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  1. Had my first eagle since my 25 year hiatus 😀
  2. Had a couple of games with mine now, easy to hit, also easy to get right underneath & hit it almost straight up. I might have to practice with ball position , I’m finding I hit them both (54 & 58) way shorter than my 58 Vokey. The 54 Eye 2 is good for chipping out of the long grass , and pretty easy to get out of bunkers.
  3. I understand , but the op said he couldn’t edit it from his phone.
  4. Download the Google Sheets app, then you can do it.
  5. I’ve recently bought a Ping G410 driver, kept it on neutral first few weeks , changed it to flat. Hard to see much difference ( and on shot shape /direction etc) Compared to other Ping drivers I’ve had, at address it always ‘looks’ a bit open as opposed to previous models. Its definitely more upright , the toe sticks way up in the air, mind you standard irons stick toe up for me too, I was measured as an Orange dot 2* flat many Ping Eye 2 moons ago
  6. Ok, maybe I should have worded that better. If I’ve birdie the same hole 5 times , do I change the score on that hole to -5, or leave it as -1 ? Thanks
  7. And another two yesterday, I have now birdied one hole 4 or 5 times, do I keep taking one off the tally? Thanks.
  8. Thanks , I’ll try and find that, putting is the most improved part of my game . When I first started playing again it was awful , a couple of games I had 38/39 putts! I changed to the pencil? Grip , ( basically taking the right hand out of the equation, two fingers on the shaft) and I now feel confident with the putter in my hand.
  9. That’s an excellent idea that I will put into ‘practice’, thank you. I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head, I’ve since discovered that occasionally I quit on it a bit. I thought it was because I was coming up but its more a lack of acceleration at contact. Thanks, I have a fairly short backswing on chips , but you are correct re the lack of acceleration, I think that’s the most likely cause.
  10. I hardly ever practice with one ball. I have tennis /tear in my elbow ,so I limit practice to mostly short game so as not to aggravate it too much, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to play as often. It happens occasionally when practicing , but if I remind myself to stay down I’ll do it, unfortunately that’s not the case when I play. When I played previously it was one of the strongest parts of my game, I am / was a reasonable ball striker, but I’d nearly always chip to kickin distance. I remember walking off the 18th one day, and my playing partner said ” Do you realise you just got up and down every hole this nine? ’ Sorry , re stakes raised , not really, I only normally play with the midweek guys.
  11. Thanks for reminding me of that. I was practicing a while back & saying it to myself as I made contact , but then forgot about it. Where in Boston are you? Our son lives in Belmont, a 5 minute walk from Fresh Pond golf course, I usually manage a game or two when we visit in your summer. No , I haven’t. Practicing is normally ok, its only when I play, so I guess it’s some sort of performance anxiety.
  12. Since returning to playing I’ve developed an awful bad habit of either looking up on chip shots, and occasionally coming up and out of pitch shots. Its now manifesting itself into almost any trouble shot I have , rough , trees etc, I want to have a ‘look’. It turned todays round into an 81, when with a decent short game I could have been 2 or 3 over. Any suggestions on how to distract myself from this, obviously telling myself to try & stay down is not working.
  13. Another round another two birds! If you birdie the same hole multiple times do you keep taking -1 off the tally for the hole?
  14. Just ordered one yesterday, i can give you an answer but probably not for a few weeks. Est del 3 weeks.
  15. Yes On my iPad. I’ll try the pc later, cheers
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