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  1. No glove, no golfing 😄
  2. For those of us who hit every shot perfectly there is that one "shot that keeps us coming back". We talk about it with out buddies when it happens. We hate the crummy shots. So - what was the last "one that will keep you coming back" shot? I had one late yesterday out playing "hit-and-giggle" while keeping myself alive with cold IPA. It was one of those where you're paired with a guy who doesn't know you but thinks you must be a ringer...until a few more holes go buy, anyway. What was yours? I expect this thread to have a long life as people report in...
  3. Usually Play the PRO V1x
  4. I think it's affecting your play golf
  5. I live in Richmond hill,Ontario,Canada, I believe the COVID-19 will end at the end of this month. The spring is coming, could play golf every week
  6. The Spring is coming,but I have stayed at home three weeks
  7. Coronavirus affected,stayed at home 2 weeks,the whole body aches.
  8. Certainly, I have stayed at home 2 weeks
  9. Today, Toronto maximum temperature is 9℃ . Tomorrow will 7℃ - 13℃. Spring is coming,
  10. I love Golf for Enlightment, by Deepak Chopra.
  11. Putting stroke length for consistent speed, i know you need it.:laugh:Clearwater: Putting stroke length for consistent speed | Golf Channel
  12. I have not been to Sand Valley,it seems have a good viewing.
  13. @ deadon500 It is a good suggestion, I always push snow recently. in Canada,Ontario, the temperature is -8°C.
  14. I'm wondering what you all would suggest to stay active and in the "swing of things" during the winter without going to a warm area? Thanks
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