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  2. Wow! Well stated. I agree with most of what you said. Changing the club or ball would be a disaster. Change is progress . Lets keep moving forward. Going backwards is not even in my vocabulary. Wait! i just got a call on my land lock phone plugged into the wall. Yikes!
  3. Lugo, thanks for responding: I believe your numbers I have seen 295 carries on our Flight Scope Simulators. by our pros and low amateur golfers. I have witnessed club head speed s with the new improvement irons by 10-15 mph ball speeds. compared to prior 2005 I have spent over 6 months using indoor simulators. Here are some facts Good Fundamentals with your swing meaning correct bio mechanics,right sequence good tempo, rhythm , You can manipulate the computer by adding wind, and elevation But , i believe this not. the case here!
  4. i use the blue. radar sport sensor my numbers are 90, 101, 121, 134, 153 with my 3 hybrid,,, How is that possible? So i made some inquiries I started getting pro ‘s to test the sports sensor. Using their driver, here are the numbers 109.. 35 year old teaching pro 119... 25 year old teaching pro Amateurs: 132. : 22 years old (3) handicap conclusion: my numbers were affected by the 119 swing speed the pro put into the sensor. I kept digging. I put the sports sensor up against flight scope.. A 100,000 unit at A famous Golf Academy Results: flight scope was 5 mph slower I contacted the company They told me to shut it down and delete the data. My new numbers 100-111 Make your own assumptions!
  5. were you always a long hitter ? or did you see improvement from equipment and ball speeds from using technology feed back Does it show up on a real course my experience shows less than indoor facilities
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