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  1. You said: I will tell you that I've heard A LOT of guys say the same thing you are saying...……... They wouldn't watch it if it was all Americans either First, tks for at least saying you have heard it A LOT of guys saying what I said. With me you are absolutyely wrong. Back in the 80,90, & early 2000's I watched the LPGA allot. As for other sports it depends. I watch all track/field both men's and women's, both hold the same interest for me. As for gymnastics I don't watch the men's but watch the women's. Pool(billiards), swimming, hunting/fishing, Olympics, I watch it
  2. I guess I was logged out when I tried to post this so I logged in and posting again. Not trying to post multiple identicle post. The Media doesn't respect the LPGA much either, that's a problem. I remember getting ticked off years back. Can't remember the LPGA event but it was a major and the Golf Channel delayed the LPGA televised event to finish showing a PGA non-major event. I thought it was pretty rude of the GC doing that. Then when they did start showing the girls trny they had a split screen, left PGA and right LPGA. So not only have US fans slowed watching LPGA events because
  3. If I'm wrong then why did the LPGA try to make this rule back in 2008, "LPGA instigates must speak English". Behind LPGA closed doors they was really saying what I am saying. That the flood of foreign players has decreased fan appeal.
  4. Not true, I already speak Korean. Back to topic, whether most disagree with my opinion. Many fans have stopped watching the LPGA and attending events because of one reason and one reason alone. And its not because of LPGA not being talented enough.
  5. I replied to post made by others, if mine was off topic I would assume those was off topic.
  6. I guess I am right, I just posted twice and they both have disappeared.
  7. Indy1954


  8. So its ok with the moderator for someone to click quote, then remove the quote and write in what ever they want. That way when others read the quote, they'll think the person wrote that when they didn't. That's no way to run a forum
  9. When some do not have a appropriate reply they fall back on their crutch playing the race card, that's sad. Someone's putting words into my mouth again. I never said Asians shouldn't play the LPGA. What I said was I'm not gona watch the LPGA when all they show is Asians players, I want to at least see some fan favorite players even if they are not playing well. That's what the PGA does. It gets old reading post where other twists my words.
  10. The Decline of the LPGA I found the above 2011 thread from another forum and read several post that more or less agree with what I am saying. The threads 9th post says the following, so if you quote it in a post it is not my words. Some of the comments on these pages could represent a lot of the American viewing public who are not really interested in Golf which may explain why the LET is slowly growing. "Sex sells and the LPGA isn't sexy. When I choose to watch the LPGA I want to see Natalie Gulbis, Paula Creamer, Morgan Pressel, Sandra Gal etc, hopefully you get my drift.
  11. I have never said do not show the leaderboard players, What I did say is also show some fan favorite players even if they are not playing well. They do this on the PGA why not the LPGA. If they did I would watch more LPGA and I feel others might watch the LPGA more. To all that are bashing me, I have a thick skin so your bashing does not bother me. I respect your opinion you should do the same. Vinsk I reported your #104 post. You used a quote of mine, erased what I wrote and entered something I did not say"but they do not have the ignorance". What was the purpose of t
  12. In Vinsk's Post #104 Vinsk quoted me. What they did was erase my quote and enter something I did not say. Vinsk wrote in my quote this,"but they do not have the ignorance" I search the whole thread and no where could I find I said that, if I said that point out the post number. That's a pretty low thing to do Vinsk
  13. Kentucky's Little Bit of Everything Outing
  14. And you knocking down my opinion is stupid. I speak my mind that's my right as an American but many Lb's nowdays only believe people have freedom of speech if they agree with them. If they don't then they don't have Freedom of Speech. I do believe there are people who have read this thread and agree with my point but they do not have the guts to openly agree for fear of all the hassle from others.
  15. Finally someone who understands what I'm talking about in this thread which is. If my fan favorites are not being show, no matter how they're playing, then I turn the channel. I'm right with ya, when MJ along with Bird and others stopped playing I stopped watching the NBA. I don't even watch the playoffs. March Madness is about all the BB I watch anymore.
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