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  1. Putting stroke length for consistent speed, i know you need it.:laugh:Clearwater: Putting stroke length for consistent speed | Golf Channel
  2. I have not been to Sand Valley,it seems have a good viewing.
  3. @ deadon500 It is a good suggestion, I always push snow recently. in Canada,Ontario, the temperature is -8°C.
  4. I'm wondering what you all would suggest to stay active and in the "swing of things" during the winter without going to a warm area? Thanks
  5. CNM

    Swing Speed

    I wouldn't think anything of it.
  6. CNM

    Walk Up Music

    Bryan Adams : "Here I am "
  7. In my opinion, it is the best way to clean the lens by water 😀
  8. Always Use A Case When not in use, the case keeps it safe from the elements and surroundings, so it’s pretty obvious why you need it. If you like carrying around your sport sunglasses in a purse, bag or something similar, it’s prone to scratches and smudges from keys, books, cosmetics and pretty much everything you keep in the bag. The case keeps it safe from all these hazards. Proper Handling Always taking off or handling sport sunglasses with one hand will cause the joints on the frames to loosen. If you’re in the habit of twirling sunglasses or holding them by one arm, you’d be wise to avoid it. The best practice is to use both hands to put on and take off sunglasses, this way there’s no extra stress on one particular joint and you won’t have to deal with broken sunglasses. No Breathing Out On The Lens & Rubbing ! One of the most common ways to ‘clean’ glasses is to breathe out on the lenses and wipe it off with any cloth or your shirt. This is completely wrong on so many levels. First of all, breathing out and using the condensation to clean the lenses only make it worse by spreading the dirt/oil/smudges around. Secondly, using just any cloth or napkin to wipe your sunglasses only causes tiny scratches. The right way to clean your glasses is to rinse them with warm water, gently rub all around using your forefinger or thumb with mild soap, rinse them again, then dry them with a clean, lint-free cloth. Napkins, polyester, cotton, wool and pretty much all common clothing fabrics will only damage the sunglasses over time, so avoid using them to clean. Avoid Dry Wiping Another common mistake is to wipe the sport sunglasses while completely dry. The lack of moisture and friction can cause the lens coating to degrade, or simply get scratched. Of course this is probably where the whole breathing out and cleaning lenses came from, but no matter how many people you see do it and how convenient it seems, just don’t do it ! Proper Storage We recommend always using a case, but if that’s not possible, be very careful about how and where you place down your sport sunglasses. Never place them with the lenses facing down, it will cause scratches, if that wasn’t already obvious. Another more important thing is, never keep it exposed to the sun in a closed car. The intense heat that can build up in a closed car during the day can seriously damage the lens coating or in some cases, even melt the frame ! No Chemicals! Sport Sunglasses lenses are very sensitive to chemicals, and incorrect usage can result in complete lens damage. Since they’re often coated with UV protection material, damaging the coating would defeat the entire purpose of having sunglasses. So make sure you don’t use household chemicals or even harsh soaps. If you must clean, there are plenty of made for sunglasses cleaning solutions available out there.
  9. I hope the below photo could help you to learn the polarized lens
  10. Tell the physical therapist your goals, he will make a plan for you.
  11. Talk loudly on cell bothers me alwaysphones
  12. CNM

    Vegas Here I Come

    Just came back from Las vegas - 2020 NAHB INTERNATIONAL BUILDERS' SHOW
  13. CNM

    Hybrid vs Iron?

    Hybrid clubs, sometimes called utility clubs, are a relatively new addition to the arsenal of clubs at a golfer's disposal. Most players new to golf struggle to hit fairway woods and long irons consistently well. Those clubs are longer, stiffer and less forgiving than medium and short irons and often, beginners have a hard time getting the ball airborne with those clubs. If you're a newcomer and looking for golf beginner tips to help with better ball-striking, here's one for you: consider carrying one or more hybrid(s) in your bag.What is a hybrid club? A hybrid is a golf club that combines the elements of a wood and an iron that aid in getting the ball airborne and provide more forgiveness on mishits. A hybrid club has a flatter striking area on the clubface and a lower center of gravity than irons or fairway woods, providing a greater margin of error when the club is used. This means you can still get the ball airborne and hit a good shot even if you miss the "sweet spot" of the clubface when striking the ball.When is a hybrid club most effective? Because a hybrid combines elements of a wood and an iron, it can be hit from just about anywhere on the golf course - tee box, fairway or rough (you could even putt or chip with it, but you should probably leave that to the professionals!). It has a lighter weight compared to other clubs but generally provides the same distance as a fairway wood. It can be particularly advantageous when hitting from the rough. Because a hybrid club is lighter and stronger than fairway woods or irons, it allows a golfer to more easily cut through the higher grass typically found in the rough.Which clubs do hybrids replace in my bag? Most hybrids are designed to replace long irons (2-,3- or 4-iron) but they can also replace fairway woods (3- or 5-wood). One thing to remember in deciding which clubs to replace with hybrids is that, under the rules of golf, you are only allowed to carry 14 clubs in your bag. If you decide to put one or more hybrids in your bag, most likely you will have to take one or more irons or fairway woods out of your bag to meet the 14-club rule.Here's another thing to consider regarding hybrid clubs - they're not just for beginners or high-handicappers. They have grown in popularity, even with touring professionals, because they are easier to hit for golfers of all levels. Watch the PGA tour pros on TV and you'll probably be surprised at how many carry at least one hybrid club in their bag.In summary, if you're just beginning golf or relatively new to golf and looking for golf beginner tips to improve your game, consider replacing your long irons or fairway woods with hybrid clubs. You'll want to practice before taking the hybrids out on the course with you, but you'll probably find the hybrids easier to hit than irons or fairway woods.
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