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  1. I believe bigot is more the correct term. And FYI being older doesn’t make it ok to be a bigot. Always remember at some point your ancestors were the so called foreigners.
  2. Yea that wouldn’t be an option for me. I’d have a 9 iron embedded somewhere above my neck. Plus the call Coke pop up there and that just weirds me out.
  3. If you find that spot let me know. I have a very similar list minus the soccer. You could always watch the local college team to get your fix. My boss hates the cold also so warm weather is a must for her. I have to be able to golf all year round. I have at most 7 more years in the shitty ass DC metro area and I’m packing my bags. I can’t wait.
  4. I think it foolish to think a coach/teacher who is proven has missed something so easy to spot in a couple of minutes. Unless you are there you don’t know what they have told the player. It happens in football all the time. A coach comes up with the game plan and the player does execute. It’s easy to say the coach should have told him not to do that. The player in the end has to perform. Of course with a shitty coach none of this applies lol.
  5. I don’t thinks it’s that big of a deal. He’s very good at what he does and it shows by us talking about it. He is in the ratings business. I agree that it’s not all jealousy or sour grapes. Some of it could be but I don’t think the majority is. There is a reason most great players aren’t good coaches. I think golf is an incredibly hard sport and there are a long list of reasons besides the coach that can cause issues no matter how many times a player has been told by the coach not to do something or do it a different way. Hey Carl we should do a topic on why some guys aren’t as consistent as others. I think it would be interesting to see what people think causes it.
  6. So 2 hats family membership also and am enjoying the Golf Journal right now.
  7. I have that same affliction with hybrids and woods in general. In fact I just started hitting my driver again last year. For about 2 years I teed off with my 3 iron and didn’t have a fairway wood of any type.
  8. Take Five by Dave Brubeck. Because that is prolly what it will take me to get on the green.
  9. Those are my favorite also. And pretty much for the exact same reasons. The feel is awesome and the seem to last forever. Well as long as I can keep them lol. Ok last thing I bought was a new set of M4s. Played with a friend and he rented some and I hit them a little during our round. So I traded my Nike blades in and got them. Basically it’s like I’m a new golfer again and have no idea how to hit a ball.
  10. I love playing with my son and spending time away from life and just enjoying each other. I hate that the same 15 year old son is already better than I will ever be. Who does he think he is with his soft hands and short game magic. Kids!!!
  11. I think start up costs aren’t that bad if people don’t let their ego get in the way. You can get used clubs pretty cheap. If you aren’t even sure you will like it then you can find decent deals. My first set was a set of Tommy Armours that I bought new. From that I upgraded to a new set of Nike blades I got off ebay that were a few seasons old. If you have to get new and latest of everything then get ready to spend. As for prices in my area I usually spend between $65-$85 for a round at a decent place. There are munis that average $35 but are really crowded and usually have a ton of slow ass players. I have taken new golfers to the course before and that includes taking my son from the age of 7. I always make sure they play from the correct box. Too many times I see people hitting from the tips or one up and barely get it past the senior tees. That slows down everything. I think golf does a lot but I think it’s more on the current golfers.
  12. Players: Im -11Masters: Rickie -10PGA Championship: JT -8U.S. Open: Reed -2Open: Tiger -6FedExCup: Rory -12
  13. That was a very nice and touching bit. Sorry for your loss and I’m sure he’s hitting all the fairways up there. I wish I would have learned the game at an early age. I made sure to expose my son to it and luckily he loves it and we spend a lot of good times on the course. Nothing like the joy of two friends putting a circle on a scorecard for the same hole.
  14. For me it’s any second shot after a good center of the fairway drive. If I hit a terrible drive I feel nothing with the second. Put that ball in the fairway and I’m sweating bullets to hit a decent second and not waste a good drive.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking about that also. I think he might do some sprouting this summer.
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