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  1. janzaruk


    Downloading it now. Might be fun.
  2. Fair enough, I haven't been married (I'm smarted than that ) I was, BY NO MEANS, implying I will, could, have, ever might, shoot 58. You can find a girl, but how about putting yourself in his shoes. In high school, getting a beautiful, fun homecoming date should be just as fun if you know what you are doing. And NM Golf - sorry to strike the wrong cord, but, to me, my best feeling in golf was shooting 65 (that's when I was a 4 BTW), and to "be" with the girl I love (see avatar) is a millions times better. I can't think a 58 would make up the difference Just my 2 cents.
  3. Good luck with the date, girls are ALWAYS more fun than golf, even if you shoot 58
  4. Thanksgiving Day 1996, Stonehenge GC in Warsaw Indiana. 8th tee, lined with moderately expensive houses. dad and i played since we are the only family we have around. Cut my drive BAD into the bay window of one of the houses. I was upset, but started laughing a few seconds later. Dad, of course, laughed the whole time. Head up to the house, it's about 1pm mind you, to apologize for the window. By the time we get there, a family of 5 is heading out, laughing their butts off. Great, so I am going to be the joke for this family for years, I thought. Pull up, and they tell my to "play it as it lies" in a joking fashion. The wife/mom of the family pulls something from behind her back. It landed DEAD in the middle of a pumpkin pie. They set the pie down in their backyard, it was in one of those aluminum cheap-o pie cooking things. Took out my 7 iron and hit it out of the pie. Got pie in my face so to speak, but hit it 150-160 ish to 10 yard in front of the green. comes up every thanksgiving
  5. I'm probably not much help, but I have the standard stiff shafts from Mizuno in mine with the "best" swing weight option. I love them.
  6. I'd check out the Mizuno MP-57, I believe they just came out this month. As for the blades....I play MP-60, which I think are considered "in between" blades and cavity backs, and my mishits aren't nearly as bad as I suspected they would be when I bought them. I lost 7-10 yards in my estimation for toe hits, and don't lose much as all if I hit it near the heal. Also, a pure shot with a blade, IMO, feels MUCH better than a pure shot with a cavity back.
  7. I think, I am no doctor, mind you, that flexibiity is just as important to strenght in the golf swing for distance. Being able to coil completely and unleash at the ball will give you more power in your swing. Bigger muscles will as well. But, first things first, hitting the ball SQUARE will give you the most bang for your buck so to speak.
  8. Peltz: straight back, straight forward, because to me it's the one that it most repeatable ( and makes sense to me )
  9. Hey man, you can get last years NXT tour's right now at most golf shops for $20/doz.
  10. Congrats man. I don't agree with your handicap arguement, but I understand your point of view. You should be proud to be in the top 1%
  11. You will learn quickly in life that you cannot control others. Are the coaches making bad decisions. Sounds like probably, but you have zero control of that. If that kid is cheating in HS golf, he WILL get caught. I caught three kids when I was in HS, he will get his. Try some of the stuff mentioned above on dealing with your coaches. If they plain and simple won't give you straight answers or give you an explanation of why you are not playing, then I would consider other actions. Otherwise, after he shoots 91, 95, 97 in the next three tourneys and you fire under 80, your case can be made solidly to your coaches. IF THEY STILL DON'T give you a shot, I would speak with the AD.
  12. Played balatas in high school golf, but never carried a persimmon. My dad had them, though, so I've hit em a few times.
  13. Agreed. I mean 89 bucks was a AWFUL deal, but the rest is far funnier.
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