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  1. I appreciate the feed back. He is currently taking lessons from a very reputable instructor here in Virginia Beach who is the same instructor he had when he shot his 79 and was crushing driver. His short game is also terrible so it's not just the long clubs. I feel like it's a mental issue. He is a hot head just like his mother and gets upset very easily on the golf course and has what I call unrealistic expectations. I worry about whether or not he has the mental capacity for golf. He gets so upset when he hits a bad shot. I have tried my best to keep things positive but he's quite the
  2. My 13 year old step son has been golfing for 4-5 years now and last August on his 13th birthday shot a legit, by the rules of golf, 79 on a par 70 course in front of me, his mother, and his older sister. Since then his game has totally crashed and I am at a total loss as to how to help him. He has had numerous lessons over the years and even recently, but he has gone from easily shooting in the 90's and sometimes in the 80's, crushing driver down the middle like a machine to not even being able to hit a golf ball. Our last time out he was nearly in tears and had lost over a dozen golf balls
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