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  1. I don’t think it’s the same as those examples. Those are distractions. Him hitting a bad shot and not wanting the cameraman to zoom in and catch him hulking out is a reaction.
  2. So is it training to deal with POC or all people because they don’t kill white people as often as they do POC. Or do the white police officers know every single white person in the area they police so they some how don’t end up killing them?
  3. George Floyd wasn’t shot. Eric Garner wasn’t shot. So the same police that didn’t react with force when armed white people protested outside their capital lost that training when it came to George? Or were those cops off that day when he got murdered? How about the other 3 officers that did absolutely nothing to stop their co defendant? None had training. If the police treated everybody like they would want their child or spouse to be treated all of this would go away. That has zero to do with training.
  4. I disagree about it being a training issue. You see examples all the time of white offenders who have shot and killed people taken into custody without any use of force at all. They have the training it’s just used on the people they want to apply it to. I will say that a part of the problem is there are a lot of calls police answer that they have no business dealing with and don’t have the training to deal with. That’s an entire different subject. I agree with the part about not all cops being bad but if they aren’t exposing the bad ones then they are just as guilty. There are so many layers to the problems with race relations in this country. I hope it’s finally time that they begin to actually get fixed and not just given lip service.
  5. That’s interesting because where I am the prices with both are the same. The only difference is the fee golf now charges.
  6. Oh ok. Here is another option. Taking it to a tailor. They can prolly put a new zipper on it.
  7. 👆This for sure. I never knew that. I will avoid that at all costs.
  8. It seems the teeth didn’t quite seam up on that part. I’ve had that happen with other different zipper products not my bag. What I do is up zip it down as far as I can then pull the sides up until the zipper gets to the bottom and I can rezip it. Usually works unless there are damaged teeth.
  9. Just bought a Cobra F9 3 hybrid for my son. He traded in his old clubs, I used my 5 Dicks $10 rebates, and my 2 gift cards and scored it for $18. It was on sale for $170. Next up will be a 3W and then a new driver after he works out his driver swing.
  10. I agree with Chets thoughts on Cobra. My son uses the F8 5W and averages 220 with it and he’s nowhere near maxing out his distance yet. But like others have said it really comes down to what you are trying to gain from the club.
  11. I like Bryson and his different thinking about how to win and all the other weird shit he does. However you can’t complain when you have camera crews at your house and post on IG about your workouts and how many eggs you eat in the morning. You don’t get to pick and choose when you are famous. I have hit way worse shots and had much worse reactions but I didn’t yell at the cart girl or group behind me for watching me. I never told the groundskeeper to mow a different hole and i never do anything to the course. Maybe he should get some advice from Tiger. Nobody had the cameras on him more than that and it seemed to work out pretty good for him. Just grow up Bryson.
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