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  1. Exerts from the most credible sites i could find showing swing-path is primary and clubface is secondary.I suppose all these people live in cloud-cuckoo land too ? An article on on the PGA of America site: http://www.pga.com/improve/tips/tech...iott100504.cfm Article from some US college Golf site: http://www.wellesley.edu/Athletics/P...l_flights.html Article from Orange county golf: http://www.golflessonsorangecounty.c...88171/7591.htm Article from Doctor Golf: http://www.drgolf.org/new_page_4.htm Article from Golf training stuff: http://www.golftrainingstuff.com/gol...ight_laws.html Article from egolf.com: http://www.shop-safely.com/shops.asp...ng&pid;=GFOOTPR Another by a PGA Director of golf: http://www.privateclubs.com/archives.../golf_push.htm
  2. Not the best example ever ive seen but heres a little insert about Swingpaths and ball-flights for anyone interested: http://www.swinglife.iwarp.com/pages...andflight.html Basically theres 3 swing-paths (Out to in,inside-square-to inside and in to out),and three clubface positions (open,square and closed) giving you 9 potential shot shapes: From left to right across the spectrum: Outside to in SWING with CLOSED clubface = Pull-hook. Outside to in SWING with SQUARE clubface = Pull. Outside to in SWING with OPEN clubface = Slice. Square SWING with CLOSED clubface = Draw away from target. Square SWING with SQUARE clubface = Straight shot. Square SWING with OPEN clubface = Fade away from target. In to out SWING with CLOSED clubface = Hook. In to out SWING with SQUARE clubface = Push. In to out SWING with OPEN clubface = Push-slice. As well as those nine shots you also have these 2: Slightly inside to out SWING with slightly CLOSED clubface = Draw. Slightly outside to in SWING with slightly OPEN clubface = Fade. Then EXCESSIVELY in to out OR out to in with hosel strike = Shank. First way to "cure" any of these bad shots is to work on swingpath FIRST (always) (look at divot for a clue) - THEN sort the position of the clubface at impact after that. Hope that helps someone
  3. Thats not quite correct Erik.Its the other way around : Swingpath gives the ball its initial direction and its the clubface that applies the spin to the ball thereafter,and therefore gives the final shot shape. Im not teaching you to suck eggs - and hopefully some others can learn,but thats why your typical slicer's divot points left,but why the ball then curves to the right...... Out to in swing (or "over-the-top" move): Divot aims left along swing-path. Open clubface to this swing-path: Ball spins left to right (anti-clockwise). = SLICE !!!!!
  4. A quote from the US site: "TPI Experiences start at $4,000 per attendee". To have the "Ultimate package" which includes the following for those who dont know anything about it is 10'000 British Pounds (approx 20'000 US dollars).These were figures given to me by the factory in the UK.Here's a tit-bit of golfing indulgence : 3-D Motion Capture Body-Swing Analysis 6-Camera Video Swing Analysis and Recommendations by cofounder Dave Phillips Complete Physical Evaluation and Custom Exercise Program Design by cofounder Dr.Greg Rose Foot and Shoe Analysis and FootJoy Precision Shoe Fitting Ball Testing and Recommendations Driver Testing by Steve Mata from the tour staff who conducts more than a thousand driver fittings per year for tour staff members. Driver will be built on site for customers Iron testing by Larry Bobka who has custom fit all of Titleist 's tour staff with their irons. Full set of clubs will be assembled and custom built by our tour department for next day delivery Wedge Testing and Custom Fitting recommendations with Bob Vokey himself who will custom fit your new wedges to suit your specific requirements Putter Testing and Custom Putter built by Scotty Cameron himself who will be available to give you a complete putting evaluation normally reserved only for tour professionals. Etc Etc Etc if you want to have a few "add-ons"
  5. For me its big muscles first I initiate my hips turning and releasing toward the target slightly before ive even completed the backswing with my arms - so at the very top of my swing my top and bottom half are actually moving in different directions.This helps to drop the club into "the slot" on the inside. This then pulls my top half (shoulders) into position,then forearms/wrists release through the shot.....ive always believed and swung big musles first (hips and torso),next biggest (shoulders) and smallest muscle groups last(hands and arms). As far as it is personally for me in trying to create a coil and then release it: "Wind up from top to bottom and unwind bottom to top" Hope that all makes sense.
  6. My normal carry distance in UK summer is approx 265 on a pretty spanked one,then theres whatever run i get from there.Regulaly clank it around the 300 mark - and would hope that i average sort of 280 ???? with the driver. THE longest ive ever hit was in Spain a couple of years ago on a Par 5 at La Finca (Algorfa Golf).It was a par 5,approx 550 yards and the whole hole ran down a pretty sharp hill,which was baked hard in the mid-summer Spain sun.I remember not catching one at-all and having a 3/4 nine iron in to the green for me second.We reckoned from the club in and 150 yard markers that i had 130-135 yards left making the drive 400+ yards. Not saying i was the man for the job but there was a stream that was perhaps 70 yards short of the green and i reckon that was in range off the tee for a really long hitter - that had to be 450 yards at least,if not 480 yards off the tee !!!!! It WAS damned hard and downhill.But imagine taking a 3 wood off the tee to "lay-up" short of a stream @ 480 yards.lol
  7. B330T The jury is still out for me. DISTANCE: Difficult to tell,but it certainly aint short.The same perhaps very slightly longer than a 2005 ProvX - however i THINK it achieves this in total distance (inc run) not carry distance. FEEL: Bloody hard - this ball is in a different leage in my opinion to a ProvX and is similiar in noise and feel on woods,irons and putting to a Topflite XL ! I got one out of the toe of the club a bit and i imagined it sounded what hitting a Coke can with an aliminium baseball bat would sound like.... SPIN: Got a few to back up slightly with short irons - not as much as the Titleist ProvX.Mid irons stopped "ok" - again not as quick as the Titty in my opinion. DURABILITY: Shocking.No-where near as good as the "X".After 9 holes it was a sorry sight and after 18 looked like a sprout left over from Xmas However,this ball held its own very,very well in crosswinds - BETTER than the ProvX for me and THE MOST AMAZING THING for me was how much it lowered my ball flight.Not necessarily good or bad and its as all the product blurb says it will.I found the difference in flight amazing and especially on my driver it has trimmed up my ball-flight a treat. On reflection i wish id have bought three dozen of the "S" model now - especially for summer use.And with the flight and wind-cheating performance, save the "T" model balls for use in our lovely English winter.
  8. A few ideas off the top off my head: How about Vijay's creative aptitude with a pencil........ The whole Ping square-groove debarcle,the lawsuit,and the R+A and USPGA ultimately bowing down under pressure. The alleged "swapping" to golf balls of a different compression by Paul Azinger against Seve during the Ryder Cup (ok- seve was the "ultimate" whinging opponent in match play,but either way it was the ultimate place to "cheat" or the ultimate place to try to accuse someone). And a controversial,controversial one (if you get my drift) - Females playing on the USPGA/European tour.How long before we see a woman in a major ?
  9. Im a "Yes man" 19 degree TaylorMade rescue-mid for me with same shaft as my irons and approx 1 inch longer than my 3 iron to produce a club that will go as far (maximum) as a 2 iron - but is a damned sight more reliable and easy to hit. If the lie is a bit "scabby" or bare,or just a bit rough, its also a brilliant club for gripping down on and replicating the distance of a 3,4 or 5 iron but again,with much more "ease of use". Once youve gotten firm friends with one,and made it your buddy theres no going back to long irons...........
  10. Ive never sen him swing it before,but...that particular swing looks like he's trying to hit a little "left-to-right" fade into that pin position to me - hence the chopping off of the follow-through across himself and his clubface looks from what i can see to be open.Unless he always does this............... ???? QUOTE : "Scott has a weird movement right after impact where he flicks the club..."
  11. No problem at all to do,but the cost after removal of old shafts,cost of new graphite shafts,possible new grips or at least swapping of grips and the installation of the new shafts is going to be pretty high. I would be pretty amazed,if to get any sort of decent quality graphite,it wouldnt be far more expensive than just trading your in against a new set of X18's with graphite shafts in.
  12. As above ! Want a few items,most of which i cant get over here ........ so it makes sense to get them all from one place if i can to cut down postage.Ive used TGW and Edwin Watts but do you guys know anywhere else that may ship to England ?
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    www.mygolfdomain.com ?????? It was on the first page !
  14. I didnt vote - but im eating humble-pie too..................... Good on her though !
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