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  1. Thank God I live in Arizona. Golf is about all that's left.
  2. Chipping is weakest part of my game. Playing a couples scramble yesterday and one of the ladies put her drive on a 168 yd par 3 down a steep slope near water and a lot of duck butter. Others chipped and only 1 hit the green but 25 ft from pin. I loosely gripped 57 degree and it felt good...and looked better...into the cup for the bird. Nothing dramatic except me & chipping are not compatible.
  3. During my "productive" years I golfed maybe twice a month. Before escaping from SoCal I did join a Country Club and played a bit more but now as a Grandpa golf is something I can do (typically) without getting injured so now 3 times a week. Live in an active adult community with golf & elbow bending as the primary social venues.
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