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  1. I liked the show will miss it but it had a good run and things do get old. I hope with all the changes they end up having some decent original programming not just golf central and golf today.
  2. I take off all my covers before I tee off and toss them in the basket of the cart. I dont buy a six pack or bring a cooler so I dont need the space.
  3. Polo made the right decision based on their industry and how they feel about inclusion. I dont believe it was knee-jerk, no more than your boycott of their products that you have never purchased. I like JT but flat out he was wrong and i wont drop him for one issue like this but to pick that word you have to wonder. There are so many words he could have picked. I use a lot of bad langage when i golf and that one has never even been in the holster ready to go. I aways say you get peoples honest feelings when they are drunk or mad. I hope i am wrong about him but wouldnt be shocked if i wasnt.
  4. I enjoyed the first part. It was interesting to see the videos of him with Dina. It was nice to see him as average kid with his friemds. Wasnt too much of what isnt already known. Now I think I will be in the minority here but I honestly dont care about his cheating. Im actually amazed he could play golf at that high of a level, be in a marriage, and have all that side action all at the same time. I can barely keep a very poor round together let alone all 3 of those.
  5. Yes and I stand by that. Those protests brought more eyes to the issue. More eyes eventually equaled some kind of monetary loss. Thats usually how change happens for the most part.
  6. And you dont know that it didnt. Your point? Changes doesnt happen quickly when it comes to being inclusive or equal.
  7. I think this is a different issue than people not liking the venue or who runs the tournament. When Augusta did have that policy there were protests by womens groups which eventually helped force them to change the policy. Imagine all the change that never would have happened if everybody just continued to do the same thing thats always been done.
  8. I think they should move it. Its not a good look for the PGA when they are trying to become more inclusive, with not a lot of success and grow the game. Im sure there would be some players that wouldnt play. Not sure how large a profile those players will have but there could be a few well known players that would drop out which also isnt a good look. I dont think the images of the Capitol will be erased from memory so quickly. Another question is if Trump will even own the club come time for the tourney. He has quite a few problems on the horizon.
  9. I think you are underestimating the drivers a bit. Yes it helps he has the best car but there are plenty of drivers that wouldnt have the success he does in that Merc. In the end they will pay him closer to his terms than theirs i believe. Looking forward to an exciting season.
  10. Thats awesome that you are trying to learn more. I hope others will follow your lead.
  11. The system doesnt work the same for everybody and sometimes not at all. Saying it has to work doesnt make it work.
  12. Well the discussion was on that video and we were talking about points made in that video. Also it wasnt a video from a crackpot theorists. So just to be clear you want me to use the washington post article that supports your case and not the video that supports mine? I guess newspaper articles are never wrong. Just saying.
  13. Jesus if you are a lawyer I feel sorry for your clients. I was going by what was stated in the video where they said “they were supposed to be serving a knock and announce”. So I wasnt making a statement based on my opinion.
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