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  1. Took them out to the range today, although it wasn’t the best day since it was very windy with gusts of 30 mph. I tend to draw with the hybrids, so that’s actually a bit nice. Ball flight is a bit higher than the 5 iron as well. Very good points that I never even considered.
  2. Yeah, I’m definitely not much of a shot shaper, not on purpose anyway. I have always heard that hybrids are easier to hit from the rough and tight lies. I’m hoping that’s the case as most of the courses I play in the winter will definitely have some tight/bare lies. That’s kind of what I was really getting at. If the loft is basically the same, I’m not sure if there would be any great benefit to having both clubs in the bag. The 3H is a good gap between 3W and 5 iron. Maybe the 4H is basically a 5 iron that’s easier to hit from the rough and/or tight lies. I’ll know soon enough once I get on the range with them. I didn’t realize just how strong the lifts on irons has gotten over the past few years.
  3. Thanks! I’ve been browsing the site and there really does seem to be a ton of information. Looking forward to being a regular.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! I’m really looking forward to getting some rounds in with the new sticks (they’re supposed to be here tomorrow). Also traded in my R11S 3W for an M6 3W yesterday, and man that thing flies. Still have my R11 TP Driver as well as an M4, and toggle between those two. I was thinking of upgrading from the M4 to M6, but the M6 doesn’t actually seem to be that much of an upgrade. Never getting rid of the R11 TP because when I’m on, I’ve never hit a driver with the combination of carry and roll as that baby.
  5. Good Afternoon! Mortgage Loan Officer who plays twice a week, usually shooting 77-85. Glad to join and excited to be here.
  6. Hey guys/gals, I was wondering if some of you could provide some help/advice on this. I've been playing TM Burner 2.0 irons for the past 8 years, so I thought I'd take a chance with something newer. I just ordered a combo set of TM M6 Hybrid (3H,4H) and irons (5-PW). I've never gamed a hybrid, but recently decided it might be beneficial after testing out one of my buddy's hybrids at the range. Looking at the specs for the clubs, the 3H seems like it will be a good fit in my bag since it's a 19 degree. The 4H is a 22 degree, and the 5 iron is 21.5. With only a half degree loft difference, what are the other differences between the two clubs? Obviously one is a hybrid and one is an iron, but are there certain situations/lies where one would be better to use than the other? Are the ball flights drastically different? Just curious because I've never used a hybrid on course. For what it's worth, I hit my current 5 iron (Burner 2.0) consistently at 190-200 yards. When I hit my 4 iron well, it's usually 210-220, but I rarely make good contact. I'm hoping the 4H is easier to hit. Thanks for any advice!
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