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  1. I had a look in the settings, I didn’t see unlisted but I noticed that private is ticked so I guess that is okay. After my first upload I got a message from some random person saying how he loved my channel and could I subscribe to his, looked like a scam so I ignored it ,but how could he see my video if it’s private, any ideas?
  2. Okay a few days ago was the first time I’ve ever posted on YouTube. I guess what I post on here is the link to the YouTube site , correct? Not sure what I was thinking but when I uploaded a new video , I deleted the previous days on the assumption that nobody in YouTube land would want to look at me practicing without realising I’ve deleted them from here. Sorry my bad🙄
  3. Day 7 done , unfortunately I can’t hit balls here.
  4. Day 6 , will keep working on the Palmar flexion, not something I’ve ever worked on before.
  5. Eric, thank you so much for the time and effort you put into these videos Only three days in and I have a bunch of new drills and checkpoints.
  6. Thanks I followed your instructions, before I found the return key on my iPhone it just appeared!
  7. okay second attempt at trying to post, I’ve never uploaded anything to YouTube before. I have trouble with left-arm only swings due to a tear/tennis elbow ,hence the training aid. Okay looks like it up loaded how do I get the YouTube video in there? I tried ‘ insert other media’ and pasted the link, neither worked. When I clicked on the link at the top it posted but obviously without the video only the link.
  8. As above, I like them the way they are, concise and easy to follow. Day two drill 2 showed my shoulder turn to be a bit flatter, I’d probably never have picked that up, as lately this is the best I’ve hit the ball since my return to golf. Haven’t looked at day 3 yet ,we are 18 hours in front of you, but technically behind on the drill schedule
  9. Excellent drills, hopefully will get some video set up soon. Funny how almost everyone looks to see where the clubhead is 😷
  10. I’m in too , it’s not an April fools is it ?? 😉
  11. Thanks, I’d say there was a little karma involved. One of the four on Friday , I also played with on Wednesday, I was bemoaning my perceived bad luck ( he actually said he’d never seen anyone get so many bad bounces , lies etc) when approaching the 9th green my Garmin watch beeped and said “ your day is looking up” which guess was a reference to the amount of steps i’d taken. I let out a sarcastic chuckle and showed him the watch, I’m sure he didn’t really understand why it said that, but he said maybe your luck will change . The tenth is stroke hole 1 longest par 4 on the course, I hit a really good drive,just behind the 150marker, but a poor second. It was heading for the front right corner when it landed , bounce left a little and went in! First time I’ve eagled that particular hole
  12. Had my first eagle since my 25 year hiatus 😀
  13. Had a couple of games with mine now, easy to hit, also easy to get right underneath & hit it almost straight up. I might have to practice with ball position , I’m finding I hit them both (54 & 58) way shorter than my 58 Vokey. The 54 Eye 2 is good for chipping out of the long grass , and pretty easy to get out of bunkers.
  14. I understand , but the op said he couldn’t edit it from his phone.
  15. Download the Google Sheets app, then you can do it.
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