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  1. Recently played in a skins game. Just 3 people of 4 was in. Almost every time we were all on the green, the 4th guy not playing the skins game, was farther from hole but always on the same line as the 3rd guy. So in essence, the 3rd guy got to see his putting line 14 out of 18 times and made 13 of the 14 he saw the line on. Is this fair for the other 2 guys playing in the skins game or am I just being a poor sport by mentioning this in the first place? note: when the 4th guy was on the other side of the hole from the 3rd guy who made all the putts, the 4th guy would hit his putt too hard and would end up on the same line as the 3rd guy but farther from the hole. Just wondering what y'all think about this! Thanks G
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