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  1. Have you looked at the aerial photos of the roadway? Have you reviewed the safety systems of the vehicle? Do you understand how they are supposed to work? Do you realize it has been reported by police that there were no skid marks? Isn't this very odd? Pray tell how a vehicle with active collision avoidance and active steering gets you into a ditch, after crossing multiple lanes, across the central median, thru two oncoming lanes? No skid marks? I pondered reasonable questions. I consider your perspective pure speculation if you haven't looked at those facts. It is ast
  2. Not cool. I'd like to see where the transmission entered the passenger compartment. Maybe right around his lower right leg. To my eyes, the photos make it appear that the motor and transmission breached the passenger compartment. If so, is that good design? Not something I want to own but I made my mind up long ago about which motor vehicle companies are serious about safety. 100% for sure, my car never would have left the road and the motor would not have been in my lap if I had the active lane assist and collision assist off. If I slightly get near the center line, it steers
  3. Having owned Camrys and ES as daily mules, the body, motor, and suspension is identical. From a safety perspective, there is no difference. Calling me a racist is unacceptable.
  4. I think I got raked over the coals saying about the same thing somewhere online but I almost agree. The difficulty of a Royal Melbourne or an Oakmont or Winged Foot or Merion setup for tournament conditions is not reflected in the CR or Slope. A 10 Hcp player might break 80 on an open, shorter course with slow, flat greens but might not break 100 on one of the aforementioned courses setup with deep rough, narrow firm fairways, and fast, hard greens. I have seen it dozens of times. Solid players getting annihilated. OTOH, few regular amateurs break 80 on those "tracks" under difficult
  5. 140m 8i is about 155 yards. 220m driver is about 245 yards. Both are decent for an older gentleman. I do not force my short irons. I am the age of your dad. I hit 8 iron about 155 but can push it to 160. My driver carry is 282 on the button. 270 on a miss. Something is wrong. Sorry, no help for you
  6. I am not sure what traditional attire is. Ricky looks good to me. I remember being a guest at conservative club that hosted many USGA championships. My host told me to wait in the proshop until he arrived. He said I could wear shorts but would have to change to play. Waiting in the proshop, I noticed a humidor with real cubans. I asked the pro if they were worried someone would squeel on them? No, because they would never come here again and the Chief of Police would never do anything. We played in pants. I am not sure why, I play bettd er in slacks. Went back to a cottage. Ch
  7. Ok. Sorry. I am just sad for his accident. As one who deals with safety professionally and one who only owns certain cars, my bias is perhaps misplaced. Hope he is ok
  8. It depends on your age and ability. I went from breaking 90 to 80 as a young lad. It was easy. Less than 2 years. Breaking 70 on any regular basis is 2 orders of magnitude harder. Maybe 3
  9. I place no credence on JD Power. Germans make the safest cars. Hundai is shit
  10. He seemed fine to me, too. As a fellow degenerative back issue sufferer, I can understand how Tiger could not commit to The Masters. He has to see the medical results, his MD's direction, and then can he hit it. Too soon for him to know. Unless someone has had real neuro pain like Tiger, you have no clue.
  11. He should have been in German steel, not a piece of tin from Korea
  12. Germans have a word for that....schadenfreude.....pleasure seeing the failures of others, but I think particularly from the high and mighty. I did not see DJ's shot being anything other than very difficult. The rough was very juicy, Lie was bad. Some trees. A crapshoot. He is done
  13. I did study for 6 months by hiring a tutor (a colleague's wife who was on maternity leave), I can understand what you wrote but it has been 20 years since I went there much on business. I can order a schufule, Kartoffelknödel, and Weisse bier but not much more at this point. French is better, was nearly fluent at one point. Getting old is terrible. Entschuldigung I had a very difficult time swinging with a partially torn rotator cuff and it was painful to put my coat on or reach for the seat belt etc. It took me some stubborn years to get mine fixed. Best decision I have ever mad
  14. Germans are different than Americans. I would not say she is dismissive or passive aggressive. She is probably a very smart, type A person, and I would guess a German or at least schooled there..
  15. Make you miss cantankerous, crotchidy Johnny Miller?
  16. It doesn't look that windy. I remember showing up to an Open Competition up from Galway at Connemmara where it was allegedly Gale Force 9. I forced my way into the Pro Shop and asked, "The tournament is cancelled, right" and I hear behind me a petite women say, "What kindo man r ye....I played 18 and am going out again". Standing was a challenge during gusts. I remember the wind was so bad on the old course at ballybunion that a playing partner hit a popup into the wind on 18. The ball went out 50-60 yards and the wind hit the ball, it landed behind us. Our mouths were open. The
  17. Does he still wear lederhosen? I remember working in Germany in the 80's when the mood was women were assigned "Kinder, Kuchen, Kirchen".....
  18. Call me a wanker then. 🙂 I first broke 80 in 1969 on caddies' day and really have not be a lousy 5 handicap since a kid. 🙂 I put my own shafts in and think the right ones are important. The first time I was fitted, I went from S300 shafts to X100 hard stepped. First round with these, I birdied the first three holes, made a hole in one, and two other birdies albeit without a rangefinder. I like my Skycaddie a lot. I don't like salesmen or women. I had worked with a golf Physcal therapist using "Body Balance" and it helped with flexibility and got me distance back after a period whe
  19. I generally pitch with my sand wedge although I will pitch with less lofted clubs if it makes sense. For instance, if the landing area for a pitch is the upslope and there is a flat area before the upslope and especially if there is a downslope leading to that flat area. This is about managing misses. If you fly the SW too far, it lands on the plateau (where the pin is) and you are toast. If you select the right club, say a 9 iron or pw, and land it in the flat area, you would bounce a few times and hopefully snuggle up to the hole. If you do not hit the 9 iron well enough, it will land o
  20. You rather tersely responded to my thoughtful post, "Equipment is fine" How do you know? My driver clubhead speed dropped from 122 to 113 in 5 years, but more importantly the length of my backswing put different demands on the shaft. Getting close to my mid-60's, I can still hit it decent but nothing like my youth. I personally found a change of shafts to help, especially with spin and distance control. I know of a very good golf specific physical therapy approach. Often us older people spend too much time sitting and the psoas muscles get very tight. I'll try to look
  21. I have no idea what the correct answer is. I do know that as an athlete, I always thru any ball harder, broke the discus records, had the hardest slapshot, and hit the golf ball a mile. I always practiced these activities tons and only every with the idea of maximizing distance. With golf, it was because Jack Nicklaus said somewhere to learn first to hit it long and then to control it. What I feel on the downswing, is a change in the width of the swing and hence the angular momentum changes fairly high up but this is a result rather than an effect of the hands. This changing of the wi
  22. I have all different grips on various clubs. Sometimes, it is just to get the right swing weight or feel. On my 3 wood, I want to be able to hit a high draw and it has a thinner grip. On my short wedges, I can't stand a taper whereas on my irons up to GW, the grips are all tapered.
  23. I don't know if this might help but I am about your dad's age. I can assume some of his flexibility woes are due to stiffness and possible arthritis type issues. I doubt exercises will help but who know. When was the last time he had his shafts checked? I had stopped playing in 2014 due to medical issues and started again last year and could only do 2/3 swing. I could not swing my hard stepped KBS Tour X-Stiff or my x stiff driver. I ended up changing the shafts. Overall, more solid strikes, better spin, and slightly better distance. If he is only swinging 3/4, he certainly is
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