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  1. Been stuck on two to go for a while, ticked one off the other day, just the opening hole to go. Haven’t even come close to birdieing it for ages. Green is twenty metres or so above an undulating fairway , falls away back & sides and is always hard. Even though we’ve just left winter Ive never known it to be soft, just drains away, and difficult to stop on.
  2. 3 birds on the front nine yesterday, unfortunately all duplicates. Ive updated my list though
  3. I cant figure out how to award my badges, If I hover / click the mouse over eg, broke par it does'nt open any links , only if I click on the amount of people awarded. Tried on ipad too .
  4. Broke 70 Eagles Hole in One LSW 30 day practice plan
  5. Had three yesterday, unfortunately no new ones.
  6. I didn’t get a chance to do either of the last two days, we came out of lockdown Tuesday morning Managed a few jobs and also got two rounds of golf in , weather was so nice it was hard not to, pleasant 72°, not bad for a month off winter. kKnd of odd with no flags ,everything closed ,holes turned upside down so you don’t have to touch the edge of the hole , the ball just goes across, and of course It teaches you to aim for the middle of the green because you have no idea where the hole is , funny thing is had hardly any long putts, must be a lesson in there somewhere
  7. Helmet Cam ( I had the phone jammed in my bike helmet in a nearby field) didn’t work out too well the last few days ,hopefully Cave Cam is a bit better.
  8. Nice setup. Do you have a tracking programme on your iPad ? Good drill for me, I know if I start the swing with my arms as it hurts my left arm.
  9. No video today, all I could find was some rubber weatherseal, it doesn’t stretch much so hard to do the exercise properly ,but you sure can feel it. It’s now gone down to the man cave with the rest of my nightly exercise gear.
  10. I don’t think I did this very well, it’s hard to get feedback without hitting something. I can see this being a very useful drill, so I’m keen to do this on grass. So many new drills, hopefully I can remember them 😎.
  11. No noodles, I think these are vacuum cleaner attachments. They tend to want to move on the concrete, so not sure if the backswing got long enough , but it sure makes you concentrate.
  12. Day 16 , moved the phone further back. It appears when it’s tilted forward it mucks up the gyro.
  13. I struggled a bit with this partly my poor stroke ,and partly the fact I couldn’t find anywhere really flat. I haven’t posted the video as same as yesterday if I hold the phone vertical the video is in the landscape mode but as soon as I turn the horizontal it turns 90°, not sure why this is, maybe it has something to do with the fact I have the phone tilted forwards as I filmed it in the garage It wasn’t pretty 😎
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