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  1. Is there a reason you have narrowed it down to those two? Are you open to other suggestions from the folks here? Any info you can give us about ball flight, distance, stuff like that?
  2. He isn’t one of my favorite golfers but I don’t root against him. He does something’s I wish he wouldn’t, most of which have been mentioned already, like a lot of golfers do. What I do like is that he is truly following his path. He has an idea of what he thinks will give him the best chance to win and is all in with it. I wish more people would do that and not just in golf. Cut what is your issue with the armlock putting?
  3. I agree with those that said it’s not just golf. It’s any kind of high profile high earning profession. I hear so many people say I could be a comedian but can talk to a group of 5 in an office meeting. True there are some cases where a very small number of people could pull it off but for the other 99% it’s just a way for them to feel a little bit better about their life.
  4. Sad to hear about his passing. At 43 he should have had a lot more time here. Amazing the work he did while literally fighting for his life.
  5. Cobra speedzone 9 degree for my son. As you can tell most of my golfing money is spent on him.
  6. I think Xander has a much better chance than Phil. I think the story would be awesome if Phil won but I don’t think there is a good chance of it happening.
  7. @iacas hit the nail on the head. With that kind of time span I’d bet the cobra will be lighter. I have an older nike driver and my sons new cobra speedzone is lighter.
  8. Exactly. They hated online betting because they couldn’t get their cut. So they banned it. It’s a revenue stream plain and simple. Oh and also a way to get citizens to pay for stadiums for rich owners.
  9. I voted DJ because I value the long term consistency and over all wins. Brooks could have some lingering injury issues that could hamper his future win total. That wasn’t a reason but thought it will be something to keep an eye one. What I find interesting is what people are putting aside from each of their resumes to support their choice.
  10. Well I have a bag with full length dividers and it’s still a pain in the ass when the bag is vertical. Seems like one of those things that is always just going to be a bit harder than it should be. Oh and the worse I’m playing the harder it seems to get them out and forget trying to get one back in after a bad shot.
  11. Search upright caddy. That’s the only thing i have seen in my research to get a cart. Any special reason you want you bag upright?
  12. There is no anonymous. Once they post or sign up or text it’s grabbed and stored should the need ever arise to use it against them.
  13. I bet the Falcons wish they kept their foot on the gas with the Patriots. Or if you want a same sport reference the Dodgers should have poured it a bit more on the Nats. You are either playing to win or trying not to lose. You don’t want to get beat by 10 runs then stop the game when the lead reaches 9. This really is a silly subject. I prolly don’t want to see a T-Ball game where a team gets beat by 12 runs but they are small children. Once you reach high school you are past that. In fact I hate the whole pulling the starters thing. That’s a bigger slap in the face. A team saying we are so much better than you we are going to put in our players that never play just so you don’t look bad. I’d rather my sons teams get beat by 50 with starters than by 30 with bench players.
  14. Welcome. Post often and enjoy your stay.
  15. My number isnt that high currently. I’m only at 19. Once I get my son off to college I expect to add a lot to that number and spend a lot of time traveling.
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