack and Tilt

    IMHO. Hogan is not a Stack and Tilter. His head and weight stays far behind the ball. A stack and tilter starts left weighted and goes more left through the swing. The photos do present an interesting analysis, but the slo-mo video of Hogan posted from Youtube shows clearly he is behind the ball, not over it... Great post though, thanks!
  8. Momentus Power Hitter!

    I've used the driver on the range a bit. The good thing it does for me, because it is so heavy is give the feel of slowing all the key moves down. Backswing and downswing. For the deal you got - it's well worth it...
  9. New clubs

    I just played Sunday with an R9 460 for the first time... I hit it a long way but did not hit one fairway with it... Can it be the longer shaft? Not sure, but - back to my old driver....
  10. New clubs

    Check out the new Cobra S2's... I just ordered a set after trying the Ping's and Nike VR's too... They seem very forgiving.
  11. I just ordered the new Cobra S2 Irons. I've played the S9 Graphite Stiff and am going to the S2 Steel Stiff. I hit the TaylorMade Burner Irons, (They came in second), The new Ping G15 Irons, the MX-300's from Mizuno and the Nike VR Full Cavity. For me the Cobra's were the most consistent.