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  1. I’ve got tennis elbow so I’ve only been a few times over the last few years as hitting balls one after the other does me no favours. I’ve got tennis elbow so I’ve only been a few times over the last few years as hitting balls one after the other does me no favours. I usually play Wednesdays and Fridays also the odd Monday . If I don’t play Monday I will often go and have some practice, either that or a Tuesday. I often take the Driver , 3 wood 4,5 & 6 irons out of the bag and go with the rest. Learn to hit shots with the clubs I have ,stop around the green hav
  2. Similar to Iacas , I carry my bag Top area: Driver, 3W, Hybrid, Putter, Ball retriever Middle-Left: 4I, 5I 6I Middle-right: 7I, 8I 9I Bottom: L-PW 50°, R-54°, 58°
  3. Yes , since about last May 😀
  4. Ticked off one of the par-3’s today and hit another par 3 to 6 feet ,which jumped off line about a foot from the hole, some of the greens had been sanded. Over halfway now 😀 Oops, just went to add it on the spreadsheet and it’s already there, don’t remember when I birdied it
  5. Been there many times, my son lives in Belmont Ma ;-))
  6. Noo jist haud oan a minit therr pal ;-)))
  7. Thanks for the tip, I didn’t realise it would come back on so quickly. Only used around 3% overnight, normally 25/30 % Its 5pm here, Ive used 30% battery today and that’s with the golf app using gps on a four hour round.
  8. Another one down today, halfway there.Most of the harder holes to go 😀
  9. Thanks for your reply. To elaborate I use the GPS on the watch to conserve the iPhone battery. What I don’t understand is why it only used 1% on Friday but 21% today with the same settings. When I raise my wrist to look at the watch, the grint is nearly always open, when I used Golfshot it was always on the home screen with similar settings. I had to keep pressing the button on the watch to get back to golfshot.
  10. Looking for some help on the above. Have had a Garmin watch for a few years without any issues and recently received the Apple Watch as a gift. So far I’ve tried SwingU ( couldn’t make it work), Golfshot( it worked but disappeared off the watch every time I move my wrist )The Grint , mixed success. I’ve used The Grint on four or five rounds ,couple of times it randomly disappears but easy enough to get back on. last week it completely flattened my phone battery,49% usage. I switched off 4G & background app refresh and next round had only 1% usage. Cracked it I thought,
  11. Ticked off another couple on Friday, including being a foot away for a hole-in-one on a short par four. Not that I am I gun ,it’s a very good short Par 4, trouble on all four sides, there is more fives made than threes.
  12. Fast forwarded through 4th round last night. From the limited amount I saw , it looked like Spieth was hitting a fair amount of greens albeit a few from the rough. If anything he didn’t make the most of his opportunities with the putter.
  13. Self employed Tv Technician / Custom Installer. Semi retired( in other words I’m busy on golf days , 2/3 times a week ) 😀
  14. I’m thinking 20/25. 1 birdie 1 bogie or thereabouts
  15. Or , as I have done sometimes , if you have an iron cover take it off and lie it on the ground and lay the grip on top of it.
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