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  1. I have been playing the Miz MP-63's for about 2 years now. I was professionally fit for the 63s and custom ordered with the Nippon 950 shafts. I was told these shafts are lighter (95g) and would help get my spin up. I currently am playing to a 1.6 index and really don't have any complaints about the clubs. Although, truth be told, I substituted an Adams A12 4h for the 63 4 iron, and i don't hit the 5 all that consistently. I am now being told (from a different PGA instructor that the Nippons are too light for my swing. I have been taking lessons since my Miz fitting and do believe m
  2. Based on these numbers I would recommend a 3 hybrid for starters. That should fit in nicely between your 4i and 5w. Just go try several of the available hybrids and see what gets you somewhere around 225 yards. I would then recommend replacing the 58* with a 56* and 60*. Since you have room in your bag for yet another club, this would give you a nice spread across most yardages. Just curious - your yardages are very respectable. I see you are a 14 index, where are you losing strokes? If is is the short game area, perhaps you should get the extra wedge I spoke of and sharpen
  3. Just got back from hitting the new i20 driver (9.5 degree, TFC 707 D Stiff shaft) on the launch monitor. First off - WOW! great looking club and feels equally as good. My numbers averaged out as follows: swing speed - 101 (forgot to write down the ball speed) launch angle - 13.7 backspin - 2500 carry - 255 total distance - 275 My swing coach said that for my swing speed, that shaft was perfect and that I pretty much maxed out my distance for my swing speed. Totally trust his judgement, just need to ask..... Anyone have experience with the off the
  4. Once you have a rangefinder, you won't want to play without it. In the past couple of years, for one reason or another, I have been without my Bushnell for a couple of rounds. Felt like I was missing part of my equipment. I love when I play with someone that doesn't have a rangefinder and I ask them how far they think they are from the flag and I get to tell them how far off they are. This is a long term investment that you will have for years.
  5. Had a SC Studio Select, but loved the look of the honey dipped California series, so splurged and got one. Started fading within a month, so I returned it and went back to my Studio. I don't think the fading would affect the performance, just couldn't spend $300 for a putter that wouldn't look as good after a few months as day 1. I think that the honey dipped has been an ongoing problem, and maybe more so than we realize, as the new California series have gone away from the honey dipped. Get a new California series, they are gorgeous.
  6. I have been playing the mp-63s for about 9 months and love them. I bought my 16 year old son the mp-59s about 3 months ago and have been drooling over them ever since. Too bad his fitted shafts are too heavy for me. Given the choice of 59/53/63 I would lean toward the 59s, as they look amazing and are just a bit more forgiving than the 63s. Can't comment on the the i20 or ap2, but I can say it will take a hell of a club to get me to leave the Miz family.
  7. I didn't bother to post the score, as I was concerned my handicap would drop like a rock..... Just kidding. My last 3 rounds posted have been 73,68,72. Handicap gone from mid 4's to trending 2.7. Never thought i would get that low. I must give credit where credit is due. I have been working with instructor at Golftec for 9 months. He has taken me from about 8 to under 3. Crazy stuff!
  8. Wish it was my ace, but this is actually just as good. My 15 year old gets his first this weekend (8/20/11). I don't think he has stopped smiling since. Heritage Golf Club Wake Forest, NC 17th, 165 yards 3 or 4 hops and it just disappears. Club pro took the ball, is having it mounted on a plaque with his name and a picture of the hole. Way to go son!
  9. Been flirting with low 70's for the past couple of months, but never was able to come in under 73. This past Saturday, everything clicked and I knocked down 6 birds, combined with just 2 bogies, for a unthinkable 4-under, 68. Not to be outdone by his dad, my 15 year old son gets his first ace during the very same round. 165 yard, 7 iron, was a thing of beauty. 3 or 4 hops and the ball just disappears. Coolest thing I have ever seen. What a day!
  10. I just returned my 3 month old Scotty Cameron California series Sonoma for a brand new one as the original one developed whitish spots all over the top and bottom of the head. My son has also has a California series (Hollywood) and after 3 weeks of use he is starting to see the same white spots. We both wipe off the putter after every green. Someone we play with suggested it could be fertilizer on the greens that are making the heads discolor. It is like the gold dip is starting to blotch. I am concerned that this is typical of the California line. I know it won't affect the perfor
  11. remember these 3 words - HINGE AND HOLD. +1 for Lefty's DVD.
  12. First, let me say that I love my Mizuno irons. I can't imagine hitting another brand right now. With that being said, I was not enamored with the JPX fairway woods. I used to play the G15 4 wood, but have recently switched to the RAZR 3 wood. What a club! What a rocket! i would absolutely test drive the RAZR. Love my 3 wood.
  13. Before trying the 100 different putters that are available to you, I would recommend a quick putting analysis. Just as you would get fit for a driver or irons, it is equally important to get fitted for a putter. I don't mean to go get fitted for a Nike Method vs. SC vs. Odyssey. I mean get the analysis done on your putting stroke to find out if your stroke is best suited to a blade putter, heel toe putter, or a mallet putter. I just had a putting lesson and was told that my SC (35") was way too long for me. I just traded it for a 33" SC. Being 5'11", I always thought I should be us
  14. If you get fitted for the proper driver, there is no need to buy a driver with adjustable loft, lie and shaft. IMO, once you get fitted for your swing, you are all set. Changing lofts and lies from one day to the next is just putting a band aid on swing flaws. My Ping epoxied shaft feels great every time I hit it. However, I do believe that all manufacturers will eventually offer adjustable lofts and lies just keep up from a marketing perspective. But, I am not a PGA professional fitter, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.....
  15. Buy a G15 and put the $100 you save over the R11 toward a couple of lessons. I see more G15s at my club than any other driver. In my opinion - best driver every made, and available at a reasonable price. Buddy of mine was about to pull the trigger on an R11. I suggested he hit the G15 before he does anything on a new driver. Well, he bought the G15. Good luck to you.
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