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  1. I shot a couple of one under scores on par 36 (regulation course in Connecticut and one in Salt Lake City) back in the 80s. Best 18 was 3 over par 72 back in my college days. Frustrating part was that I bogeyed the last two holes - ugh. =;^0.
  2. Just to get back to the original discussion about the impact of the arms on swing speed, I watched a video of Annika Sorenstam and Henrik Stenson going over their swing style when hitting pitch shots from 40 to 90 yards away. Henrik uses both legs and arms in his demonstration but Annika is strictly an arms type. Her legs are very quiet throughout the swing and she absolutely dimed all her shots around the pin. I tried that approach on my pitches and was pleasantly surprised to see a marked improvement in the quality and consistency of shots in that range. I guess the fewer the moving parts the less that can go wrong. Then I decided to incorporate the arms approach with the irons and woods and I could not believe the improvement in my ball striking. It wasn't perfect of course but the irons just felt more pure off the face and my driving distance just exploded. I'm 65 and I normally hit my drives around 220-225 when playing well but when I focused on quieting the lower body and letting the arms swing more freely I was suddenly hitting over 250 yards. One drive made it to 286, which was absolutely nuts (my partner counted it off and still can't believe it). It's certainly not a cure all since I still hit the wayward shots but it's a good example of how important the arms are to getting increased club head speed and maximizing contact. Now if I can just get those short putts to drop. =:^)
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