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  1. Does anybody know if these are the standard shaft lengths of the following clubs please. Nike vapor fly 3 wood 43.75" Nike vapor fly 5 wood 42.75" Nike vapor fly 3 hybrid 41" Nike vapor fly 4 hybrid 40.5"
  2. Went to the driving range yesterday to try it out and boy it felt good. Just give it a half swing and a little tap and the ball goes 150 yards easy but give it a full swing with plenty of power and the ball goes a long way. At times I was hitting the ball over the bushes at the end of the range which is not difficult as I think the range is only 200 yards long. I guess they don't expect people to hit it that far.
  3. Hopefully going to the driving range on sunday to test it out will report back after doing so.
  4. Thanks for the help I have now bought it as it was a good price.
  5. Sorry if in wrong section. I am looking for a good driver to replace my wilson deep red 2 max and was looking at a nike vapor fly pro driver which looks great. I don't want a new one as a good one cost more than I want to spend. So do you think that £70 including postage is a good price for a nike vapor fly pro driver in excellent condition?
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