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  1. I'd be satisfied with playing. Just a good walk ruined. Good nuff. I had goals. I forgot them. I think it was becoming a lower 70's shooter again. I'm old. I've shot good enough rounds, many in the 60's. Getting out there is good enough. Locked up, not allowed to leave the house? After recovering from what seems to have been pneumonia and being told to just go to the ER, being able to swing and walk is good enough. Hit it. Got get it. Do it again. On a more philosophical level, I recall so many times playing with others who got all angry. Silly really. After several chunked pitched and fits of fury, I would sometimes ask how often they practiced or took lessons on that shot. I don't care. I asked. Deer in the headlights. Like, what practice? In my head, I'd think I practice that shot for hours....every week. And, I would forgive myself for screwing up. Because it is a hard game and few shots are perfect, especially for us hacks. I guess the only practice possible now is mental. Accept the misses.
  2. In an interclub GAP match, I was about 40 playing a gentleman about 70-75. I might have been a 1 or 2 HcP. It was tight the whole round. Just back and forth. Tough match. About even par. Gentlemanly but competitive. Nice guy. I jarred one for a 2 on a par 5 to go 2 up with three to go. Thinking game over. Pro comes out to congratulate me. I says to him, this fellow is tough. He says to me, well he has won the club champ ever since I got here. I asked when was that? He says....well, it was 1961 or 62. My competitor birdied the next two tough holes and parred the last to my par, par, par. It just seemed right that we halved on his home course. I was hitting wedge and this fierce competitor was hitting long irons. A lesson of sorts. I also recall being a sophomore beating two seniors in HS who were undefeated. I started with a snowman. An 8. An f'ing 8. I shot 34. My coach came up to me on the 8th green to ask how it was going. I said it was over. He said very apologetically, "I am sorry, I put you in as number 1 because nobody beat these two". I looked at him for a long time and said, it was over on the 7th. I won. His jaw dropped. I'll never forget his face. He threw me in to lose.
  3. Of course, I believe in God. Our country was formed thusly. I don't want to engage you. I don't like you
  4. Read the Declaration of Independence. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights...." Unalienable......unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor. Endowed.....to provide with something freely or naturally In other words, these are natural rights. They cannot be taken away
  5. Do you speak English? Bill of Rights. Did you go to school?
  6. I'll play 1. Caddies only 2. No women 3. No smoking on the course 4. No cellphones 5. No rangers. One rules infraction gets the member a warning (even if it is his guest). Second warning results in suspension 6. Must be strategic in design (Doak, Hanse, Crenshaw...). No Fazio crap. 7. Overnight lodging for guests 8. Turtlesoup as a specialty
  7. How about Delaware coastal. Near Philly and soccer. Low taxes and low housing costs. Pinehurst? Flagstaff? (not hot)
  8. SW or LW pitch shots, the feel shots. I developed numbness and no feel in my left hand and arm. It is like I have the yips or something. I have no idea where the clubface is and my brain freaks out. I truly suck. Horrible.
  9. They are all rights of the individual, conferred by God. 2A is an individual right and those who think otherwise deserve a solid dose of the 1st amendment.
  10. I have been scared for over 2 months. I am a bit tired of the political finger pointing especially WRT ventilators or even like one poster commented that the president finally gets it (seriously?). Data from China shows that if you get that bad that you need a ventilator, your chance of dying is 81%. I am not surprised how many people are not isolating. We need a very, very high level of compliance for this to work. It is not likely to work based on what I see but hope I am wrong. Now, I can now sort of understand why the Chinese welded people's apartment doors to keep them inside. A potentially larger issue than Covid-SaRs-2 is the complete destruction of the economy. Health doesn't thrive in the conditions Fed Bullocks just described, 30% unemployment and 50% drop in GDP in Q2.
  11. I had a shot once where the ball was on the grass lip shoulder high and I was standing in bunker 150 yards out, which would have been a wedge. I took a 7 iron gripped my left hand all the way down on the grip. Focused on balance and 1/2 baseball swing with a hold follow thru. It worked.
  12. I do not have a copy of the decisions or interpretations on the rules of golf. 1. What does "pieces" mean? What if it tore into two pieces but was still joined by a thread? 2. Within the context of an environmental hazard, I could only look down off the bridge and see a huge crack. It is possible that if I picked it up, it would be in pieces. It always bugged me. In terms of fairness, it would seem to me that replay of the shot would be fair. In any case, I suppose there might be a ruling or interpretation out there. Of course the smarties will say it is clear in the rules.
  13. It was 2013. I remember trying to figure it out but it really did not matter. At that point in the round, it wasn't anything special. Then, I went birdie, birdie, eagle, eagle, birdie, par, bogie, birdie, par, par. I three putted from 10 feet on a 238 yard par 3. I was pissed missing and my angry tap in missed. It was 2013. I remember trying to figure it out but it really did not matter. I figured a 5 but there was something about unfit for play. I made a good shot, it just traveled like a wounded sparrow. At that point in the round, it wasn't anything special. Then, I went birdie, birdie, eagle, eagle, birdie, par, bogie, birdie, par, par. I three putted from 10 feet on a 238 yard par 3. I was pissed missing and my angry tap in missed.
  14. Some years ago, I had an 8 iron approach shot on the 6th hole and the Nike Platinum ball makes a weird whistle noise like when a range ball breaks. It goes low right and then dives left into an environmental hazard. I could see the ball and a crack into it. We are not allowed to go into the environmental. It was not in two pieces. But surely cracked. Not into two whole chunks, just a huge crack I had played a second ball from the fairway. I knocked it up and made the putt for bogey. Did I make a 3 or a 5? It was the best round of my life. I asked the pro and he wasn't sure. I just did a Ty Webb and let it kgo.
  15. I wonder if my two neighbors would mind me using their backyards ajoining. I need to practice my new driver. The guy behind me throws his junk in my woods, so, a few divots should not matter. People need to be inside and in quarantine. I am blown away that the local golf course teesheet is completely filled. Dumb Scheißeheads.
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